The Fine Art of Story Telling, part 3: Courage


You have to be willing to explore areas of a personality where few others are willing to go; this includes your own personality. You have to be willing to expose yourself and make yourself vulnerable. In turn, your subject makes herself vulnerable.

For most guys, having courage to make yourself vulnerable doesn’t make sense; that’s a cultural idiom. Actually, whether in love or war, having the courage to make yourself look vulnerable makes perfect sense.

Vulnerability is an amazing lure. Pop stars prove it every day when they get on stage and sing their hearts out. Then their adoring fans want to bear their own souls.

Most people like to build rapport with others who identify with them. When you reveal your human frailties similar to your subject, you also build rapport. By revealing your weaknesses, you also make yourself vulnerable.

Do you really need to have a human frailty like drug addiction or anger management issues to identify with your subject? No. In this case, you have to channel a similar frailty to your subject. That’s why you should also be creative, that is, be a good actor or reach inside yourself to find those similarities.

Reach deep inside to find those similarities between yourself and your subject. Afterall, we are all individual aspects of The One Mind; this is how we experience empathy with other people. We need courage to feel empathy, sympathy, and the aforementioned altruism. We make ourselves vulnerable when we feel these things, so we need courage.

When you get the courage, it’s actually fun; it’s an amazing adrenaline rush. For me, it’s a dream like state when I make myself vulnerable or pretend that I’m vulnerable. What about you?

In the next post, we examine creativity and the aspects thereof.

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