Mind Patterns: Abundance vs. Poverty

If you watch the part 3 video by Burt Goldman on Quantum Jumping, Burt mentions something in passing about abundant mind patterns versus impoverished mind patterns. I would like to go in depth with that concept because I believe I have some personal experience with it. You ever notice how kids are so curious about […]

Remote Viewing vs. Nei Gong Meditation

“Prayer is your talking to God; meditation is your listening to God.” -Yogi Amrit Desai Some people have asked me how remote viewing is like Nei Gong Meditation from my last post from “Updating Your Childhood: Origin of Cognitive Commitments.” I know it seems like I digressed from that subject, but I’m into esoteric solutions […]

Updating Your Childhood: Origin of Cognitive Commitments

At the posts on Psychology of Intelligence Analysis and the Rex / Sikes NLP Course, I discuss cognitive commitments in detail. The following article discusses cognitive commitments in depth, that is, the origins of our belief systems from childhood. Have you ever run into people who simply have an immature, narrow perspective on life? I […]