How to use Dowsing and Remote Viewing on Google Maps

This method of dowsing and remote viewing (RV) uses Google Maps as a convenience tool for finding your target and further reconnaisance thereof. From the perspective of this article, I assume that the reader already knows how to do remote viewing. If not, then here’s a crash course before you hit Google Maps. RV Crash […]

Inspirational Movies for Spiritual Growth

Inspiration + Entertainment = Spiritual Cinema Circle     Inspirational movies brought home to you! Enjoy inspirational films and connect with loved ones…First DVD ABSOLUTELY FREE These tough economic times remind us of the importance of family and friends. Bring your loved ones together with Spiritual Cinema Circle’s positive, uplifting films and inspire conversations about […]

Learn how to Relax: Fear is a Health Factor

The following are extracts from Medical News Today article: Psychoneuroimmunology: Stress Reduction To Prevent Cancer Recurrence After the surgical removal of a malignant tumor, the chance that cancer will re-appear in a different location of the body remains high. But new research from Tel Aviv University, in a bold new field called Psychoneuroimmunology, may prevent […]

Milton Model: Art of Disorientation

There’s a study that’s been going around the web recently that appears to indicate that we are more receptive to requests made to our right ear (as opposed to our left). The June 2009 paper, published in the German Journal, Naturwissenschaften (Science of Nature), looks at a series of three studies of listening preference. Here […]