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Most of the scholarly papers that I’ve seen on psychoneuroimmunology disappoint me. They’re written mostly by neuroscientists who are focussed on the neurochemistry of stress. If this is your field, then your scholarly, “trees for the forest” treatment of stress, makes complete sense. What worries me is what you consider “treatment.”

For example, Psychoneuroimmunology examined: The role of subjective stress makes complete sense especially in consideration of stressors and the psychological stress response, behavioral and physiological stress in immunity and moderators of the stress response. But this big article only discusses half the equation: The Problem of psycho-somatic illness.

The only solution this huge article suggests is “psychological intervention.” Between you and me, I think we know what that means: Neuroleptic, Anti-psychotic, Anti-depressant Drugs. Conventional medical practitioners are not interested in treating the spirit – this means getting to know people on a deeply personal level.

The problem with most conventional “counselors” is that they are like their medical counterparts: They have swollen egos. They feel that most people are beneath them. They feel they don’t have to know anyone beneath them on a personal basis, so their preference is prescribe drugs to simply fool your brain chemistry into thinking that you’re OK.

Obviously, that’s not OK. Real problems begin with the spirit, where our emotions originate. When we hold in our emotions such as anger or when our feelings for love are distorted into feelings of fear because of bad parenting.

No amount of drugs cure the original problem. They only hide problems by sedating you.

You Have More Sense than Most PNI “Experts”

Most people are interested in quick fix solutions, thus, the quick fix of drugs and their “hero” drug pushers. Fortunately, there are a few people and far between who understand how self perception is the primary solution. Here are a few suggestions from Self-Esteem and boosting the immune system psychoneuroimmunology:

What can you do to improve your self-esteem and boost your immune system?

  • Have faith in yourself.
  • Encourage others. Recognize positive traits in yourself as well as others.
  • Dress up to feel good about your physical appearance. Good hygiene always counts.
  • Take a class or take up a hobby. Keeping ourselves occupied on an intelligent level boosts self-esteem.
  • Be realistic about your goals and allow yourself room to succeed. Do not set yourself up for failure. Instead, take baby steps to high achievement.
  • Recognize your achievements! There are no small achievements; they are all steps to BIG achievements. Think of them rungs on a ladder. Climb one at a time until you get to the top.

You’re probably wondering what PNI could possibly have to do with remote viewing.

The ability to remote view gives you faith in yourself because it gives you control over your own perceptions and cognitive awareness where it was lacking before. You gain faith in yourself by being right about a situation whereas most others would be in the dark.

Faith in yourself is the first, most important self perception in maintaining control over your health. What I’ve learned so far from CD 2 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course is that faith first begins with how you “see” within yourself because this is how you perceive others.

RV CD2 is about 46 minutes. The session trains you to “refocus your mind to a much deeper level of your inner awareness where Remote Viewing is a natural ability: Deep Theta…”

The objective is to increase our vibratory rate through the use of intense sensory visualization, especially of colors. The colors that Gerald invokes directly correspond the colors of the chakra. Interestingly enough, the method of visualization Gerald utilises is very similar to Stewart Swerdlow’s “The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace” wherein colors and hyperspace symbols are part of the tuning process for healing.

Gerald invoked the colors and symbolism extremely well; he used the analogy of “glass skyscrapers,” taking the “elevator” which was a shaft of light, and then going into “deeper levels” of the skyscrapers using different colors until we reached the bluest end of the spectrum. We’re also going through these different “doorways,” entering these different “rooms.”

The whole session for me was really out there. I “saw” many “symbols and lights” in my visions that were not part of Gerald’s guided meditation. I’m not sure what they were, but I had the sense that there were many “others” in there with me. I’m guessing other people. I’m not sure yet because this is only CD2 of 8.

The day after listening to this CD, I feel a bit spacey, like I’m in a bit of a trance even as I write this. I’m just hoping that Gerald isn’t programming Manchurian Candidates because he’s pretty much got me.

The only thing missing from the CD2 session is grounding. Grounding is necessary after deep meditation according to Stewart Swerdlow; this is a simple matter of visualizing the color brown to lower our vibration and bring us back to “earth.” It’s possible that Gerald actually wants us to stay in that higher vibration, which feels spacey, let me tell you.

After the session, visualize the ground underneath you as brown. You don’t have to visualize a brown “cloud” or anything else around you as brown or within you or else you might lower your vibration too much and you become a butthead. You simply have to visualize the ground with your feet touching it.

If you’re a sensually or auditory oriented person, you simply have to feel the ground or hear yourself walking on the ground, respectively, to ground yourself after the session. Then you won’t feel so spacey the next day.

As you see, these are “baby steps” to spiritual growth. They’re simple, but they work beautifully. The objective is to gain control, one “rung” at a time. The more control you have over your own faculties, the more faith you gain in yourself.

Thank you for your time. I hope to have my review of CD3 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course available for you very shortly.

Healing Thoughts,


P.S. I will have a further review of CD2 because Gerald says to listen to each CD multiple times, so the sessions become engrained in the psyche. We’ll see.

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