Defeat Self Sabotage, part 4: Love of Spirit

This may be a simple concept, but there are too many people in this world who are not practicing love of spirit. Who is teaching us to experience love of spirit? Do we even know what “love of spirit” means? Let’s explore this concept on how to feel love of spirit. I believe this is […]

How to Defeat Self Sabotage, part 3: Brainwave Entrainment

In using emotional freedom techniques as we discussed in part 2 of this series, we’re more focused on current issues which leads to unearthing deeper issues which leads to healing. EFT uses a form of entrainment. Your neural patterns tend to follow the rhythm of your tapping on the acupuncture points. The difference is EFT […]

2012: Doomsday or Dawning of a New Age?

Dear HealingMindNs, The ending of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 has sparked a worldwide discussion — bestselling books, New York Times and USA Today articles, Hollywood films and more. Will life as we know it end — metaphorically, literally or at all? Could 2012 actually represent an evolutionary leap in consciousness? 2012: Science […]

How to Conquer Self Sabotage, part 2: Energy Psychology

Please pickup your personal copy of free EFT Tutorial + Manual. Gary Craig is giving away all the information that people need to take advantage of this healing modality known as Emotional Freedom Techniques. Gary Craig says to “try it for everything” and people do. There are testimonials to its effectiveness pouring in everyday; it […]

How to Conquer Self Sabotage, part 1

We’ve all had self defeating thoughts or even dreams. This usually happens if we receive little if no encouragement of our dreams and desires during our upbringing, then that feeling of lack stays with us into our adulthood. Let me help you with that “little voice” in your head, so it only says positive things […]

Power of Christ, Enhancing Life Performance

This is an addendum to the article on Christ Consciousness: Why You should be like Jesus. The gist of this article is to alter your state of consciousness into the Christ Consciousness using binaural beats brainwave entrainment. You might say that this is ridiculous, that the only way to assume a Christ like Mind is […]

Exopolitics, Hollywood, Psychic Powers and Mind Control

Excerpt from: CIA, 9/11, UFOs, and the Extraterrestrial Presence Part Ten American Chronicle 04 June 2009 …A key researcher at SRI was Dr. Hal Puthoff, whose private institute focuses on UFO-related exotic energy production. While at SRI, Puthoff and his associates were funded by various government agencies with the goal of developing an operational “psychic […]

Remote Viewing: Strength in Numbers?

Twitter Used For Mass Psychic Experiment British prof asks 10,000 tweeters “Where am I?”   If you’ve ever listened to late night AM radio standard “Coast To Coast AM,” you’ve likely heard Art Bell or George Norry talk about remote viewing—the practice of viewing geographic locations telepathically, once experimented with by the CIA and the […]