Gift of Spirit and Emotional Guidance for Valentines

A Spiritual Gift for Valentines


Vol. 2 Films

Happenstance, lyrical French Film starring Audrey Tatou

Happenstance (Feature Film – Domestic): This lyrical French film starring Audrey Tatou, revels in the wonderfully random nature of life and the meaning that “coincidentally” finds its way through.

Bab’Aziz is about a blind Sufi dervish on a rare excursion

Bab’Aziz (Feature Film – International): Bab’Aziz is a blind Sufi dervish who embarks with his granddaughter, Ishtar, on a journey to find the mysterious gathering of the dervishes that happens only once every 30 years.

Humanity Ascending, alternative and optimistic view of our future

Humanity Ascending (Short Film): In this brilliant short documentary exploring our own evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard brings us hope in a time of immense change, offering an alternative and optimistic view of our future.

Love on Track, non verbal communication between 2 people on a train

Love on Track (Short Film): In this sweet short two people sit near each other on a train, trying to navigate the possibility between them while taking a crash course in non-verbal communication.

We Were One, a spiritual, emotional roller coaster

We Were One (Short Film): Blending humor with serious spiritual catharsis, our 4th film by Scott Cervine shares with us that sublime moment where we remember that we truly were (and are) all one.

Noted author, futurist, citizen diplomat and social architect, Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the most renowned minds on the planet today exploring human evolution in a spiritual light. In the brilliant documentary, Humanity Ascending, she brings us hope in a time of immense change, offering an alternative voice from the media’s constant delivering stories of doom and destruction. What if humans are capable of consciously evolving into a new world? Could we become a people who live peacefully and gently on the planet, fulfilling a prophecy of love, equality and abundance for all?

Hubbard believes that evolutionary forces characterized by intensified social and technological creativity, deepening spirituality and environmental systems awareness are now coming together to create a global change magnitudes even greater than that of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution.

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