Remote Viewing Alien Orbs, UFOs, and Spheres

Inclemencies are subjective or objective influences outside the realm of a controlled channel of information such as remote viewing. When remote viewing, we can be influenced by our personal feelings from our experiences of an object in question. We can also be influenced by our personal logic, culturally trained judgmental heuristics or cognitive commitments when […]

Addendum, Remote Viewing Course Review: CD2

I understand a little better now why Gerald recommends listening to each CD several times in the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course. I was experiencing “inclemencies” as discussed in “The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual,” therefore I wasn’t completely following the instructions the first time. Each time we follow a session, it’s a filtering or refining process […]

Psychoneuroimmunology + Remote Viewing Course CD2

Most of the scholarly papers that I’ve seen on psychoneuroimmunology disappoint me. They’re written mostly by neuroscientists who are focussed on the neurochemistry of stress. If this is your field, then your scholarly, “trees for the forest” treatment of stress, makes complete sense. What worries me is what you consider “treatment.” For example, Psychoneuroimmunology examined: […]