Exopolitics, Hollywood, Psychic Powers and Mind Control

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CIA, 9/11, UFOs, and the Extraterrestrial Presence Part Ten

American Chronicle 04 June 2009

…A key researcher at SRI was Dr. Hal Puthoff, whose private institute focuses on UFO-related exotic energy production.

While at SRI, Puthoff and his associates were funded by various government agencies with the goal of developing an operational “psychic spy” unit within the Intelligence Community. That goal was effectively reached during the 1980s, and managed by the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).

The existence of the DIA umbrella for paranormal research was illegally reported in a graphic chart broadcast over national television, and presumably passed to Russia via satellite hook-up, during the 1988 TV special “UFO Cover-up Live.”

A TOP SECRET document dated 1 May 1986, released by the CIA in 2003, and signed by Leonard H. Perroots, Lt. General, USAF, Director, to the Deputy Secretary of Defense states:

“Initial applications will be limited to tasks where psychoenergetics [a generic term for various psychic skills] data complement information from other intelligence collection sources … Psychoenergetics data may also have potential in a tip-off role (e.g. predict new terrorist activity).”

Shortly after 9/11 British author Jon Ronson interviewed psychic superstar Uri Geller in London. According to Ronson, Uri Geller hinted that he had been “reactivated” to use his psychic skills in the war on terror. When Ronson pushed Geller for a name, Geller told him the man who had recalled his talents for espionage was named “Ron.”

Ronson’s search for the mysterious “Ron” is told in his book The Men Who Stare at Goats (yes, this is nonfiction, believe it or not), soon to be released in a fictionalized film adaptation starring George Clooney (also starring Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey, a great scifi team).

Perroots, then acting Director of the DIA, continued:

“An Intelligence Community Task Coordinating Group has been established to identify potential tasks for consideration in future SUN STREAK [codename for this DIA program] operations. Members of this group are senior executives from DIA, CIA, AIA, AF/IN, DNI, C3I and NSA.”

This information was “Above Top Secret” in the sense that it was highly compartmentalized which limited access on a strict “need to know” basis.

The TOP SECRET document clearly spells out involvement by a major segment of the U.S. Intelligence Community, including CIA and NSA.

In 1995 the CIA was handed control of the DIA program which effectively killed the DIA psychic operations. Some individuals, including Commander L.R. Bremseth of the United States Navy, have speculated that CIA’s killing of psychic warfare operations was meant for public consumption, and that the real programs were taken deeper into the black.

The fact that so much of the DIA program had been exposed by 1995 lends some support to this idea.

As for Dr. Green, according to his CV, he left the CIA officially in March of 1985, prior to the operational unit and the IC Task Coordinating Group. However, Green was a “Member of the Army Science Board 1985-1995” and continues to consult on issues of national security.

The threads connecting Pandolfi, Green, Puthoff and the SRI psychic research, and the allegations concerning our primary source asking “inappropriate questions” superficially converge on the Glomar recovery effort, a UFO mystery reported by a key DIA psychic, and the mysterious sinking of the Soviet K-129 nuclear submarine.

According to some rumored accounts, Ingo Swann, the man responsible for developing the methodology used by DIA’s psychic spies, may have identified a saucer shaped UFO attacking the Soviet K-129 submarine.

The K-129 has been at the center of numerous conspiracies, the least of which is the actual CIA recovery of parts of the vessel. One conspiracy theory places the K-129 as ready to launch a nuclear armed missile at the United States as part of a false flag operation.

UFOs are often reported near government nuclear weapons facilities. The sinking of the K-129 by a flying saucer at the key moment just prior to unleashing nuclear destruction against the United States fits neatly into the ever-expanding UFO mythology of extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs.

It would soon be apparent that the “extraterrestrial presence” was tasking members of the terrestrial-based AVIARY UFO group to spread a mind-seducing “alien virus” over the Internet.

Washington D.C. was the target of this “Avian Viral Invasion” and the Office of the President of the United States was in sight…

OK, If you ever find yourself spending too much time on the web, now you know that a mind seducing alien virus got you.

Thanks for your time.

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