Remote Viewing: Strength in Numbers?

Twitter Used For Mass Psychic Experiment British prof asks 10,000 tweeters “Where am I?”


If you’ve ever listened to late night AM radio standard “Coast To Coast AM,” you’ve likely heard Art Bell or George Norry talk about remote viewing—the practice of viewing geographic locations telepathically, once experimented with by the CIA and the KBG. Well, how about some remote tweeting?…

Twitter Put To Use Researching The Paranormal

Twitter’s ability to bring the world instant information will be put to a new use in the coming weeks, by testing people’s psychic abilities.

People in the UK will be asked to tweet their impressions of a randomly chosen spot by a Twitter researcher. They will then be able to vote on which of five photographs on a website shows said spot. The test will be conducted four times across different locations, and if three of the five are successfully identified, they believe that the study will give credibility to the psychic ability of remote viewing.

The head of the study, Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire states, “Personally, I’m sceptical, but three hits would be against odds of one in 125, which would be quite impressive.”

Meeting of Psychic’s Anonymous cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

The experiment will work like this: Prof. Wiseman will visit different locations on an upcoming Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, (it seems Monday still remains the traditional “Washing Day” and seemingly the Professor will be otherwise engaged). He will then post five digital photos of various locations on a website and ask people to say where he is via Twitter.

Thanks to a self-induced out-of-body experience triggered by several creme de menthe frappes, I have already determined that Cloud Cuckoo Land is a strong contender for Tuesday all the way through to Friday.

Determination of the relative success (or otherwise) of the experiment will based on the number of unwitting mystics who pinpoint his location correctly on three out of the four days. Mr. Wiseman says, “The instant nature of tweets allows thousands of people to take part in real time, making it perfect for an extra-sensory perception experiment.” Isn’t technology wonderful – and useful?

The experiment is taking place in collaboration with the UK’s highly-regarded New Scientist magazine and it is hoped that up to 10,000 massed Twitterers will take part. And, to be fair to Professor Wiseman, is himself doubtful of the outcome. He says, “Personally, I’m sceptical, but three hits would be against odds of one in 125, which would be quite impressive.”

If you want to exercise your own paranormal abilities and take part in the experiment, click here. visit

OK, let me get this straight: Basically, Wiseman couldn’t care less if Twitterers are trained in remote viewing or not. He just wants people to guess where he is irregardless of the discipline and self control it takes to do RV. His assumption is that there is strength in numbers and if the psychic abilities are there, (among the gifted) Twitterers will magically report his location.

If anything this may pan out to be the most amazing marketing scheme ever. To get 10,000+ people following you on Twitter is an incredible business manuever. Imagine having 10,000+ people following you on Twitter after your little “experiment” and you conveniently have things to sell as a sideline. All you have to do is tell your followers that you found an interesting URL where there’s a sales page.

Why do I think Wiseman is running a scam? He should follow proper scientific protocols as in any experiment if he actually wants to prove if psychic phenomena exist. I’ve already pointed out experts in the field like Rupert Scheldrake, William Tiller, Gregg Braden, Stewart Swerdlow, Gerald O’Donnell and then some because they’ve done their own controlled scientific trials or they’ve been through it themselves.

Who is Wiseman? He’s a humour expert. Do you actually believe this person is going to take the time to follow and read all the messages from 10,000+ twits?

Maybe you want real training in remote viewing before you take your chances in guessing the location of wise cracker, Wiseman. If you want real training in RV, you should try Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

Thanks for your time.

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