Remote Viewing in Law of Attraction

Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing wrote this letter to his subscribers on cinco de Mayo and I’ve been trying to comprehend what he’s saying in this letter since then. This letter is entitled “Once Upon a Creation” and he pretty much covers everything in the mainstream media that could […]

Paradigm Shift in Human Consciousness or Ruse?

Here’s an excerpt on a new TV series reviewed on Steve Hammon’s site, Anything that captures Steve Hammon’s attention has got to be something revealing in the area of enhanced human capabilities: FBI investigates time, mind warp in new TV series ‘Flash Forward’ Steve Hammons May 13, 2009   A new TV series at […]

Brainwave Entrainment vs. Hypnosis: We Need Both

I’ve seen this question time and again at different sites: Which is better? Brainwave Entrainment or Hypnosis. People keep expounding on the benefits on brainwave entrainment and how it’s so much better hypnosis like these examples: The Advantages Of Using Brainwave Entrainment Technology Versus Hypnosis Tapes and How Effective Is Hypnosis As Compared To Brainwave […]