Addendum, Remote Viewing Course Review: CD2

I understand a little better now why Gerald recommends listening to each CD several times in the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course. I was experiencing “inclemencies” as discussed in “The Controlled Remote Viewing Manual,” therefore I wasn’t completely following the instructions the first time.

Each time we follow a session, it’s a filtering or refining process that helps us to reduce the inclemencies each time, therefore, our approach to remote viewing becomes more objective each time. It’s possible that my inclemencies came about because I was hearing so many familiar concepts from Gerald’s guided meditation to the music in the background.

The music would be unusual to most people unless you’re into ethnic music, like me. As best as I can “finger” this music, it sounds like Samgita because of the combinations of intense primal voices. Samgita is the combination of vocal music, instrumental music and dance (Aeolian Mode?), believed to influence the whole workings of the universe according to Hindu Tradition. The only part missing is the “dance,” unless that’s going on in your head.

Of the three times that I’ve listened to CD2, I almost expect to see “dancing” on my fourth round. Gerald informs us that the method he provides here is one method to achieve deep theta and that he provides more methods. In the CD2 method, as I’ve mentioned a previous post, he makes use of chakra colors as representing different levels of consciousness until we finally reach deep theta rhythms.

If Gerald is following the chakra colors, and I’m sure he is, then he might have left out a color: Silver. The absolute highest color chakrum in the body is the crown chakrum which is violet. When we finally reach deep theta, Gerald has us breathing in the color gold (in a form of qigong “skin breathing”).

Gold is within the next level of our higher gauge symmetry according to the chakra system which is at the “level of the soul.” Between crown chakra at violet and the soul level at gold we have the angelic level at silver.

I’m not sure of Gerald meant to bypass the angelic level. If he did, he probably did it because as physical beings, we’re capable of reaching different levels of consciousness whereas angels are stuck at the level to which they’ve been assigned. In that sense, it’s alright to bypass the angelic level. Just remember that an angel is created by each word of God, so remember to respect them just in case.

Gerald mentions that we might opt to choose a spirit guide at deep theta; this step is reminiscent of Indian Shaman who choose an animal spirit as their spirit guide when under a deep trance and Gerald reminds us that we can also choose an animal as a spirit guide.

Gerald provides us a method to protect ourselves against “molevolent entities” when at deep theta and choosing a spirit guide: Bathe yourself in Golden Light. The Stewart Swerdlow method says bathe yourself in orange light. To be safe, do both.

He also brings up a method from Stewart Swerdlow’s “Healing of the Mind” for spiritual cleansing. In fact, I have the same basic method published at Holy Life, HealingMindN: Releasing and Forgiveness – Spiritual Clarity which employs a white balloon which you fill with your dark feelings, then release it.

These methods of spiritual cleansing and protection should be done throughout the day, so you suffer from no inclemencies when remote viewing. Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan discusses spiritual cleansing with each urinary and bowel movement: Simply imagine releasing all those bottled up dark feelings and energies each time you have a movement.

(You can get your hands on Awakening the Third Eye with your subscription to Way of the MindGate Newsletter.)

I know this seems like a lot of information to follow, but it becomes second nature, like tying a shoe or riding a bike.

From my personal experience, although achieving the trance state is second nature, deep theta is never exactly the same. I don’t know if this is an inclemency or if their are little homunculi in my head constantly moving things around to make remote viewing more efficient for me.

The first time, I did see “movie screens” just like Gerald instructed, but like those huge 3D movie theatres. The last time, I was seeing orbs, all different sizes, and they were all moving around and they all had “movies” in them like the crystal ball from the Wizard of Oz. I have a strange mind.

What I discovered about remote viewing, to be most practical, is that you definitely need an exact target in mind. You have to choose to RV a specific person, place, or thing.

From the “feeling” I get during RV, it’s like setting up a “circuital path” with well defined components for the “electricity” to flow, so the “great circuit of life” comes back to you to deliver the information you want. That’s the best analogy I can provide right now.

OK, I’m giving you my review of CD3 from ARVARI Remote Viewing Course very shortly. Thanks again for your time.

Healing Thoughts, Happy New Year,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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