Power of Meditation: Enhancing Life Performance

Classrooms adding ‘M’ for meditation is an extention of the work discussed at Meditation in Schools towards the Maharishi Effect. The effort that started on the east coast took a few years, but it finally reached the west coast.

If there is a next generation that I would like to see take over this planet, it’s a generation of focused, disciplined children who are learning morality of deed and morality of mind. I was actually worried for a while that the mainstream school system would never catch onto the benefits of psychic discipline that’s been around for 1000’s of years. It’s about time. My heart is glad to know that the U.S. will be a nation of calm, collected focus rather than a nation of hot heads who want to lash out at whatever “enemy” is convenient.

Personally, I’m tired of the witchhunts. I’m far more interested in productivity. The greatest warriors and thinkers and leaders of humanity knew the benefits of meditation. It’s about time we teach this important skill set to enhance the life performance of the next generation who are only interested in advancing humanity.

Here’s an excerpt that demonstrates that the school officials are thinking in terms of reality, therefore, they want a real solution:

“..Right now, our country is facing extreme hardship,” said Laurie Grossman, one of the program’s founders. “And it trickles down to the kids.”

Numerous studies have tracked a rise in diagnoses of mental health problems and mood disorders among children over the past 10 years. Educators in Oakland report seeing the consequences of an increasingly digitalized, increasingly anxious society in their classrooms. Mandatory No Child Left Behind testing especially has spiked the stress level in classrooms among students and teachers, they said.

Studies from UCLA and Arizona State University have shown that mindfulness programs help elementary-school students regulate their behavior, control impulses, focus and plan ahead.

“When I tell them, ‘C’mon, let’s focus, concentrate,’ it doesn’t work,” said Pat Kaplan, a second-grade teacher at Bridges…

When Bush instituted “No Child Left Behind” I figure he either hates children, he’s not living in reality, or both. Obviously, children were getting left behind anyway which is why the meditation program was instituted. Now, let’s leave Bush behind.

What worries me about this article is not the article itself, but the comments at this article. I’m seeing comments that this is a waste of taxpayer money. That the Tibentan singing bowl is teaching kids religion. Then there’s a whole set hot headed hatred where people just want to flame each other.

One comment in particular to which the “Christian” hot heads might sympathize is this one: “What Mr. O teaches them is to chant to this Tibetian bowl nonsense. He is opening up their young minds and spirits to trancendental states which exposes them to demonic oppression or even posession…”

Then there are several arguements against this logic which I like, but I want to make special commentary here. I recall a “Christian” faith meeting wherein HaTha Yoga was condemned because it “pushes buttons on the practitioners to open them up to demonic possession…” I was utterly shocked.

Let me tell you why this logic is nonsense. Better yet, let the Holy Bible tell you why this cretinistic logic is so much witch hunting nonsense:

Psalms 119:80-97

[80] Let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed.
[81] My soul fainteth for thy salvation: but I hope in thy word.
[82] Mine eyes fail for thy word, saying, When wilt thou comfort me?
[83] For I am become like a bottle in the smoke; yet do I not forget thy statutes.
[84] How many are the days of thy servant? when wilt thou execute judgment on them that persecute me?
[85] The proud have digged pits for me, which are not after thy law.
[86] All thy commandments are faithful: they persecute me wrongfully; help thou me.
[87] They had almost consumed me upon earth; but I forsook not thy precepts.
[88] Quicken me after thy lovingkindness; so shall I keep the testimony of thy mouth.
[89] For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.
[90] Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth.
[91] They continue this day according to thine ordinances: for all are thy servants.
[92] Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction.
[93] I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me.
[94] I am thine, save me; for I have sought thy precepts.
[95] The wicked have waited for me to destroy me: but I will consider thy testimonies.
[96] I have seen an end of all perfection: but thy commandment is exceeding broad.
[97] O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day…

This scripture is testimony to undying faith – no matter the affliction. Can you imagine “devout” Christians completely forsaking this passage, so they can defame others with their own witch hunting arguements? That’s what they do. Witch hunters are very much alive and well today. Hundreds of years ago, many innocent women died horrible, torturous deaths by the witch hunter’s hands.

According to Psalms 119:80-97, there is nothing you can do to defeat truly devout Christian Faith – nothing. This means that the hot headed witch hunters are nothing more than snake handlers who borrow from the Holy Bible whatever scripture is convenient for them – in the same way they like to create convenient enemies.

Of course, they could be right about the kids. If that guys comes around them with the Tibetan Singing Bowl telling kids that they have to join the Taoist religion in order to receive the optimum effects, that’s wrong. Kids ARE a captive audience. Their minds are receptive and impressionable. This is why you should keep them away from those sugary snacks, F-bomb rap and death metal, mind warping TV, and especially violent video games.

Truth be told, I don’t know if this guy, Sofer, is the best guy to teach mindfulness meditation to kids, but if he’s helping them to make the grade and be more positive in their lives by handling stress better, then the kids experience with him must be positive.

My assumption is that there is no religion involved in his teachings, that he presents the Tibetan Singing Bowl as a bit of culture with practical uses. It’s not like he’s making them listen to F-bomb rap or death metal.
I have studied the Tibetan Singing Bowl myself; it is a psychic anchor. It anchors our experience in certain moods like relaxation. Have you ever seen one of my earlier NLP videos? I use a very similar instrument to the Singing Bowl; they are gemstone bowls. Supposedly, each of the gemstone tones opens up the psyche in different ways. This is correct. The tones are a form of brainwave entrainment.

And yes, these tones can cause transcendental states of consciousness through brainwave entrainment, but no different than when you go to sleep, dream, or wake up. These transcendental states of mind are utilised for hypnosis, NLP, and mind control by certain people – like me, but as long as you maintain the positive influence of relaxation around kids in combination with these entrainment tones, this will only increase their focus and discipline to handle stress.

I would be very dissappointed to hear if Sofer is trying to push religion or demonic possession on kids in tandem with mindfulness meditation. But until I hear about that, these kids who learn to have intense focus and discipline under stress are the good ones. Everyone who missed the boat are the ones to worry about.

There are all kinds of ways to benefit from the power of meditation. We’re all born to meditate. It’s our God-Given Gift to meditate; that’s why it’s in the Holy Bible. Those of us who missed the boat at a young age can still benefit through brainwave entrainment induced meditation. If you’re interested in enhancing your life performance, you can program yourself using your own music (hopefully classical or similar) and your own words in Mind Stereo.

Did you see that page I have on binaural harmonics? It talks about the benefits and ease of using Mind Stereo? It’s this huge wall of words that you may or may not have time to read, but there are some videos that give you a small demonstration. You can just go ahead and try the full version of Mind Stereo for two weeks.

The reason I was sold on Mind Stereo is that love that all the entrainment sessions are preprogrammed and can be changed and saved as new entrainment sessions. I love that I can use my own music as well as the 24/7 meditation music radio stations on the web. I love that I can put my own recorded affirmations in Mind Stereo to play with the music.

Most of all, I love the visualisations – and there are lots of them. When I get time at night, I play Enya or some other relaxing music, then turn on the visualisations full screen during the delta sessions. I actually get lucid dreams within a few minutes. These are intense, full sensory dreams where I know I’m dreaming and I can do anything. Sometimes, I’m a casual observer, so I’m looking at someone else’s life.

Fascinating things you can do when you really open your mind. Give Mind Stereo a try.

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2 thoughts on “Power of Meditation: Enhancing Life Performance

  1. Thank you, Rhonda, for that comment. Christian Meditation would be of great benefit for students and the world around them.

    For myself, I meditate on the Bibilical Names of God everyday including the elementals. I like to incorporate God’s Name in my breathing exercises. If you caught the HealingMindN Meditation Video on the web, the light of which is speak is the Light of God/Jesus Christ and it’s there for everyone.

    I have no doubt that my personal practice of incorporating God’s Names in meditation exercises is bizarre because I combine them with qigong and the chakras. I’d like to find out who’s interested in doing the same with a post I’m doing later.

    I hope everyone had a very nice, long Valentines Day weekend.

  2. A friend of mine who lives in Alabama was telling me recently about her experience teaching Biblical meditation in schools throughout her city. She said that the schools were eager to have her come into the classrooms and also meet with teachers to instruct them on how to relax and reduced their stress through Christ-centered meditation. She told me that as a result of introducing the students to the Christian meditation techniques, they were doing better on tests and school work improved. I was shocked by her experience, because living in California there is no way the schools would go for this, but it is so needed. Our young people desperately need to learn how to channel and subdue their anxiety, fear, and other toxic forming emotions. Because they don’t know how, many turn to drugs, alcohol, and violence. I have not heard of the Mind Stereo but I will explore it.

    I have an indepth website on Christian Meditation that offers free downloads, ebooks, videos, Christian meditation and affirmation CDs and more. I hope you will take a look, http://www.thechristianmeditator.com.

    Blessings, Rhonda

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