How to Conquer Self Sabotage, part 2: Energy Psychology

Please pickup your personal copy of free EFT Tutorial + Manual. Gary Craig is giving away all the information that people need to take advantage of this healing modality known as Emotional Freedom Techniques. Gary Craig says to “try it for everything” and people do.

There are testimonials to its effectiveness pouring in everyday; it has a proven track record of curing ailments in minutes what mainstream medicine would take years or even a life time to treat. My personal feeling is that EFT is a shotgun healing modality, but its success is testament to the fact that humans are amazingly gifted at healing.

There are several forms of energy psychology, but EFT is the most successful one to date because it is the easiest to apply. Michael Mayer, PhD in his book, “Energy Psychology, acknowledges EFT as the most recognised form of energy psychology.

You will notice from the EFT Tutorial that you tap with your finger tips on key acupuncture points and “shotgun” points while you speak aloud the issues that you’re having while also affirming your self love and self acceptance. You speak aloud issues that are affecting you at the moment. For example:

Even though I have have these self defeating thoughts that hold me back, I completely love and accept myself.

Even though I feel I don’t deserve to be happy,
Even though I have bad thoughts about myself,
Even though I have bad thoughts about people close to me,

I completely love and accept myself because I know that I’m a good person who wants to share goodness with the world…

Then you keep tapping with similar statements on whatever is on your mind. The EFT DVDs teach us all about applications to different biopathies, mental and physical issues; they help us get into the swing of how to talk out our problems while tapping the specified trigger points.

How does EFT Work?

If you’re wondering how EFT works, it seems that the amygdalae hanging like two little cherries within the crevices of our brains loves it when we talk out our problems. The amygdala is like an emotional high pressure value that waits for you to properly “let off steam” before you let go of an issue. Here’s an article at the EFT site, Working with trauma – the connection between EFT and the Amygdula, that gives you a more technical explanation.

This is part of what makes us social beings; we need to talk out our problems when there’s an issue – or else our minds implode and we go postal.

We’re also drawing upon specific principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when we stimulate the meridians in this fashion: When we tap on trigger/acupuncture points we release excess energy. When we tap while verbally exposing issues that trouble us, we release emotional energy that would normally be trapped in the organs and their corresponding meridians.

According to TCM, all the organs in our bodies are the origin of our emotions, not only the brain, but an organ in TCM is different from the mainstream western perspective.

For example, in TCM, an organ like the heart is not only the four chambered muscle; it’s all the attached fascia including nerves, arteries, veins. The heart is also it’s function, communication, and inter-relations with all the other organs. Most important, the heart is also the attached meridian which is part of our bioenergetic framework.

The same principle is applied to all the organs and their relationship with the rest of the body. As you see, TCM theories are complicated, but suffice it to say they are easily applied by anyone.

For an esoteric western perspective you can find studies on how our feelings affect our DNA structure at Collective DNA Consciousness.

An Improvement on EFT

A humble improvement: I have this article where I discuss the sensory resonance method as it relates to EFT. What I’ve noticed of all EFT Practitioners is that they all tap at the same rate whether they are speaking of good or bad things.

When you apply the sensory resonance method to EFT, you tap with your feelings: When you have bad feelings, you should tap in slow dissonance with those feelings. When you have good feelings, you should tap in fast resonance with those feelings. There’s a reason that death marches are slow and happy dances are quick: Sad transitions in life are slow. Happy transitions in life are quick. It’s only natural.

When you apply the sensory resonance method to EFT, you let your fingers do the dancing. You let your fingers do a happy dance (on every positive statement). You breathe like you’re happy dancing, then the rest of you follows.

You do this for all the key points indicated in the EFT Tutorial. The reason you do it like this is that you’re stimulating your acupuncture points for different reasons. Gary Craig and the rest of the EFT Practitioners forgot that acupuncturists stimulate the meridian system in different ways according to the condition being treated.

Something else that Gary Craig and the others forgot to tell us is that the organs harbor different emotions, which is the main reason for accessing the meridian system in the first place for EFT.

As I mentioned previously, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the entire meridian is the organ. Therefore, when you’re tapping in the heart meridian around the chest and under the arm, you’re tapping on the emotions in that organ. The same applies to all the organs.

When you tap in slow discord on a bad feeling, you’re telling yourself on a psychoenergetic level that this is something you don’t want. When you tap in fast resonance with a good feeling, you’re telling yourself that this is something you DO want.

The EFT Tutorial tells us to roll our eyes round and round. This action stimulates all the acupunture points in and around the eyes.

To me, this is a very good exercise for qigong exercises where we are expected to stimulate all of our acupuncture points. For EFT, I believe the cognitive approach of eyes glancing is good enough.

In the sensory resonance method, I discuss how to use the cognitive approach. Most people know how to use the cognitive approach already since birth, so it’s like I’m teaching people how to breathe.

The thing is, people forget how to breathe if they were traumatized as a child. They also forget all their other natural talents. I wish I could “shock the monkey” to jam your natural God-Given talents back into you right now. (I’ll find a way.)

The concept is that you want to access all of your available neural patterns, so you can have a crystal clear sense of the goodness that you want. Most of us are visual thinkers, so we tend to glance upper left to remember and upper right to create and idea. To make that picture in your head completely holographic including smell and taste, you should access all of your neural pathways.

If you’re the sort who believes all goodness in the world including yours is anchored in holy scripture, then you should like the next section.

Applying EFT to Prayer

If you like to pray, then you can add new found energy to your prayer using this method. For example, there are concepts in Psalms 23 that allow you to change the speed and strength of your tapping according to the way you feel about each line of scripture.

Maybe you have a prayer where one or more lines affects you at a very deep level and brings up certain issues. Here’s a line from Psalms 23 that seems to affect most people at a deep level:

“Yea, Though I Walk Though the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I Will Fear no Evil, for Thou Art With Me.  Thy Rod and Thy Staff, They Comfort Me…”

Yes, I have my own interpretation of this line, but what does it mean to you? How does it apply to your life? Let’s use a few personality dimensions for example. Let’s say that you’re an emotional, detail oriented, self centered, pain avoider – just for example:

Even though I feel afraid that bad things might happen to me,
Even though I feel the economy threatening my financial security,
Even though I feel threats of terrorism and swine flu causing me to withdraw from others,
Even though I feel safer away from crowds and having to deal with people,
Even though I’m troubled by many things, so I prefer to be alone,
I completely love and accept myself because I am in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, therefore I will fear no Evil,
I completely love and accept myself because God is with me to comfort me at my time of need…

Then you go on tapping with the rest of Psalms 23 and stop at any line that seems to bring up any issues. You can do this with any prayer where a line brings up significant thoughts and issues. God’s Word is the anchor for your truth and goodness. Isn’t that fun?

In the next post, I discuss another tool to help stop self sabotage: Brainwave Entrainment. In the mean time, here are a few relevant articles at the EFT site. There are actually a lot of articles specific obesity and weight gain concerning self sabotage, so they help you understand how overall health is affected our underlying emotions:

How to Handle Self Sabotage by Using EFT

Self sabotage-healing the parts that don?t want to heal

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN, Stay tuned for Part 3 in this series,


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