How to Conquer Self Sabotage, part 1

We’ve all had self defeating thoughts or even dreams. This usually happens if we receive little if no encouragement of our dreams and desires during our upbringing, then that feeling of lack stays with us into our adulthood. Let me help you with that “little voice” in your head, so it only says positive things to you.

The little voice

For most of us, that’s the id part of us, the part that only knows desire, good or bad. The id treats us according to the way we were raised, the way we respond to the world, and to the feedback we get from our actions (or inactions).

The id speaks to us according to subliminal feedback that it receives; it pays attention to those little things in the world that the ego tends to ignore – like if someone hurt our feelings or makes us feel annoyed. When we ignore or avoid those things that trample our feelings, the id becomes a little voice in our heads.

Although the mainstream western attitude is, “You’ve grown up now – Get over it,” the problem is that little voice in the background. That little voice coming from the subconscious drills a black hole of doubt, worry, and self pity into the back of your mind that seems to swallow up all the positive ideas that should be there instead.

For example, there are a lot of naysayers of the self improvement tools that I offer through HealingMindN. I advocate raising your spirit through cultivation of your psychic powers. There are some people who say that there is no such thing as the spirit, or higher dimensions, or God; they say there’s no heaven and that once you’re dust, that’s it.

Strangely enough, the ego protects the id through logic and reason or whatever is socially acceptable. Unfortunately, hard headedness is a socially acceptable trait.

Quid Pro Quo of the id

I’ve gone to school with people who believe humanity is nothing more than meatsacks. Even members of my own family feel this way. Unfortunately, that’s how they treat themselves when they have this opinion, like meatsacks: Disrespectful, Uncaring, Nonchalent. Then they treat the people around them like meatsacks.

I wish I could say this stops at the atheists, but you’d be surprised how many kids are being raised to feel this way – even with families that claim to be religious. There’s been a pandemic of suicidal, homicidal, self destructive kids exactly because they are being raised with Godless, Spiritless, life negative values.

Is it any wonder that humanity is distressed? We are spiritual beings intimately attached to physical bodies. When we disregard the spirit, we disregard the essence of humanity.

Then there are people who believe they’re not worthy. They believe they’re not worthy of God, Heaven, or any kind of psychic powers, so they refute any connection they have with such things. The problem is when they disrespect themselves in this way, they also tend to disrespect the psychic abilities of others.

These people tend to grow up as the dry, mechanistic “professors,” mainstream medical doctors, and other so-called “scientists” who try to find ways to refute any kind of psychic powers and other enhanced abilities in humanity. They feel self defeated, so they like to do or quote the types of studies that make everyone else feel self defeated too.

Negative Feedback

Sometimes we even have self defeatist dreams that bring down our self worth and belittle us. The trigger for this is consistently waking up to negative feedback everyday – or having the expectation of waking up to negative feedback and having to deal with it.

Negative feedback occurs in many ways, shapes, and forms. Maybe the life you are waking to seem fine to others, but perhaps you expected more from yourself. Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut or the lead violinist in the Philharmonic Orchestra, but so much time has gone by that you’ve allowed that dream to slip through your fingers because someone kept drilling the idea into your head that “that’s a ridiculous dream.”

Negative feedback can be waking to a reality that you don’t want as opposed to the reality you do want; it could be something as simple as waking up with all four limbs (working) to waking up to the love you’ve always wanted. Self sabotage can keep you from living your dreams and making your dreams a reality.

Greatness Starts Young

Let me digress for a bit: There’s an evil cycle happening. When kids are not provided with the proper nurturing to fulfill their creative needs, they grow up doing the same thing to their kids. The cycle continues on and on. That’s why there are very few great people in this world. There are very few people who are raised to be great because there are very few great people to raise them.

If most people were raised to be great, and loving, and caring, the entire human race would have gone forward into the stars a long time ago instead of creating conflict within and amongst themselves. Because of this, I consider this world my personal hell until I do whatever I can to help raise your spirits.

Having children is a deep honor and privilege; It’s not a duty to have children. It’s a duty for anyone who wants to have children to learn how to raise them to be great people. This is a deep responsibility that takes amazing amounts of time, energy, and patience that most people don’t understand because they weren’t raised that way; they say, “what the hell, we grew up OK.” Then the cycle continues.

Of course, the only way you’re going to help change any of this is by first taking responsibility for yourself. I’ve already talked about all the self improvement tools you need at the HealingMindN site, but I will give honorable mention to a few, and a specific way to help you get over that self sabotage that keeps you away from your dreams using a combination of self development tools.

Before I do this, I want you to make me a promise: If I help you achieve your dreams, then, if you have kids, you have to help them achieve their dreams. I’m holding you to this promise because your destiny is to be a great person. You’re here because you know this is true.

The Super Ego

The ego is like a fulcrum balancing id and super ego. The id is more attached to earthly, primal desires while the super ego is more attached to other-worldly, spiritual desires. In this physical world, the id survives until those last few moments of life when the super ego takes over; this when we see a tunnel, a light, and feelings of floating and release.

The id wants to keep us in this physical world while the super ego wants to take us to the spiritual world. Therefore, the ego has to make this careful balancing act between them. When we’re balanced, we can be very spiritual people while still caring about the physical world.

While your id is catching subliminal cues in the physical plane, your super ego is catching subliminal cues from the spiritual plane in the form of your psychic senses or extrasensory perception (ESP). We are able to sense feelings and get information from higher dimensions exactly because we are spiritual beings.

The interesting thing about this balance is that your id and your super ego know each other’s actions. When you get positive feedback through your super ego, you id wants a piece of the action; it wants something that can help you on the physical plane and it looks forward to that help.

The more positive feedback provided by super ego to help you, the more positive feedback you get from that “little voice” inside your head. This is the reason I want to raise your spirits. Let’s look at a few tools that can help you do that.

In the next post, I discuss a proven energy psychology tool that can help you defeat self sabotage.

Stay Tuned!


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