Power of Intention: Feeding the Love

A Native American grandfather was talking to his grandson about how he felt. He said, ‘I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is the vengeful, violent one, the other wolf is the loving compassionate one.’ The grandson asked him, ‘Which wolf will win the fight in your heart?’ The grandfather answered, ‘The one I feed.’ – Blackhawk

This is a very simple concept that many people fail to grasp. This is the concept of the power of intention. You give power to a person, place, or thing, when you dwell on them. For example, love or hate for another person can go either way. The difference is one is filling while the other is draining. You figure it out.

That small anecdote by Blackhawk gives us the perfect example of empowering intentions: One is vengeful. The other is loving. These are two polarities inside of us that can’t exist together in the same mind. Can you have both love and hate in your heart at the same time? No. We can have grey areas like ambivalence, self doubt, lack of confidence, anger, frustration, etc.

But to have pure emotions of love and hate in our hearts at the same time? Yes, we can have good and evil exist in the same person, but one must always be resolved for the sake of the other. And it’s always been my personal belief that we’re all here to defeat the evil – especially within ourselves.
It’s the same in the spirit world. Opposite polarities of good and evil can’t exist together. In a physical world, they can. The mind and the spirit world are very much the same. Each of us has equal capacity for actions based in love as well as evil. I believe that most of would choose actions based in love, but it’s difficult.

Most children are not brought up with this understanding. It’s up to the parents to teach their children about actions of good vs. actions of evil. An hour of sunday school every week can teach a child only so much. There might be some mainstream teachers who try to get their students to grasp morals, but they’re few and far between.

It’s up to the elders, like the grandfather teaching his grandson. Then the grandson understands how to give love and respect to his peers, by feeding the love within himself.

How do you do that?

First, It’s nice to have elders to teach us the morals on the importance of feeding the constructive emotions, the emotions based in love. The elders should also teach us the pitfalls of feeding the destructive emotions, the emotions based in hatred, so children don’t make mistakes of hatred that does nothing but serve hateful people.

Secondly, take on the studies and projects based on the love in your heart. If you find that you love it and that other people love it, then do it. In doing this, you base your life in your personal passion. If there’s anything that will drive you forwards into success in your life is following your passion and your desires based in love.

This is why we study study history and herstory. We want to find out who did what and who was successful at it. We want to discover the path that we want for ourselves, then improve upon it and make it our own. Some of us want to follow in the footsteps of others, but we should all go forward doing what we love and loving what we do.

This is how you feed the love within you.

Thanks for your time,

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,


P.S. Here’s a special note for those of you suffering the slings and arrows of an ailing economy. Perhaps, you’re already doing what you love and loving what you do, but you’re finding a hard time making ends meet. If you’re truly following your passion, then you know that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

These days, one job doesn’t cut the mustard, so we have to rely on multiple streams of income. No, this doesn’t mean moonlighting flipping burgers at night while you’re a “bestselling” author during the day.

This means, you make the best use of your talents by teaching others what you know. You probably have an amazing talent for doing what you love. There are people out there who are ready to pay you to teach them how to have that amazing talent.

Besides myself, one other example of a person doing what he loves and loving what he does is Gerald O’Donnell with his Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI). Let’s face it: Teaching other people psychic skills is a bizarre niche, but there’s incredible interest within this niche because it’s so controversial and there are so many rumors behind it’s use.

Beyond learning the psychic skills, people learn to use their remote viewing to find out things within their niche that others would not normally know. They also use remote influencing to influence their reality of their particular niche for the better. Gerald O’Donnell is just one example of a person who took his esoteric talents that he learned with Western European Intelligence and turned it into a full time business. He’s feeding his love. He’s helping people gain the same talent.

One more example is my favourite sifu, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. This man is has a doctorate in electrical engineering, but he’s turned his love for soft style martial arts and qigong into a full time business. He is also feeding his love by helping people gain the same talent. Even more interesting is that he applies his knowledge in electrical engineering to yin/yang theory (In the Taijiquan, Classical Yang Style DVD lecture). Dr. Yang’s perspective completely opens the door to this esoteric concept.

Do you see where I am going with all of this? You can do the same by spreading your own light for others to enjoy. Thanks for your time.

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