ThunderStorm Sleep Induction for Insomnia

The HealingMindN Self Help CD for Sleep induction is for people who like thunderstorms. For a preview, you can click ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction Preview. Watch ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction Preview in Educational & How-To | View More Free Videos Online at The logic within ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction Preview is no different than ThunderStorm: Power Nap. […]

Fine Art of Story Telling, part 4c: Creativity and Recognizing Your Limitations

Could a person with a smaller reality bubble use the Milton Method on someone with a bigger reality bubble? No. Decadent mainstream culture trains people to have small realities by basing their beliefs in fear. People with beliefs based in fear don’t question authority figures; they’re too fearful to do that. By the same token, […]

Fine Art of Story Telling, part 4b: Creativity and Objectivity

Objectivity You must be open minded and as objective as possible when analysing another person’s reality bubble or else you end up projecting your reality upon theirs. For example, Ezekial Chapter One of the Holy Bible to most Christians is about an otherworldly angelic encounter. To most UFO enthusiasts, Ezekial Chapter One is about an […]

Reality Bubbles, Milton Method, and Fine Art of Story Telling, part 1

Bruce Eisner was kind enough to acknowledge Storm NLP, but you should know something: It might take a PhD to recognize The Milton Model or Erickson Hypnotherapy, but you don’t need a PhD to do it yourself. Here are nine intangible characteristics that you need: Altruism Courage Creativity Empathy Foresight HindSight Intuition Selflessness Sympathy Milton […]