Video: UK Crop Circle Research Under Scientific Study

This might look like a step backwards from my previous posts on crop circles including Crop Circle Harmonics: Chladni Plates and subsequent posts. In fact, this is a step forward because the scientific community is now taking notice. In the following video, you hear how Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff, physicist, wrote a paper on his theory […]

Sensory Resonance Method: Theory and Application

This post is an addendum to the article on Sensory Resonance Method in Law of Attraction – A Cognitive Approach. Using the information in this article you can recover your lost talents using the Sensory Resonance Method wherein I describe exercises that combine elements of EFT, Goldman Methods, and cognitive psychology to help you amplify […]

Storm NLP with Brainwave Entrainment, How to Info

My latest in NLP videos is the most bizarre one to date. You can google “Storm NLP” to get different video servers like veoh, and daily motion. The top result I got was at myspace, but here is the one served through youtube for your reference: As you can see, this video is heavily laden […]