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Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing wrote this letter to his subscribers on cinco de Mayo and I’ve been trying to comprehend what he’s saying in this letter since then.

This letter is entitled “Once Upon a Creation” and he pretty much covers everything in the mainstream media that could possibly be causing us to worry of fearful including terrorism, disease like swine flu, and other evils.

I was going to try and elucidate this 14 page letter from Gerald, but I’ve decided not to; it’s too much because this is the kind of talk you hear from people in an altered state of consciousness; he’s like Genevieve Behrend as she talks about the law of attraction in “Your Invisible Power.” They’re talking from a trance state.

Don’t get me wrong. Gerald is very clear and concise in his instructions and his objectives. In matters of the spirit and heart and soul, this guy’s coming from hyperspace. I’m not kidding. Hyperspace is the “sixth density” that you may have heard some people discuss that the human race is supposed to approach sixth density in 2012.

Well, Gerald is already halfway there. He’s receiving messages from God which he calls “Oneness” and he’s giving us his best interpretation. Meanwhile, someone like Stewart Swerdlow will give us the hyperspace symbols provided in The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace and tell us, “You interpret them.”

If you would like to take a crack at understanding Gerald’s letter, then please be my guest and download it in pdf format: Once Upon a Creation.

I’ve decided to publish the latter part of Gerald’s letter because the instructions resonate with me and make complete sense. I’ve included my personal interpretations in blockquotes:

If you are rich in spirit, it does not matter if you are poor in money. Many if not most people rich in money are sadly very poor in spirit.

I have relatives who are very well off, but they lost their only son took his own life exactly because they’re poor in spirit.

Don’t, I beg of you, give energy to stories that predict a world run by evil entities, either human, half-human, or dis-incarnate, for you run the risk of inviting them in your 3D holographic reality.

The dark energy is, for now, very much operative. However, most of the fear generating and conspiracy theories have been planted by the dark side, often given holographic credence, and documentary support. The purpose is not the story itself; its sole purpose is to install fear, and it companion anger. The release of fear through anger is how the old dark side of our Creational matrix feeds itself in additive quantities of energy (quantity of consciousness) and draws hence its power from.

These theories have their own “gurus,” cronies of the dark, who are given much support for their task.

For those of you who have read The MothMan Prophesies or seen the movie, heard about fourth density reptilians who feed on fear or similar stories of the boogeyman, these types of beings become real and powerful only when you denote your time and energy to them.

I could easily say that I and my family experienced MothMan Prophesies before losing that family member, but I am only feeding these entities with my time, energy, and emotion by doing that. Instead, I focus on the attributes of God more or less the same way Gerald does. By focussing on the Goodness which God provides, you empower only the goodness, thus rendering these 4th density ultraterrestrials harmless.

The dark is not evil per se, but doing its assigned job which is to instill fear, anger, and subjugation to a low vibratory hum. That is how it was Created by the One, for Creative purpose. It is a master in its ability to distract, trick, confuse, challenge, and oppose the choices of the Light side. It is a necessary “evil” so that man becomes a co-creator gifted with free-will as he can embrace the choices offered by the dark or those of the Light.

Sadly, if fear and its companion, anger, is embraced, violence may ensue if awareness is not there The role of the Light side is to project into the Creation of the dark and then to give its embodied projections the ability to ascend in their embodiments the ladder of Creation back to the Higher Levels.

i.e. When people embrace fear and hatred, we get war, famine, disease and more. When we embrace love and compassion we are productive, creative, and advance spiritually in our lives.

Another of the principal and hardest role of the Light side, is to attract the dark side to oppose it and rise above the surface of consciousness, as it feels threatened by points of Light. The Higher the Light shining from within a being, the more attention he attracts from the dark side, on purpose so, as that very attraction is what allows the healing of Creation as the dark rises up to the surface of Creation.

Man encompasses the core board figures and players in this multi-dimensional Creational chess game between the Light and the Dark side of the One. Both sides can project (infiltrate) the players on the board and do so. Even though man is often a pawn, he is gifted with Creative free-will and can keep evolving to higher and more powerful board figures as his awareness expands, his choices are wise, and his consciousness rises.

The role of Light is to cause a distillation of Creation by allowing for the dark side to emerge from its hiding abode below the board (earth level) and show its facets/parts as they are then lit and recognized within the energetic psyche of humanity and its direct Higher selves. As it is thence revealed, tagged, and studied, hope is that that this side will accept, on its own free-will, to be transmuted into a much higher format of operation that will be less destructive than what has been its evolution and operation until now.

Ultimately, after the tagging has been completed and monitored by the One, through His connections to all the points of Light projected onto earth, the period of testing individual souls and groupings of consciousnesses is terminated. This period began eons ago, almost at the beginning of Creation, and a great many opportunities were gifted to all levels of Creation to evolve and accept to reintegrate the Oneness. At that point, on that day, the One reserves His Divine right to use His ultimate fire of Oneness to affect the cleansing required at all level of Creation. This may be part of the third phase I have alluded to before.

In this Creational 3D game, man has free-will. This is the only reason for man to exist and its challenge: to free him/herself from the fear stories and situations projected by the dark side of the One and its cronies.

I don’t know if this is purely a Kabbalistic Principle, but I recall reading about this in the Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation: In the spiritual world, good and evil are polar opposites, so they repel each other and they never know each other. Hyperspace is kind of like the spirit world; it’s more of a neutral zone layer where there’s a lot of traffic, but in hyperspace, distance means nothing while spiritual closeness means everything. Good attracts good. Evil attracts evil. Good and evil don’t know each other in hyperspace.

In physical reality, good and evil do know each other because they can coexist in the same physical body. Here’s the kicker: There’s a spiritual being attached to that physical body which we know as the “soul.” We are all spiritual beings intimately attached to physical bodies. Your soul is your conduit to hyperspace where all the psychic activies occur and manifest themselves in the physical plane.

God has given us the job to understand evil and defeat it. This principle rings true in every culture. We understand and defeat evil beginning with the fear and hatred within ourselves. WE transcend these human frailties by focussing on the goodness in our lives. We empower the goodness of life with our time, energy, and passion. We empower goodness by celebrating it. If we lament upon the evils in this world, we empower that instead.

What do you prefer?

Free-will makes that distilling process of Consciousness out of fear into Higher forms of operations possible.

At any moment you can choose from the Light side of Love or the dark side of fear, both will present themselves to you, as they should.

ALWAYS remember that the One is the ultimate arbiter between the Light and the Dark side and that, as of now, the One is concentrating highly on this process of ascension in which we are all involved in as a Creation.

So please, remain centered in Love and High vibration of Light. Focus on the upper Light of the Holy of Holy of the One, even if you do not yet perceive of it. It is the direction of your focus that makes the manifestation and interaction possible.

I hope that you will see then that all dark fearing situations are really, in their absolute form, igniters and fuses to your desiring thenceforth to leave the plane of fear and your subjugation to it.

You first must experience the slavery of fear in order to request, per your free will, to be taken out into a loving land of Milk (White Light) and Honey (sweet Golden manifesting Light). The process is arduous and weaklings of heart, conscience, and soul can stumble. This journey is fraught with obstacles, the conquest perilous and seemingly disturbing, but the price ahead makes all this eternally worthwhile of our full dedication.

Remember, I copied over the “easy” part of Gerald’s letter for you to read. The rest of it is really out there. Like I said, if you want to take a crack at it yourself, here’s the pdf: Once Upon a Creation.

This is how and why ascension operates as it does.

So, please judge people by their spirit, and not their outer shell, be it body or material belongings.

Do not ever watch heavy dramas and especially horror movies on your TV or theaters screens, and advise all others in your household to do the same. They create a cloud of darkness in your aura that can remain there for a long while. They are tools to bring you down and keep you in the dark.

Watch comedies, romantic stories, and fun shows exulting art, music, spirit, loving passion, the magnificence of our Creator operating through nature, and our brotherhood.

Let go of our present or past conflicts. Do not be obsessed in revisiting the past.

Let me repeat this again: our audio visual media is a favored tool of dark forces trying to instill fear in you. As we mention on our RI E-book your sub-conscious takes imagination as reality. A battle witnessed is a battle lived. You subconscious does not discern any difference between them.

So no wonder that after having perceivably watched so many murderous, frightening, depraved, and often horrific situations, your subconscious is a repository of and portal for dark thoughts that assail you day and night and bring your down into depression land.

Hey, then again, we have Prozac and co. and especially the worst culprit for the masses, alcohol, created to disconnect you from the sub-conscious, and especially the super-conscious, zombie-like! It keeps society’s productive machine operating. It numbs the brain and skews and harms its natural operations.

Alas, these chemical poisons also do the same in disconnecting you from the Super-conscious and the Higher levels of One, but does anyone really care? Please take your life and soul back! I know you should and will.

Keep a great sense of humor. Even in what may seem the darkest of situation, laugh at the movie of life being projected. See the genius of its Director and Producer. See us all as actors for this life-play, all sub-parts of the One in the only Real reality show possible. Be the court jester, as the Holy King will then bring you close by as you warm His Spirit. Most are so intensely immersed in their role/characters seeking glory and recognition that they forget their real and Higher playful Self.

Do not immerse yourself too much in seriousness, as a Light approach is preferred.

Get High on Light and fly with it, not on substances.

Fly on the carpet of Love.

Fall in Love with the One, who is but the deepest level of yourself, and also experience passionate love with others. Learn to truly make love to Oneness.

Gerald is talking about revelation and euphoria through remote viewing. He wants you to spread love through the Matrix which holds all the information of the universe, so others can latch onto it – like a viral effect.

Be and vibrate like a flower, representing unconditional Love, freely bestowing love, kindness, and beauty to your surroundings.

Understand that the highest aspect of the Living One is the Divine Feminine aspect (unconditional Love) that the One Separated first in thought in order to host and start Creation. The One or the original Divine Masculine (original Father seeding the rest of Creation with His life force) separated Itself into 2 intersecting sphere of operations forming the Vesica Piscis and hence is both Its original ALL-Being and the Divine Feminine, forming the operations of the Godliness (these two primal forces form the Elohim). That Divine Feminine aspect seeded in Spirit, and intent by the original Father (One) gave birth to what we call the second Masculine or first Son.

Don’t ask me. Elohim is the Biblical name for understanding. I wish I had more of that. The vesical piscus represents creation; that’s something.

Focus and ask to connect to this Holy Feminine aspect, because it needs to permeate all of us male and females alike, for we have gifted offerings to the altar of the lowest Masculine for too long and have lost the Highest quality of Source. We, males and females alike, relish showing low-level aggressive and competitive masculine qualities, and this is destroying all of us and killing Love.

Gerald is talking about people who focus on status symbols, creating stereotypes, pushing rocks on your competition, taking advantage of human frailties and other shallow, baser activities that take away from our spirituality.

When antagonized by others, try to hug them and tell them how much you love them. In most cases, this will destabilize their immediate fear/anger program. You will be surprised how they can then switch within your “bubble universe” their old grooved antagonistic programs as you take the dark anchor out.

Enjoy solitude and the natural world as a womb to practice it. Do not be afraid to face yourself in the mirror of your soul.

Consider the passage from Psalm 23: “He Leadeth Me Beside the Still Water.” God wants you to see your true self, your soul. The way to do this is through disciplined meditation, so you can see yourself in the “still waters” of hyperspace.

Surround yourself with simple inspiring d├ęcor, environment, friends, and activities.

Enjoy the Loving company of pets as they are energy batteries of pure unadulterated unconditional Love, reflecting the original Source.

They are often energy protectors are they connect to the Higher vibratory world above of nature which vibrates all Creations, well above the lower inverted shadow world of man where most of us reside.

Be ready to travel light. Reduce your material “stuff” and old heavy mental, physical, and spiritual luggage.

Become a nomad again traveling on the spur of the present, bent on learning, High experiences, and inspiration.

Learn to enjoy the simple in life.

Offer your advice and counsel, but do not get emotionally engaged if it is rejected and scorned. You are not here to prove anything to anybody. Do not see or judge yourself through the mirror of how other eyes perceive you.

You are here to prove yourself to your Self.

The more you fear any event, the more it is likely to enter your world and touch you personally. Stay centered in the One, and focus on the immense infinite protective capacity it bestows and envelops you in.

Now and this is the most important survival and protective mechanism I can share: PLEASE connect at least once a day, twice is better, thrice perfect, to the core of the One, even for only 10-15 min. If you have our Combo training system, you should be able to call upon it by listening, anchored deep within, to session 2,3 of the RV training, and sessions 9,10,11,12,13 of our RI course.

We will share additional added explanations and protocols in the very next months that will show you the incredible transformative and connective power that some of these techniques contain.

Use them as they have been prepared for you for these arduous times.

Eat healthy and regularly. Keep highly hydrated. Add vitamins C, E, A, and the minerals selenium, zinc, and magnesium to your diet.

Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables preferably organic ones. Eat 2-3 raw cloves of garlic per day taken in with food. Garlic has strong antiviral properties.

Exercise every day, keep your body moving, and sleep well. Keep your spirit high and KNOW yourself protected. Don’t ever doubt it.

And most importantly keep SMILING in your heart and have Happy Thoughts.

Realize that you are just experiencing life from within a 3D Holographic all surround sensory Divinely Created movie, so let’s decide in common agreement to change the content and program so that we can soon all experience a glorious Dream together as we decide to let go of old repetitive nightmares.

Much Love to all of you

Gerald O’Donnell

Gerald thinks like me. Or I think like Gerald. We both want the same thing: We want you to attract only the good things in life. When you attract the bad things, you’re screwing things up for yourself and the people around you.

One of the best ways to bring goodness into your life is to remote view the answers to your problems. Advocates of the law of attraction always push intense sensory imagery of the things you want in life to help make it happen, then you take the necessary steps to bring that intense sensory imagery to life; they realize that the solutions to their problems are out there, somewhere, waiting to happen.

The difference with a remote viewer is that the viewer gets to see exactly what answers are waiting out there. Wait! You might be saying, “don’t I need to know what my target is for RV?”

Yes, the target is You. Since remote viewing covers precognition, you can put yourself in those places where you want to see yourself, so you can see exactly how you would get to your destination and what you need to know to be there. Isn’t that convenient? With remote viewing, you know exactly what steps to take to take. What was once guess work in the law of attraction is now clarity when you remote view your chosen future.

Choose wisely, Choose goodness. Thanks for your Time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. for more info on brainwave entrainment vs. guided meditation in learning remote viewing, please see Remote Viewing FAQs.

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