Brainwave Entrainment vs. Hypnosis: We Need Both

I’ve seen this question time and again at different sites: Which is better? Brainwave Entrainment or Hypnosis. People keep expounding on the benefits on brainwave entrainment and how it’s so much better hypnosis like these examples:

The Advantages Of Using Brainwave Entrainment Technology Versus Hypnosis Tapes and How Effective Is Hypnosis As Compared To Brainwave Entrainment

To me, this is like asking, “which is better? Breathing in or breathing out?” We need both for a complete respiration. We need both Brainwave Entrainment and Hypnosis for complete programming; I mean programming in a good way towards your personal development.

For those of you who have seen HealingMindN Meditation, the hypnosis is more obvious while the entrainment is subtle. In the recent Storm NLP, the entrainment is more obvious while the hypnosis is more subtle. The main idea is to distract the conscious mind while interacting with the subconscious mind. That’s why we associate the stereotypical hypnotic tools like waving a watch back and forth, listening to a metronome, and spiral going round and round with hypnotists.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The best hypnotists always use a form of entrainment to help put their patients in a trance. Milton Erickson was so brilliant at that, that he would have his patients stare at a clock on the wall that wasn’t there; he simply took advantage of a function that naturally occurs in people which is the trance state.

Now, imagine yourself as a patient of Milton Erickson. You’re sitting comfortably in his office sofa in heavy anticipation because you know he’s going to hypnotize you. Then he has you look at a large, round, analog clock with a white face and big, bold black numbers on the wall behind him, but it isn’t there.

Imagine the movement of the second hand ticking away as it circles round and round the face. The minute hand is barely on the 2. The hour hand is almost exactly on the 1o. You can count the seconds in your mind as the second hand ticks around in circles again and again.

As you continue to follow the second hand, you notice the minute hand. You deeply anticipate the arrival of the minute hand over the 2 on the face of this clock. The movement of the minute hand is barely noticeable until you really follow it’s movements. Every time the second hand ticks around the face, that minute hand makes another very small leap.
Then you notice the even smaller movements of the hour hand as it moves ever so slightly beyond the 10 on the face of this clock. The movement of the hour hand is not noticeable at all until you follow its movements. Every time the minute hand ticks forward, that hour hand makes another extremely small leap.

This clock seems so huge and well defined, in your mind, you could describe in complete detail. Even the color and the texture of the numbers, the way it feels against your finger tips as you trace a pattern on this clockface. You feel this clock as much as you sense the bottom of your feet and your breathing and the hair on head. The image and the feeling of this clock are as plain as day until the second hand touches your fingertips.

Do you understand how easy that was? This is because all of nature is filled with entrainment. It’s easy to entrain yourself because you are part of nature.


I talk more about this at Binaural Harmonics, but this is the crux of it which may not be so obvious, but I’m telling you now: Entrainment is the carrier wave while the hypnotic instruction is the signal. It’s just like digital TV because we process, store, and recall information in packets according to our cognitive abilities.

Before digital, I would have compared this process to FM radio. The difference is we store information holographically in terms of every sense: Sight, smell, taste, touch, sound. I discuss how we can use our holographic senses in a practical way at Sensory Resonance Method in Law of Attraction, a Cognitive Approach. Since we store information according to all of our sensory imagery, it’s more of a package processing system like digital TV.

You can also see technical representation of Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram by Edgar Mitchell. The essence of this paper is how our post synaptic potentials form quantum holograms. Those same potentials are the source of our neural patterns. Therefore, the quantum holograms are the informational signals riding on the neural patterns. All of our sensory imagery goes into the memory of each of these quantum holograms to form a package.

In essence, our sensory resonance imagery is the signal riding the carrier waves of our neural patterns. If you visited Binaural Harmonics, then you know we experience different combinations throughout the day wherein a neural pattern type usually dominates the others.

We relax and go to sleep in alpha, then theta, then delta. We come out of it slightly to dream where there are fluctuations between neural patterns. Then we wake up to alpha, and fluctuate into beta, maybe into gamma depending on your lifestyle.
Here’s a little secret: When you have an experience of any kind that becomes deeply engrained in your memories, this means that you experienced sensory resonant imagery that have been locked into your presiding neural patterns at the time.

For example, you remember your first love. Your neural patterns fluctuate between alpha and gamma when you are with your first love. You remember the smells, the colors, the textures from those most intense moments; that’s why a smell can conjure an entire memory from long ago. All you need is one trigger to set off an entire holographic image.

(I tend to use holographic image interchangeably with sensory resonance image, but please understand that there’s a difference: When I say resonance, I’m talking about a stimulus that resonates with you in your mind patterns. Information sticks with us, when it resonates with us.)

This is why in school you get writing, reading, presentation, and lab exercises in the same subject. You’re forcing your neural patterns to resonate with this information by learning and experiencing it at different levels. After a while, you develop a rhythm and absorb the information according to your strongest cognitive abilities (your presiding neural pathways); that rhythm resonates with your mind patterns.

In fact, you’ve known how to use your sensory resonance imagery all this time.

Reprogramming Yourself

Let’s say that you have a memory locked up some where in a quantum hologram, deeply imbedded in your gamma and beta patterns and deeply rooted in your theta patterns. Let’s say this is a memory that’s acting like an invisible barrier to your personal development. Your love life, for example. In fact, it’s so deeply imbedded that you can hardly remember it at all; it’s just a “feeling.” A “feeling” that’s holding you back.

Well, that’s a tough one. Usually, I like to play “shock the monkey” in cases like this. No, I’m not talking about the Peter Gabriel song, or the Coal Chamber version of it.

You ever hear about that experiment in neuroscience or psychology class where they shocked the monkey into running back and forth all the time inside the cage? The monkey never stopped. You know what the cure was? They shocked the monkey again to stop him from running.

The thing is, we know what kind of stimulation controls the monkey. We don’t know what kind of stimulation put those crazy feelings in you; it’s like a dead tree stump with roots stuck in different places, isn’t it? What you want to do is rip out that rotten tree stump and all those dead, termite infested roots and plant a new, strong, beautiful tree there.

Like a surgeon,You’re going to need a few tools to get the job done. First, you have to find out where those roots are: You’re going to need a shovel and a spade that goes by the name of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). This is a form of energy psychology that is practiced all over the world.

I talk about EFT at this blog and my site at HealingMindN. Suffice it to say that EFT is a successful healing modality.

This example from Expert handling of a hidden traumatic memory — all within 30 minutes explains how EFT helped to reveal a hidden traumatic incidental memory wherein a woman had no idea of the reason for her strong emotions.

As far as the rating system you see in this example, it’s a rating system from 1 to 10 wherein the patient subjectively rates the strength of her emotions where 10 is strongest, 1 is weakest. Personally, I think it’s silly, but it works for most people, so who am I to argue?

I’m pretty sure they’re not tapping during the line of questioning. They only tap when the patient comes up with new information. The “Movie Technique” that is linked here is very similar to the Sensory Resonance Method except that you keep running the memory through your mind like a movie while toning down its intensity through EFT.

If you will notice, EFT has almost the same effect as “shocking the monkey.” By tapping and tuning into the problem, you are bringing up the same neural patterns where that holographic memory is imbedded, then “turn down the volume” on your emotional response to that memory.

Tips and Tricks

To me, this is only half the job because you’ve revealed and isolated the roots of this dead tree stump. They no longer bother you, but they’re still there. For a lot of people, they’re happy to keep those old roots there; for them, that’s who “they are.”

But for a few people on this planet, say for you, maybe you don’t want to be content with bad memories. Maybe you would like to rip out those old roots and put big strong beautiful feelings in there instead. Enter Mind Stereo, Media Center for the Mind. Or for the slightly more expensive, professional version, you could try Mind WorkStation.

I’ll just tell you about Mind Stereo, since it’s for home consumers. Mind Stereo provides you with multimedia brainwave entrainment; it’s completely programmable with several programs for different mind altering protocols. In fact, there are a few altered states sessions in there. Those are the ones you want to use to uproot those old memories.

Mind Stereo is your leverage tool. Imagine a bulldozer shovel yanking out those roots. This “bulldozer shovel” comes with a “gardener” in the form of affirmations which you create. What you do is record hypnotic suggestions to displace that old memory and put them in the affirmations window.

If you want to get those affirmations into your subconscious extremely quickly, then record your suggestions in reverse speech. I talk about utilising this principle further in my video, How to make effective affirmations in Mind Stereo. As you can tell in this video, I’m really messing with your senses, but the information stuck, didn’t it?

I’m actually using a Harry Lorayne memory tool principle: The more ridiculous it is, the more memorable it is. In essence, reverse speech may sound ridiculous, but your subconscious doesn’t care. It’s going to use phase conjugate adaptive resonance as discussed in Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram to interpret and implant new feelings and concepts in your mind according to your reverse speech hypnotic suggestions.

Dare I suggest another tool? Why not? You can do the Sensory Resonance Method during prayer and meditation. You no longer have to do any of your regular prayers or meditations by rote. Now, you can fully attach sensory resonant imagery to the Lord’s Prayers, Psalms 23. Then when you meditate, the answers come to you even easier in full sensory resonant imagery.

You don’t need big screen TV or the theatre to enjoy a good picture. Of course, you still want to go to be with your friends, but your mind is all you really need to see things in crystal clarity.

All the tools of brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, EFT, sensory resonance imagery, etcetera, are all magnificent tools in your capable hands.

Thanks for your time. Remember: Your Mind is like Time is like Your Mind.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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