Remote Viewing Alien Orbs, UFOs, and Spheres

Inclemencies are subjective or objective influences outside the realm of a controlled channel of information such as remote viewing. When remote viewing, we can be influenced by our personal feelings from our experiences of an object in question.

We can also be influenced by our personal logic, culturally trained judgmental heuristics or cognitive commitments when perceiving an object and it’s internal workings. Inclemencies can apply to people, places, and things. Inclemencies can skew actual facts.

I believe that I experienced inclemencies during the ARVARI Remote Viewing Training Session on CD3. This second of ten training sessions teaches a powerful technique to allow us to operate our minds “as a highly concentrated focus of informational input/output through the use of vibratory light that we know, from quantum mechanics and religious traditions, is the basis of creation as a storage and instant conveyor of sensory and data streams;” it sounds like a load of gobbledygook, but the method that Gerald employs is very similar to Visual Ray Psionics method of creating “thought forms.”

In my mind, I had studied how to create it. Here comes Gerald in this remote viewing session to tell me to become it. Over the past few years, I’ve been writing articles related to the subject of “thought forms:”

I had come the “logical” conclusion along with other researchers that certain “ball lightning, orbs, and vacuum domains” are responsible for the creation of crop circles by way of interferometry and Chladni effects, that these certain orbs are “thought forms,” and that these “thought forms” belong to people on this planet, not necessarily of extra-terrestrial origin.

Far be it from me to claim that a single person with the proper discipline is responsible for the crop circles. My claim is that the intelligence of the entire planet and beyond is responsible for the crop circles. Of course, most people have an amorphous vision of the way life, the universe, and everything is working, but this is only on their waking state of consciousness.

When we are asleep, we tap into the intelligence of “the matrix.” In turn, “the matrix” taps into the intelligence of every person, place, and thing. Everything in the universe vibrates with its own set of harmonics. Our world vibrates with abundant life as opposed to nearby planets. Our world vibration is part of the matrix.

When the sum total of our vibrations are in consonance, as in music, and the correct conditions for “ball lightning, orbs, and vacuum domains” exist, thought forms precipitate from “the matrix” to deliver messages. For some reason, the wheat fields in the U.K. are an ideal place to write those messages.

In the CD3 session of ARVARI Remote Viewing Training, Gerald has us breathing in light, becoming the light, increasing the vibratory frequency and strength of that light, then finally, condensing that light into a ball and allowing that ball of light to come into the center of our beings; this is the internal version of the external alchemy method which I discuss at Visual Ray Psionics. As you can tell, that was an inclemency waiting to happen.

You see, I can’t really say that my version is the same version of what Gerald wants us to experience. Yes, my version is taken from ancient texts; it is also derived from esoteric science, same as Gerald’s, but can I say that we have the same sources, therefore, my idea of this ball of light is the same as Gerald’s?

Further, since I study and practice QiGong, I’ve always thought of the “center of my being” as the “T’an Tien,” about two inches below the navel, but that’s only the gravitational center. There are many “centers” in the body, but another of my inclemencies is that my “T’an Tien” is my center.

To top it off, as if there weren’t enough influences on my train of thought, I learned that there have been earth sized spheres orbiting our sun since 18 January 2010. I’ve been examining pictures of these spheres. Now, these spheres influence my concept of a ball of light.

Previously, I was imagining a light as bright as the sun. Now, I’m imagining these solid spheres that can withstand anything including the heat and radiation of the sun. Here are a few links for your reference:

Earth Sized Spheres Orbiting Earths Corona Since 18 January 2010:

Video Presentation at YouTubesunscorono1_23012010.jpg
Forum discussion at godlikeproductions (discussed at above video)
Examiner Article/Discussion
Excellent collection of pics and vids Discussion w/large pic

There’s even a physicist claiming that these spheres are giant UFOs that use the sun as a stargate.

As you see, there are many inclemencies influencing my train of thought. During RV training sessions am I experiencing preconceived notions of “vibratory light” and “balls of light?” Is my imagination truly working for me as Gerald instructs us or am I imagining preconceived versions in the same way Hollywood and mass media influences public opinion? I don’t know.

Since I’ve had clairvoyant and precognitive dreams that were true, I’m going to tell you a dream I had on January 25th. This dream might be loaded with inclemencies, but I could be on the money.

Whenever I have a dream that I’m in a school, this means I’m in a learning situation, that there’s something for me to learn. (I have these types of dreams frequently.) I was in an engineering class where we were told by a lady instructor to make this “energy system” more efficient.

The “energy system” consisted of two engines. One of the engines had a light beam going around in circles like a whip. When the light beam “hit” the other engine, it would run in sync with the inducing engine with the light beam.

I thought at first that a simple physical coupling would make this system more efficient, until I realized these engines were orbiting in the midst of outer space. These engines were paired and were part of a much larger system.

It was then I realized that these spheres orbiting the sun are part of a larger system. They have some sort of photonic coupling with each other and they’re feeding something more that we can’t see. I’m not sure if it’s something hidden or so vast that we don’t realize it’s there, but I can tell you that these eight earth sized spheres are part of something much bigger. Their function has something to do with solar cycle 24 that’s supposed to happen in 2012; it has something to do with “synchronizing” or “synchronicity.” I’m not sure.

If this is an ET presence, they’re “benevolent,” but not in the traditional human sense. It is a far higher intelligence controlling them. They’re not “ball lightning or vacuum domains.” Their pictures indicate that they are solid objects that reflect light.

The Key to Clearing Yourself

Of course, there’s a deep possibility that I’m causing you to have inclemencies for you during the ARVARI Remote Viewing Training Course. My purpose in reviewing this course is to help give you a handle on the experience. By the same token I don’t want you to experience this course in a certain way just because I said so.

I believe the key to remaining objective during RV is to perform those cleansing exercises provided by Gerald before each session. To completely release any aberrant influences, we should do these cleansing exercises throughout the day.

Aberrant influences are influences other than the information provided through “the matrix” to which remote viewers frequently refer. Aberrant influences can be terrestrial or supernatural; they don’t have to give us negative feelings. Most people who are quite emotionally secure in the way they feel, although they are subjects of aberrant influence. As aforementioned, these influences can be a preconceived paradigm of logic, judgmental heuristics, or cognitive commitments that make up our culturally predisposed mind patterns.

The cleansing exercises are the key to letting go of these aberrant influences. We need only program ourselves by emptying our minds of every preconceived notion. Do you remember the previous post on Learning Tool Parables for Education: Humility? One of the parables involved a well learned young man who approached a Zen Master with the attitude, “what more can anyone teach me?” rather than, “how can I be an empty vessel to receive deeper levels of learning?”

Remember that no matter how advanced we are in our training, there are always deeper levels of which we must remain aware and humble ourselves in light of their existence. The key is humility. Within the matrix, there are amazing wonders and vast intelligence of which we are all part. We humble ourselves in the presence of vast knowledge, thereby, emptying ourselves of preconceived notions and aberrant influences.

Thank you for your time,

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN

Free Yourself, Review and Influence the Matrix

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3 thoughts on “Remote Viewing Alien Orbs, UFOs, and Spheres

  1. Hi Randolph,

    Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion about grounding using brown light is very useful.

    By negative experiences I meant about things that go bump in the night. I was once considering some OOB methods like Monroes Gateway system but then I came across a few blogs where they had some bad experiences like seeing some wierd entities and stuff. That freaked me out and then I stopped practising those methods. So even though I might have benefitted greatly by the OOB experience the fear due to what I read inhibited me.

    The kind of negative experiences you have mentioned like being in a haze and the solution of grounding is very practical and useful. Please keep it coming.


  2. I try to be a good salesman, but I also try to be truthful. When I cover any negative areas, I do it with the thought in mind that maybe others have also experienced these inclemencies. I would say the biggest inclemency I’ve experienced so far is that I find myself in a fugue or a haze like I’m daydreaming when I should be fully awake.

    That’s why I try to compensate for what may be a negative experience for others with my experience from other learning materials like that of Stewart Swerdlow’s Healer’s Handbook: Simply imagine the color brown on the ground and that you’re walking on this ground to help ground yourself in physical reality after each session.

    BTW: The RV experience is always refined through practice. Please see the latest posting: Remote Viewing, Out of Body, Maintaining Your Health, and a Learning Skills Parable. There is a parable here that helps us understand how to get past any discouraging experiences by putting things in perspective for learning any advanced skill set. Thanks for your time. Healing Thoughts

  3. Hi Randolph.

    Thanks for writing about your experiences with the ARVARI system. I purchased the combination system a few months ago.

    I tried the first few CDs a few times and thought it was interesting. But since then it is just lying on my desk. I was looking for other peoples experiences with it and found your blog. I had joined their forum grill flame but was quite disappointed by the lack of depth in the most of the posts. Also realized that reading people negative experiences just creates a fear effect on my mind which did not encourage me to continue with the system.

    Anyway, I have since then shifted to the Silva ultramind method. I find that the Silva method is a lot of well structured with a lot of reading material to explain what is happening and how things work. While I think the 2 ebooks that come with the system are very deep and fascinating, it would have been nice if Gerald would come up with more literature to aid people who buy his CDs. Practical applications, examples, experiences etc would help in engaging the student.

    Regarding your experience with CD3. I had a similar but different problem. I did not know where my center of being would be. Gerald says that we should let it go by itself but I am doubtful if it went to the right place! I do some Yoga and meditation and thought that my center of being should be the solar plexus chakra. What are you going to do? Stick with the Tan tien or see where the ball of light goes the next time you do it?

    Thanks for writing the review on the CDs. It is nice to read someone experiences with it. You posts have made me consider using the CDs again!

    Please keep us updated with your experiences. I have one request though. It would be great if you would not mention any negative experiences since I think that would lead to your readers attracting similar experiences to themselves while following the CD course by causing some fear in them. 🙂


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