Do You Believe in Ghosts and Spirits?

The purpose of OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States is to increase your psychic awareness of spiritual entities. A question I’ve been getting is “why would I want to increase my awareness of ghosts and spirits? Wouldn’t that make me crazy? Sensing ghosts and spirits like some kind of weird psychic medium?”

Let me ask you: What is a ghost? What is a spirit?

If you’ve been trained by Hollywood films and “Ghost Hunters” who jump at their own shadow, then “ghost” implies a spirit of the dead.

Since you are here, you want to know my reality: So called “spirits of the dead” would not exist without the spirits of the living to support their existence. When we talk about the “Spirit of Christmas” or that people are “in good spirits,” we’re talking about living spirits. When we say someone is “spiritually oriented,” we’re talking about someone who is living who celebrates living beings as spiritual beings.

If you’re a “spiritual medium,” you probably feel I’m making mockery of your reality. And you’re right. You’re here now, in my reality. If you don’t want me to break down your reality, then you better leave – or else, keep reading, so you can expand your reality and really grasp what you’ve been “sensing” all this time.

First, I want to give you a sample of how people are being “educated” in ghosts and spirits. The following is the 2nd part of a five parter from the series, “Most Haunted.” This particular episode is on the most haunted castle in Europe. Let’s Watch:

The “Bloody Chapel” Leap Castle was a stronghold of the O’Carroll family, powerful Irish Princes. A source of evil was found at Leap Castle that compounded and nurtured the spirit of the elemental who is believed to be the returning Carroll from Richard Coeur de Lion’S third Crusade to the holy land in 1190. A hidden ubliet (a dungeon) was found off the bloody chapel. It was a small room with a drop floor. Those who were forgotten within this room suffered unimaginable pain and misery until their death. Prisoners would be pushed into the room to fall through the floor and land on a spike eight feet below. Isabella Marshal heiress of the Lord Marshal of Leinster Eire Estates was born 9th October 1200. Folklore mystery surrounds Donoch O’Carroll of Ely and Isabella Marshal who’s grandmother was descended from the Prince’s of Ireland Carrolls of Ely.The Temple Church London Tomb of Lord Marshal of Leinster his son Richard lost his life in Ireland. Gerald Carroll, the most recent family member to chair of the Carroll Foundation, is not prepared to comment…

I have yet to watch the entire episode, but as you can see, this is more of a study on how individuals react to “other-worldly” forces. “Other-Worldly” is in quotes because there are obviously forces in nature that many people neither understand nor recognize, especially when they’re not scientists.A few people have asked me, “If I listen to OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States, will I become like one of those psychic mediums?”

If you mean that you want to be like that melodramatic psychic medium from this Most Haunted episode who can teach Anthony Robbins a few tricks and sense all sorts of strange things that noone else can sense, then yes. You can be like that. I’m not going to stop you.

On the other hand, if you want to examine the fascinating, estoric scientific basis of “ghosts and spirits,” then you want to be more like a scientist or a real ghost hunter who knows how to deal with things that go bump in the night. Choose now, or forever hold your piece.


A while back, I told you about my experience in working with electronic voice phenomena. I didn’t tell you everything that I experienced as far as paranormal phenomena. What I’ve experienced makes Leap Castle a cake walk. Please understand that the “most haunted castle in Europe” is trivial compared to the really big things that are happening in this world and this universe.

I’m not sure how to share the really big things with you unless you understand how the really big things work, so I’m going to try and teach you what I know as you sit there from the comfort of your PC.

EVP work is not much different from the work I did in interferometry in physics class. We worked with light, sound, and different media where we could observe how waves propagate. Here is an example analysis of interferometry which produced the blue spiral light in Norway on 09 December 2009:

We watched how laser beams could make constructive and destructive interference patterns with each other when properly angled through a given medium. We learned that constructive patterns were a source of “creation” while destructive patterns were a source of “destruction.”

A living body emits all kinds of energy (easily observed through the aura and Kirlian Photography) just like everything else in this universe, but mainly of the scalar form, so it has zero potential; that is, until hits another scalar wave. When that happens, a force vector suddenly appears out of “nowhere” in the form of a “ghost.” That force vector is born out of interference patterns which can be constructive or destructive:

Interference of two waves.png
wave 1
wave 2
  Two waves in phase Two waves 180° out
of phase

I’m going to refer to the above diagram again very shortly, but keep this in mind: Two people who think alike are like two energy waves in phase which intensify each other. Two people who think oppositely of each other are like two energy waves that cancel each other out.

A consensus among EVP workers, since most of their EVPs are from the past and repetitive, is that most of them are retarded potential traveling waves “mixed” with the “consciousness” of the EVP worker. The resulting interferogram is captured on an electromagnetic matrix as the carrier, like magnetic tape or a hard drive. In essence, EVP would not exist if not for the presence of the EVP worker who is very much alive.

Retarded potential traveling waves tend to get weaker the further we go back in time. The strongest potential traveling waves are the obviously the ones created in the present. Please also keep in mind that energy is never destroyed; one form of energy is transformed to several others, ad infinitum.

The space all around us contains a virtual endless sea of energy in the form of potential traveling waves or scalar waves. Some people call it “zero point energy” because all things in nature, no matter how inert, still contain some amount of vibration, or energy.

Very few things in nature are truely inert. The amount of erosion and reaction we get from stainless steel, for example, is much slower than potassium or lithium, but over the expanse of millenia, there would be wear and chemical changes.

Within you and every living being, there is a virtual sea of energy; it’s not simple energy you get from a campfire. What we have is an intelligent energy that is capable of transmuting matter from one form to another. Our energy is constantly potentizing our environment.

At Tom Bearden’s article on Extraordinary Biology, we learn that we have some very intelligent “critters” within us which transmute matter. They are mass free critters that have been studied in their precipitated form as “white powder gold” or “philosopher’s stone.”

Within the human body, when they superconduct within the structure of our quantum microtubules, they give us our quantum dynamic potential when we achieve higher states of consciousness, our paranormal state when we experience extra sensory perception. I learned about this when I studied the philosopher’s stone.

The “critters” or bioenergy that we emit in the form of an aura potentizes everything around us: Our clothes, our domiciles, our favorite objects, like jewelry, even the computer you’re using to read this. We even potentize pets and people who we love with our bioenergy. When we are in phase with the people we love, the energy becomes very powerful as you see in the above diagram of waves in phase…

Bioenergetic potentization is the basis of homeopathy; it is a healing modality proven quite well in Tom Bearden’s Extraordinary Biology treatise which also agrees completely with Rupert Scheldrake’s theories on morphic resonance.

Rupert states that an entire species of life learns from the experience of just a few, regardless of space barriers. This is because we have many carrier waves for bioenergy or scalar waves. Electromagnetic waves are constantly encircling the planet which act as carriers for bioenergy. There are also de Broglie carriers for bioenergy which penetrate all space time barriers since they are also pure potential waves.

In terms of bioenergetics, as you might expect, the energy within a species is in phase with itself. Humans are in phase with human energy, but not so much with dog or cat energy. For this reason, humans usually only see “human” ghosts – unless that animal is potentized with human energy – like that “elemental.”

In order to manifest a haunting, the bioenergetics has to be in phase with the psychoenergetics. This means everyone experiencing the haunting should have the same feelings and expectations in order to manifest the haunting. The energy needed for manifesting the haunting must be greater than the phase conjugate or there will be no haunting; this means if there are too many skeptics present, there will not be a haunting.

“If there are no living humans at Leap Castle, would the ghosts exist?”

No. They wouldn’t. Feelings and emotions carry specifically potentized energy. High expectations carry specifically potentized energy. Every living human at Leap Castle were in phase with each other since they all full expected the same manifestations.

In turn, Leap Castle is also highly potentized with atrocities. Unfortunately, negative emotions manifest themselves into negative phenomena like the “elemental” and the ghost of that little girl who keeps throwing herself off the precipace.

When living people with high expectations of a haunting in a place that’s been highly potentized with extremely negative emotional bioenergy patterns, all those traveling potential waves in phase come together and manifest into a haunting.

The “ghosts” that manifest are constructive interferograms that wouldn’t exist if not for the highly superstitious people in it’s presence. You saw that guy with the gaussmeter how he would get high readings then suddenly low readings? All he had to do to prove this premise of interferograms is put down the gaussmeter wherever the reading is the highest, then back away from it.

Even better, if this TV production team had set up a remote investigation wherein there are no living humans in Leap Castle, they would get no results – because there would be no living humans there in phase with the potentized energies to manifest any ghosts.

Of course, there are all kinds of ghosts that don’t need humans to manifest like UFOs, space critters, ball lightning, crop circle projectors, and cosmic phenomena.

The Ghosts all around Us

There are all kinds of energy all around us. The natural energies consistent mainly of traveling potential waves that combine and manifest into all kinds of interferograms floating all around us.

Including bioenergy, all potential energies combine to form an intelligent “matrix” of information throughout the universe. Remote Viewers draw upon this matrix using the interferograms produced in their minds to learn about people, places, and things regardless of space time barriers.

Just a few hundred years ago, people were accused of witchcraft with psychic senses because the “devil” somehow possessed them.

Today, people feel “free” to express themselves negatively like through their death metal music or their self destructive behaviors that are easily mistaken for satanic worship. Negative emotions in phase also combine to manifest negative phenomena and events; the untimely death of my nephew for one.

Unfortunately, most people are unable to discern true freedom from irresponsible behavior. For this reason, fear, hatred, vengeance and all other negative emotions can flourish and take on a life of their own if not kept in check.

(Irresponsible) Mainstream media pushes a fearful society, so people become fearful. People in phase with each others’ fear manifest horrifying things and events.

Does the Holy Bible Believe in Ghosts?

Yes. When we encounter the saying, “giving up the ghost,” this is the equivalent of giving up the Holy Spirit or turning atheist. The Holy Bible is about the Living Spirit all around us and within us rather than the dead.

The spiritual world consists of polar opposites of good and evil, therefore, good and evil don’t know each other in the spiritual realm. The only way they can know each other is in a physical body where a dichotomy can exist. Our purpose as good people in this physical world is to understand how to cancel out evil – beginning with ourselves.

For this reason, Christ taught us that love conquers hatred. In essense, love cancels out hatred as two waves out of phase cancel each other out. In order to manifest events of hope, love, and charity, we need to live with beliefs and desires based in love and command it to happen.

Of course, if one person out of ten is all about the love while the rest are all about hatred, there’s no contest on what kind of spirit is in that group.

On the other hand, if one loving person cancels out the hatred and replaces it with love in one, then those two go after two more, then so on, and so on in a geometric progression, then there’s hope for love afterall.

The books of Psalms and Proverbs are filled with this premise. Here is are a few examples:

Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning: let us solace ourselves with loves. [Prov. 7:18]

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. [Prov. 10:12]

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. [Prov. 18:21]

Your love cancels out any negative emotion, but only when your beliefs and desires are based in love – and only when speak it.

Our beliefs and desires are based on the root of our existence, our creation in this physical world. You know that the sexual function brought you into this world. Do you love and accept yourself for being born from a natural function, or do you hate yourself for it?

Although you may be sinful, do you accept yourself as a spiritual being? That’s what you are, a spiritual being intimately connected to a physical body. You and I are God’s Creation. Do you hate yourself because you are sinful or do you love and accept yourself because you’re a spiritual being, God’s Creation?

Did you know that God gave us the power to manifest events in our lives according to our spoken words? When we dwell in goodness, we manifest goodness. When we dwell in evil, we manifest evil:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” [John 1:1]

Then God created us in “His Own Image.” In Hebrew, the word for “spirit” means the same as “breath.” When we speak our “mind,” we manifest our spirits.

Do you speak of love, hope, trust, and devotion when you speak your mind? Or do you speak of fearful things like swine flu, terrorism, economic depravity, infidelity? What do you want to manifest in your life? More life? Or death and destruction?

They are in the power of your heart and the power of your tongue.

What do you believe in? What do you want? The Living Spirit or the Spirit of Death?

I hope you choose Love and believe in the Spirit of Life.

Healing Thoughts, Happy Holidays,


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