History of Paranormal Activity

Epilogue by the Creator of OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States

About five years ago, I built a highly specialized EVP electronic voice phenomena noise generator and receiver featuring a diode circuit tuner. This device combined a basic diode circuit suggested by European Experimenters with a color noise generator. The voices and sound effects are put together from the noise spectrum offered by the generators.

This approach was first suggested by Dr. Alex Schneider who long worked with Dr. Raudive in Switzerland. The noise quality produced was very uniform and easy for the “voices” to use.

I was working with this device for a few months. In that time, I not only subjected myself to this color noise generator. I also found a way to wire myself into the circuit, so I was part of the receiver.

The premise of EVP and other paranormal activity is that “the spirits” are all around us constantly because they resonate with bioenergy given off by people. In turn, the human body is like an antenna that is tuned to many kinds of energy including spiritual energy. To complete this synergy, I found a way to make my body as part of the aerial going into this color generator, so the predominant spiritual energies could use me as a their “gateway.”

The only recording of intelligible human voices I could get was, “we need to be clear, we need fear…” over and over again that sounded a little like “the Borg” from Star Trek. The clicking, beeping sounds from the Woodpecker Grid were in the background. I had a feeling that I had tapped into a form of autosuggestive program rather than the spiritual plane.

Around November to December 2005, Dick Cheney was threatening the country with a terrorist attack. Around this time, for some reason, I was constantly catching myself looking at a clock when it read “9:11,” morning and evening, analog and digital. Then I felt myself sensing danger, constantly.

When a Tsunami hit Phuket, Thailand, on 26 December 2005, I figured that must have been the danger I was sensing. Then one month later, I learned that my only nephew had taken his own life.

Although I was sensing danger, it wasn’t enough to stop these tragedies from happening. If I remember, I was experimenting with that color noise generator that day I learned about my nephew, but I stopped that day.

That night, as I tried to sleep, I felt like I was “thrown” from my body three times in a row. The feeling was sudden and violent, as if I was hit by a train three times in a row. I cannot articulate this intense feeling exactly, but someone or “something” wanted me to know what it feels like to die, violently.

I recall a few times when I actually tried to “contact” my nephew with this device. I was not successful, but I did have the feeling that I had tapped into something dangerous with my invention, something artificial that should not be there.

I got rid of the device on eBay the following May and went back to the drawing board because I knew something had gone wrong when I began hearing voices without the device.

As a child

This was not my first encounter with “noise.” When I was about seven or eight years, I recall seeing a glowing “fish head” peaking at me through the window as I lay in bed; it was huge, much bigger than me, glowing with a pulsation like one of those luminescent cuttlefish. At the same time, I heard what might have been “white noise,” but it was also pulsating.

A few nights later, I remember as I layed in bed. I opened my eyes and all I could see and hear was “white noise.” The greyish background you see here is very similar to what I saw, but it was moving and pulsating like those old analog TVs between stations. I thought I was dying or was about to die.

Obviously, I didn’t, but more strange things happened after that… The information back then was limited and there was no one I trusted enough to tell them about what I was experiencing. A few decades later, I found a book by Trevor James Constable, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, where he includes infrared pictures of living plasmoid aeroforms. A number of the pictures look like that glowing “fish head.”

From there, I found more esoteric avenues of studying paranormal activity from the scientific perspective rather than the mystical snake oil that had been denoted to it by all of the skeptics around me.

It was when I left the conventional wisdom of academia when I discovered true pioneers in science who experienced paranormal activity like Nikola Tesla, Carl Jung, Dean Radin, Rupert Scheldrake, Gregg Braden, and William Tiller. Even the unconventional wisdom and experience of Albert Einstein in the paranormal was hidden until I decided to break away from conventional wisdom.

Now, I stand on the shoulders of many to give you a part of myself and my experience, a thought form which I call OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States which is a floating point reference, color noise generator based in the golden ratio. Since the golden ratio is based in life and creation, the evil and death functions are filtered out. Please read the following articles on what this recording can do for you.

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Thanks for your time. Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,


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