Remote Viewing Morality and ARV Stock Market Lottery Predictions

I felt somewhat at ease during the 30 minutes of session 7 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course. Gerald O’Donnell doesn’t put us in a trance here. Instead he briefly reiterates the RV methodologies used thus far, talks about offerings to come in relation to this course and remote viewing morality. In essence, we have […]

How to Heal with a Biblical Name of God using Inner Power

This is an addendum to the page on utilizing God’s Names. This method utilizes symbols and colors which are common among several ancient traditions as discussed in the Healer’s Handbook by Stewart Swerdlow; it also uses a method of QiGong known as Tenaga Dalam or “inner power” which is attached to the Pencak Silat martial […]

Remote Viewing: Out of Body, Maintaining Your Health, and a Learning Skills Parable

The ARVARI methods of remote viewing have demonstrated a consistency. CDs 4 and 5 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course have us using our vibrational centers as reference points. That is, Gerald has us becoming our breathe, then become the light. Imagine the light as highly vibrational, then condense the light into a ball allowing […]