How to Defeat Self Sabotage, part 3: Brainwave Entrainment

In using emotional freedom techniques as we discussed in part 2 of this series, we’re more focused on current issues which leads to unearthing deeper issues which leads to healing.

EFT uses a form of entrainment. Your neural patterns tend to follow the rhythm of your tapping on the acupuncture points. The difference is EFT practioners tend to tap at the same rate whereas people should be tapping according to the way they feel and they way they want to feel.

Here, we’re focussing on altering our state of consciousness which also uses the frequency following response when we’re tapping. Brainwave entrainment uses light, sound, and other external stimuli.

Brainwave Entrainment is discussed in great detail at Binaural Harmonics, but I want to go over a few concepts with you that are not mentioned at this article.

Before you can benefit from Brainwave Entrainment, you need the benefit of your higher consciousness or higher brain functions. It’s OK to appeal to our primitive instincts to fulfill our basic needs, but you probably have higher aspirations than simply satisfying your survival instincts for food and sex.

Fulfilling our basic needs should be a side benefit of fulfilling our higher aspirations. For example, defeating self sabotage is a basic need. On the flip side, we have a higher aspiration: Becoming a High Achiever. When you think like a high achiever, you, consequently, defeat your self sabotage because positive, productive thoughts remain your priority.

Most people are trained in their lives to fulfill their basic needs rather than become high achievers. Decadent culture teaches people the art of trivial pursuit: To buy the newest fads, to eat the latest junk food, to pop the newest drugs, to play the most exciting video games, ad infinitum.

All of this is done to overstimulate our senses into becoming the best consumers while that long, narrow path to advancing humanity becomes a distant memory.

For this reason, we’re going to digress a bit into why brainwave entrainment does not work for some people.

The “Reptile” Brain

You know how I mentioned the amygdala in part 2 of this discussion? It’s the emotional high pressure valve that makes us crazy until we talk out our issues. In mainstream neuropsychology circles, the amygdalae are “reptilian” parts of the brain.

The amygdalae are said to be the primitive contrast to higher functions of the brain (in the neo-cortex). A lot of neuropsychologists say this, so I’m not quoting anyone in particular:

When we experience trivial annoyances, the neo-cortex says “What does it matter?” But everything matters to the reptilian brain. It is neurotic on a scale that beggars belief and its affect on human behaviour, individually and collectively, simply cannot be overstated.

How many times in your life have you reacted emotionally or flown into a rage or panic about something when, as you look back, you can see that what wound you up so powerfully didn’t really matter ‘with hindsight?’ Sometimes this can happen within seconds or minutes when you start to regret what you did and said and realise that you ‘over-reacted.’

‘Over-reaction’ means the control of your sense of reality by the reptilian brain/amygdalae and ‘with hindsight’ is the neo-cortex calmly thinking things through. Human behaviour, however, is dominated by the reptilian brain reaction system overpowering the neo-cortex. People don’t think most of the time, they react.

This leads to constant conflicts between people and, collectively, it means wars and other horrors that come from emotional reaction and not thinking things through.

Those who supported the invasion of Iraq were systematically triggered in their emotional centres by the propaganda of the Bush-Cheney regime. “Yeah, Saddam Hussein, is a danger to the world, we gotta get him,” said the reptilian brain with its survival responses activated by a manufactured threat. [The neo-cortex would have taken time to study the evidence (and lack thereof) to avoid unnecessary conflicts…]

I don’t agree completely with the above statements for several reasons.

I do agree that the lower, more primitive brain functions encompass aggression and irrational response; sometimes they rely on higher brain functions for creative thinking such as negative or positive hallucinations (see Constructs of Belief), but this usually happens when there’s pent up emotion based in fear.

Beliefs based in fear distort reality; this personality type is best paired with uninhibited lower consciousness – if you’re a devil worshipper who enjoys this sort of thing.

The reasons that most people come from a lower consciousness is that they are raised within decadent culture. Decadent culture sets these conditions wherein people revert to their “reptile” brains because their higher brain functions are undernourished or stifled in some way, otherwise, functioning at a lower consciousness is unnatural to humans.

Humans were created to function at a higher consciousness. Remember:

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” [Genesis 1:27]

Among the laws of living life in God’s Word, there are also directions on how to eat healthy, so we can stay in his image. (I’ll cover this subject in another article.)

Let’s look at nourishment factors first: In an article on health factors, Dr. Derrick Lonsdale discusses research with striking conclusions on how {the lack of} even a single nutrient can manifest in many different diseases.

Many of us, in the so-called developed part of the world, suffer unknowingly from the effects of high calorie malnutrition (i.e. too many carbs/sugar, not enough vitamins/minerals). The primitive part of the brain becomes irritable and the victim becomes more inappropriately emotional.

There are three steps to retain your higher brain functions.

The first step to feeding your higher brain functions (which is what we need for complete brainwave entrainment) is to eat healthy, wholesome, organic foods and avoid the junk food.

The second step is to get into shape, get healthy, and cut out the drugs. I’m referring especially to psychotropics and neuroleptics like anti-depressants and anti-psychotics; these inhibit higher brain functions.

Unfortunately, the decadent mainstream school “counselors” have been pushing these neurological inhibitors on kids who have been overstimulated and undernourished by decadent society; drugs only further the agenda of big pharma, not humanity.

The third step is to release pent up, negative emotion through emotional freedom techniques. Releasing negativity helps you keep your reality in check. During your brainwave entrainment, you’re going to experience lucid dreams. You only want good things happening in these dreams, so you want to release negativity before dreaming.

You should understand something about decadent mainstream society; it’s conducive to lower brain functions. The limbic system, or the whole “reptile brain,” is instinctive because its older than language, faster than thinking; it controls trust, attention and desire.

Mainstream marketing tactics utilize Tavistock methods of persuasion which are aimed specifically at creating and perpetuating lower forms of consciousness. Therefore, mainstream decadent society injects the people with high calorie malnutrition, drugs, trivial pursuit and fear to perpetuate that lower consciousness.

Learn how mainstream marketing depends on your lower level reasoning at the Marketing to Limbic report.

Prerecorded vs. Programmed Brainwave Entrainment

OK, I’m off my soapbox. Now that you’ve restored your higher brain functions, you take your pick of prerecorded brainwave entrainment or entrainment that you program yourself.

Jim McElwee of the Unexplainable Store has an interesting recommendation for first time buyers of prerecorded brainwave entrainment

We are going to cover Creativity and how we are all creators. I’m often asked for advice in choosing which binaural beat program to purchase, and my response is almost always the same. The common answer is “Creativity Without A Doubt.”

This subject may sound boring to some, but once we take a step back and look at what creativity can accomplish, the choice becomes clear.

At the base of all humanity lies creativity. We were made by a creator, and we have creation abilities ourselves. We possess the ability to create our future, our financial status, our skills, our careers, and just about every aspect in our lives. Creativity goes
much further than having the inspiration to create artwork or beauty, but extends into the realm of creating life long changes for the better.

All of life’s offerings can had by creativity. All powers and abilities require creativity, and creativity is the cornerstone to all advancements. All inventions and systems come from thought and imagination, and thought and imagination come from creativity. There can not be major achievement if the successor hasn’t created it in his/her mind first. No matter how we look at it, we can break any situation down to creativity as the first step.

Creating The Correct Situation

Let’s say for instance that you want to develop your ESP skills. You can jump right to ESP practices and chip away at your mind’s barriers, and YES, you will progress. But… Your progressions may be slow going, and with slow progressions comes rapid self doubt. When self doubt becomes present, your chance for success diminishes 75% minimum.

This can be compared to an athlete. Let’s take a runner as an example. Sure a runner can just start sprinting as fast as he can till fatigue sets in, but most runners know that stretching before a run is good practice. Stretching before exercise allows the muscles to loosen and warm up before they are stressed.

Stretching also incorporates mental aspects that are not widely noted. During a stretching session, the mind is allowed to prepare for the exercise session, and the mind is also also eased, because it has the comfort of knowing that the muscles were thoroughly stretched and prepared. As a result, the actual athletic exercise will be performed better.

In the example above, the athlete used his power of creation and created an ideal situation to perform better. This exact same process can be used for developing metaphysical and everyday abilities by using your mind to create a successful mind-frame even before you begin.

Creativity Conclusion

Most times the simple way is the best way. I urge anyone who wants to succeed in their ventures to take advantage of the greatest gift of all: Creativity. If you are looking for a place to start, or you are struggling with achieving your goal, Creativity is a perfect warm-up and an important area of focus.

You can click any of the Creativity links to see the binaural beat selections at the Unexplainable Store. There are different selections like Creativity Free Flow, Creative Visualization, Problem Solver, Creativity Balancer, or you can get the entire Creativity Package.

I wish I knew which creativity entrainment that Jim McElwee is talking about. Perhaps, all you need is the Problem Solver which should lead to all the other solutions you need like Achievement, Concentration, Peak Performance, Single Point Focus, or the entire Motivation Package.

This is the pitfall of getting prerecorded entrainments: We want to enhance ourselves with all of these abilities – not just a few. We also prefer something customized to us rather than the generic catch-all recording made for everyone.

What if you knew how to tweek that Creativity free flow to make Creative Visualization or any other entrainment that you want?

Would it be worth your time if you knew how to create any kind of brainwave entrainment that you want and combine it with your favorite music from CD or mp3 or radio station?

What if you knew how to combine your own hypnotic suggestions with this brainwave entrainment?

Affirmations for Modeling Excellence

Mind Stereo is like Windows Media Center (or Music Manager in Linux) except it has extra facets; it has fully programmable audio/visual brainwave entrainment sessions that can be saved as new sessions and an affirmation window where you place your own recorded affirmations and have them play back at the timed interval of your choice.

I already discuss Mind Stereo in detail at Binaural Harmonics with video samples, so I want to make special treatment of the affirmations.

In fact, I produced a video that explains how to create reverse speech in your Windows Recorder as an affirmation enhancer. Strangely enough we sense and adapt to phase conjugates (mirror image) of outside information at the subliminal level. Once of these phase conjugates is reverse speech.

Another enhancer to that effect is if you know other languages or are learning other languages. You record your affirmation in those foreign languages as well as your native language. This causes the broca’s area of your brain to send the same information along different neural pathways.

The most important enhancer I believe is to state your affirmation in the form of a question. The concept here is that the mind prefers to be creative when modeling excellence.

For example, rather than simply state, “I am successful outside of my comfort zone,” you would ask it, “How can I be successful outside of my comfort zone?”

You would ask yourself this question in your native language and your favorite foreign language, then also have everything you said in reverse, so it drills into your subconscious as well. Here’s an mp3 example where I ask the question in english, french, and spanish, then reverse it:

How can I be successful outside of my comfort zone?

You would do the same with similar questions too. Make your own set of affirmations and place them in Mind Stereo, so your parallel processor of a mind can really get to work for you:

  • How do I see a clear path in my life?
  • How do I clearly see my path to fulfill my desires?
  • How can I be rich?
  • How do I use my talents to help people?… etc.

Of course, these are only generic questions. You should keep drilling down to specific questions that apply to you like, “How can I help [my company’s] fiscal solvency, so I can get a raise?” “How can I help people solve their problems with [my specific talents]?” “How can I be more attractive to [my future lover?]” or “How can I lose five pounds, so I can fit in [my designer pants] by this monday?”

In Windows Recorder, speak your questions in your native tongue and your fav. language, then copy it, reverse it, tack it the end, save it and put in your affirmations list, so you hear that question forwards and backwards in Mind Stereo.

You might have come up with questions like these during your EFT sessions because EFT tends to bring up issues where you’re asking yourself questions.

You continue with your line of questions to help you model excellence as a high achiever; it makes more sense to your subconscious to ask the question rather than state it as fact.

This way, you give that brilliant gift in God’s Image that you call your mind opportunities to crunch out solutions to questions rather than simply try to accept something that may or may not be true at the moment.

During entrainment, especially during theta and delta sessions, you will have lucid dreams. As long as you maintain a higher conciousness, these dreams hold your solutions; they will come to you like flashes or bolts of lightning.

In the fourth installment of this series, I want to discuss why we really are made in God’s Image and how self sabotage is a disparity of decadent culture.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN

Randolph Fabian Directo

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