Paradigm Shift in Human Consciousness or Ruse?

Here’s an excerpt on a new TV series reviewed on Steve Hammon’s site, Anything that captures Steve Hammon’s attention has got to be something revealing in the area of enhanced human capabilities:

FBI investigates time, mind warp in new TV series ‘Flash Forward’

Steve Hammons


A new TV series at ABC will explore human consciousness, weird physics and the mysteries of time.

“Flash Forward” is based on a 1999 novel by respected Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer.

Sawyer’s novel and the TV series seem to explore fascinating topics that are actually being investigated by serious scientists and researchers.

The series begins on a seemingly average day when every human in the world has a blackout of some kind mixed with altered consciousness for two minutes and 17 seconds.

As a result, there is widespread loss of life, injury and damage.

In addition, during this strange event everyone seems to have had individual visions of their lives on a specific day several months into the future.

It turns out that some physicists were conducting experiments that warped time and human consciousness…

Steve goes on to analyze the basis of this TV show within the realm of extrasensory perception, especially remote viewing, wherein the principle is that we are all connected to the same consciousness or “matrix” as Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing refers to this consciousness in his lectures on remote viewing.

Personally, I think it’s a very interesting coincidence that the Disney Execs of the American Broadcasting Corporation should be so interested in this esoteric premise. I still remember what happened to DayBreak; it was a TV series based on a very Groundhog day principle of a police detective living the same day over and over again as he takes different pathways in solving a crime, but it got cut off and sent to Day Break – The Complete Series wherein people have to buy the set to find out what happened.

ABC did some vigorous bidding for “Flash Forward.” Now, it’s slated for 13 episodes. According to the Sawyer, the author of the Novel of the same name on which the TV series is based, he’s looking forward to at least 100 episodes. That’s the spirit. “Sawyer is tight-lipped about the cause of the flash forward in the TV show…”

You can look up more interesting titbits at the official Flash Foward TV website.

I also think it’s extremely interesting timing on the part of ABC to show so much interest in a series based on the premise of a particle accelerator experiment in Geneva, Switzerland causing a world wide blackout with a subsequent mass altered state of tuning in a premonition.

What’s the latest techno scare besides pollution and poison? Have you considered the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva Switzerland? That’s close enough. Too close. Interesting coincidence. Interesting timing.

The question remains: Have there been any other instances of television fiction softening the truth of the real world? The Flash Forward pilot gives us a clue:

“Our FBI agent, played by Joseph Fiennes, appears to be in an FBI chase. You think he has a car crash. He has a flash of all sorts of things and he wakes up on the freeway and subsequently discovers that everybody else in the world has had a blackout that lasted the same amount of time. This resulted in a lot of devastation across the world…”

OK, obviously this is not much different from any other disaster fiction that’s been carried out in simularly in real life. If you do a search on “12 21 2012,” you will find that this is a predicted date for impending economic and societal disaster based on solar flares knocking out centralized power grids. This is not new information.

The problem I have is that there’s a particle accelerator in this fiction and a large hadron collider in the real world. What’s the plan?

Disaster? Shift in human consciousness? or Ruse to soften the blow from something very unnatural including a certain hadron collider?

The only way to really be sure is to learn remote viewing now to look into what’s motivating the ABC execs into being so hard up for Flash Forward. I have some images and feelings stirring around on this; I have a feeling that ABC’s Flash Forward is only a cog in a giant puzzle.

Thanks for your time.

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P.S. Please look into the large hadron collider activities for yourself using remote viewing. Let’s all work together on this. We should not wait for whatever the mad scientists using this collider have in mind for the human race. The remote viewing exercises provided by Gerald O’Donnell teaches you step by step what you need to do to alter your own consciousness. We don’t need any mad scientists altering our minds for us.

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