Love Outside Your Comfort Zone vs. the Comfort of Death?

Imagine the following: You are a single, thirty-something professional…and you discover you have a very serious, life-threatening case of leukemia even though you are symptom-free. The next day you meet the love of your life at a nightclub and begin a relationship, knowing you haven’t long to live.



At what point, do you think, are you obligated to share what’s going on with your health?



We posed this question to a few of our favorite spiritual luminaries:



“I don’t have any judgment on someone doing otherwise, but I would personally feel an ethical responsibility to disclose that information sooner rather than later.”
Marianne Williamson



“Immediately. A good relationship and a real, loving relationship is based in truth and integrity.”
Deepak Chopra



“Decadent doctors focused on death functions rather than the spirit of their patients are the real threat. Love is the real cure.”




This scenario describes the plot of Counting Backwards, Spiritual Cinema Circle’s feature film for Volume 1. In this film, career-driven Joe is diagnosed with terminal leukemia on the eve of his big promotion. He reevaluates everything. Now that his days are numbered, the questions that used to be so easy to avoid are impossible to ignore.



Joe commits to living the life he always wanted and begins a quirky relationship with Claire, the fun-loving girl of his dreams. This romance sets the stage for an imaginative, inspiring take on what life could be about if Joe were willing to fight for it.



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