FAQs on Remote Viewing Course: Reactions & Differences

Frequently Asked Questions on the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Course

(Answers by Gerald O’Donnell)
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Q: I am training with the RV course and keep on falling asleep while listening to the CDs. No matter what time of the day it is, I seem to lose consciousness after a while. What should I do? How do I know when I am in deep Theta?

A: Welcome to the club! You are just doing great! Since you do not seem to have access, for now, to a EEG biofeedback apparatus that would tell you when you reach the deep Theta state, you can securely rely on certain typical characteristics of the deep Theta state.

First and foremost, when you approach the very powerful Delta state, your mind tends to be sucked in (into unconsciousness: alias sleep): very strongly so. This is why you tend to easily lose sense of self and go into what you perceive to be non-consciousness. In reality, you vegetate mostly (unless you are really very tired) at upper Delta and your subconscious mind: below conscious awareness, absorbs every word and notion of the material told to you. A proof of the pudding is that when you are told to emerge from that state, even if you are perceptually asleep, you usually open your eyes. Were you to be told to remember everything that happened at that level after opening your eyes, you would. This is however for more advanced courses where upper Delta is eventually explored with partial awareness of self. At the level of Oneness.

Another sign of being at deep Theta is that your conscious mind becomes very sluggish, your focus of attention gets very wide and non-specific, and you are alike a passive spectator watching unconnected (non-linear) thoughts and images flashing by seemingly without any control on your part. Our learned academic thought specialists like to coin this state: the hypnagogic state. This is because Delta (the matrix as US RV’ers like to call it) operates for us by forming connections that seem coherent to us. Delta is, at Its level, out of the constraints of Time and Space. For a very good reason: IT CREATES TIME AND SPACE FOR OUR LINEAR SLOW PACED DEDUCTIVE THINKING REALITY WHICH UNFOLDS THEN FOR US IN A PERCEIVED LOGICAL CAUSE-AND-EFFECT MANNER (Which means really nothing in the absolute sense of it, only in the relative one when framed with the laws of nature).

This is why, if you want to operate at deep Theta using the very structured protocols set up by the US intelligence and military community, you will have a hard time at it. When one reaches deep Theta you usually forget what you came there for, feel very good and relaxed, and at best can only remember one or at the maximum two questions. Your conscious thoughts are almost annihilated which allows for pure information to be received from the Universal Matrix (DELTA). To try to remember complex and multiple questions is impossible. This is not to say that we do not believe in structuring carefully question-and-answer sessions (protocols), as we will see shortly.

Now, are there tricks to remain longer in deep Theta without either sinking in Delta (sleep) or re-emerging in beta? Yes, there are many of them and they are explained and given to out trainees as they request them. With practice one remains for longer and longer periods at deep Theta. The door to Delta opens wider and wider, and the sub-conscious surfaces onto the conscious awareness of the individual. You then become extremely intuitive about others and about the probable futures.

Q: What differentiates our R.V. training from other R.V. schools?

  1. The Academy of Remote Viewing was the first RV site (Dec. 96) ever to explain remote viewing mechanisms in details, to mention the location of the Universal Matrix within the Delta level of mind, and to put great emphasis on attaining the deep Theta state (4-5 cps) to reach the “interface point”.
  2. We position ourselves directly at the interface (deep Theta) with the Information Matrix (Delta) and use mental perceptions to collect R.V. information. No intervening transducing “gimmick” using the Autonomous Nervous System (such as pendulum, ideomotor responses, dowsing, automatic writing etc… ) is required.
  3. Our methodology only requires a passive natural state of extreme mental receptivity automatically achieved by being at deep Theta. Its attainment is a relatively simple procedure.
  4. Very little rate of interference by the conscious analytical mind since at very deep Theta active conscious thoughts are very sluggish and almost inexistent.

Hope you found Gerald’s answers to the FAQs helpful. For more on his ongoing promotion, click here.

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