Love Outside Your Comfort Zone vs. the Comfort of Death?

Imagine the following: You are a single, thirty-something professional…and you discover you have a very serious, life-threatening case of leukemia even though you are symptom-free. The next day you meet the love of your life at a nightclub and begin a relationship, knowing you haven’t long to live.     At what point, do you […]

Do You Believe in Ghosts and Spirits?

The purpose of OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States is to increase your psychic awareness of spiritual entities. A question I’ve been getting is “why would I want to increase my awareness of ghosts and spirits? Wouldn’t that make me crazy? Sensing ghosts and spirits like some kind of weird psychic medium?” Let me ask you: What […]

Holiday Remote Viewing Super Saver Discount 2009

ACADEMY OF REMOTE VIEWING AND REMOTE INFLUENCING Holiday 2009 Super Savings Specials Large Savings Coupons: See Below or Get Two Combination RV/RI Sets for the Price of One   We know the power of our training, as countless of you have already experienced and proven it for 11 years. We feel that now, more than […]

OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Why would I want to increase my psychic awareness of spiritual entities? A: If you are like most people, then you have preconceived notions about “spiritual entities.” In reality, we all encounter spiritual entities in different forms throughout the day without noticing them; they’re like the light outside the visible spectrum, […]

History of Paranormal Activity

Epilogue by the Creator of OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States About five years ago, I built a highly specialized EVP electronic voice phenomena noise generator and receiver featuring a diode circuit tuner. This device combined a basic diode circuit suggested by European Experimenters with a color noise generator. The voices and sound effects are put together […]