Remote Viewing: Out of Body, Maintaining Your Health, and a Learning Skills Parable

The ARVARI methods of remote viewing have demonstrated a consistency. CDs 4 and 5 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course have us using our vibrational centers as reference points. That is, Gerald has us becoming our breathe, then become the light. Imagine the light as highly vibrational, then condense the light into a ball allowing that ball to find it’s center within ourselves.

The method of suddenly “expanding our body of light” may seem bizarre and, perhaps, impossible for those you who lack imagination. In fact, as far as I’ve gotten in this course, I feel as if Gerald O’Donnell is having our imaginations run away with us. For me, that happens enough already. Fortunately, the breathing exercises serve as a mental cleansing tool, therein, we experience the least amount of inclemencies.

The CD 5 session invites a complete out of body experience, wherein our consciousness is floating all around the world under Gerald’s guidance. He asks us to look at whatever small details we happen to notice and make note of them. We have to remember to take baby steps during RV. Small details can be the cost of an item on a menu at a French Restaurant or a strained work situation at a fishing pier like commercial nets being cut by rival fishermen.

The fact that I can bring this much from a trance state into my waking state is not easy. I guess I’m in a bit of a trance as I write this. Gerald seems to invite this day dream state of consciousness; that is, he never really snaps us out of it. Small wonder that the Western European method is not standard procedure among the American RV ranks.

Yet another Personal Inclemency

On a personal note, Gerald asks us to record the feeling that we have from this sudden “expansion of the light body.” I already had that feeling in 2005 after my nephew passed away. As I explain in History of Paranormal Activity, I’m pretty sure I experienced “something” that was recorded in the matrix. That is, I experienced my nephew’s rather sudden and tragic death, which was extremely traumatizing.

That feeling is like nothing that can possibly be experienced on this planet or any physical plane, but it felt quite real: I was knocked out of my body three times. That was beyond a feeling of expansion. When you stretch a slingshot or a wrist rocket, then let go, the projectile is emitted with amazing speed. I felt like I was suddenly “stretched” with amazing speed as if I was being hit or yanked out of my body with amazing force.

It’s difficult for me to escape that feeling when Gerald snaps his fingers and tells us to “expand.” Fortunately, that’s only me, if you have no such traumatizing experience in your life.

The unpleasant memories are mostly cleansed with the breathing exercises. You just have to remember to do them throughout the day. Make the cleansing exercises routine during bowel and urinary movements and during exercise.

Also remember eat wholesome foods, organic wherever possible to help with internal cleansing and avoid detox: If your body is toxic, then your mind is toxic. Here’s a guide to help you eliminate toxins: Clinical Bioenergetics.

Please also consider a vitamin B complex supplement because these psychic exercises drain vitamin B. If you are hungry after a session, this means your brain has been draining your glucose. Stick to replenishing with fresh fruit. In turn, the ARVARI sessions help you build new neural pathways.

Falling Asleep: Session 6.

I’ve listened to the session 6 three times already. Each time, I’ve fallen asleep some where in the middle. I even tried listening at different times, but I’ve managed to doze each time; this is in spite of Gerald’s instruction wherein he tells us: “You will always remain at a level where you can hear my voice…” Maybe that’s true, but I find myself playing catch up with the visualizations when I wake up.

The purpose of session 6 is post cognition wherein we skip around to different parts of the past. Gerald gives us space to record our visualizations. He suggests a sound activated tape recorder. I didn’t do that you because I feel I have yet to properly follow the session. When I do, I’ll give you a proper review.

Parable on endurance, perseverance, and patience

If we are not gifted with certain skills, then we need practice. To practice successfully, we need morality of mind as discussed in Baguazhang: Theory and Applications by Master Liang, Shou-Yu and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Among the qualities that lead to successfully learning a skill, whether it be martial arts, music, rocket science, or remote viewing, are endurance, perseverance, and patience.

Although I have terrible memories attached to out of body experience, I know it doesn’t have to be this way. I guess I’m gifted, in a way, that I should have experience of these things without training. What I have now is the equivalent of a blunt instrument like a rubber mallet. Gerald wants to train us, so we have extremely refined measurement tools like a vernier caliper or a mass spectrometer.

When we have refined mental acumen, we can precisely measure and and record an event during remote viewing; this is the reason Gerald suggests that we listen to each CD several times. Each time we follow a session or practice, it is a refining, filtering experience which increases our precision; this can only be done through endurance, perseverance, and patience. Like martial arts, each practice session refines our acumen of tools.

To that end, I want to share another parable with you from Baguazhang. I love these short stories because help us understand and follow through example:

Endurance, perseverance, and patience are the manifestations of a strong will. People who are successful are not always the smartest ones, but they are always the ones who are patient and who persevere. People who are really wise do not use wisdom only to guide their thinking; they also use it to govern their personalities.

Through cultivating these three elements, you will gradually guild up a profound mind, which is the key to the deepest essence of learning. If you know how to use your mind to ponder as you train, it can lead you to a deeper stage of understanding. If you can manifest this understanding in your actions, you will be able to surpass others.

Once upon a time, there was a twelve year old boy whose parents had been killed during a war. He came to the Shaolin Temple and asked to see the Head Priest. When he was led to the Head Priest, the boy knelt down and said, “Honorable Master, would you please accept me as your Gongfu student? I Will respect, obey, and serve you well, and I won’t disappoint you.”

As the Head Priest looked at the boy, he felt that he had to give him a test before he could accept him as a student. He said, “Boy, I would like to teach you Gongfu, but I have to leave the temple for one year to preach. Could you do me a favor while I am gone?” The boy was glad to have a chance to prove that he could be a good student, and so he said, “Certainly, honorable Master! What do you want me to do?”

The Head Priest led the boy out of the temple and pointed to a big tree. He said, “I have always wanted a good carving of the buddha. See that tree? Could you chop it down and make a Buddha for me?” The boy replied enthusiastically, “Yes Master! When you return, I will have finished the Buddha for you.” The next morning the Head Priest departed leaving the boy to live with the monks. A few days later the boy chopped down the tree and got ready to make the Buddha. The boy wanted to carve a beautiful Buddha and make the Head Priest happy. He worked night and day, patiently carving as carefully as he could.

A year later, the Head Priest came back from his preaching. The boy was very anxious and excited. He showed the Head Priest his Buddha which was five feet tall. He hoped to earn the Head Priest’s trust and he eagerly awaited praise. But the Head Priest looked at the Buddha and he knew that the boy had sincerely done his best. However, he decided to give the boy a further test.

He said, “Boy, it is well done. But it seems it is too big for me. It is not the size which I was expecting. Since I have to leave the temple again to preach for another year, could you use this time to make this Buddha smaller?”

The boy was very disappointed and unhappy. He had thought that when the Head Priest saw the Buddha, he would be accepted as a student and he could start his Gongfu training. However, in order to make the Head Priest happy he said, “Yes, Master. I will make it smaller.” Even though the boy had agreed, the Head Priest could see from the boy’s face that this time he did not agree willingly, from the heart. However, he knew that this time the test would be a real one.

The next morning the head Priest left and again the boy stayed with the monks to fulfill this promise. The boy started carving the Buddha trying to make it smaller, but he was disappointed and very unhappy. However, he forced himself to work. After six months had gone by, he found that he had carved an ugly, unhappy Buddha.

The Boy was very depressed. He found that he couldn’t work on the Buddha when he was so unhappy, so he stopped working. Days passed days, weeks passed weeks. The date of the Head Priest’s return was getting closer. His chances of becoming a student of the Head Priest were getting slimmer and slimmer, and his unhappiness was growing deeper and deeper.

One morning, he suddenly realized an important thing. he said to himself, “If completing the Buddha is the only way I can learn Gongfu, why don’t I make it good and enjoy it?” After that, his attitude changed. Not only was he happy again, he also regained his patience and his will was stronger. Day and night he worked. The more he worked, the happier he was, and the more he enjoyed his work. Before the boy noticed it, the year was up and he had almost completed his happy and refined Buddha.

When the Head Priest came back, the boy came to see him with his new Buddha. This carving was two feed tall and smiling. When the priest saw the buddha, he was very pleased. He knew that the boy had accomplished one of the hardest challenges that a person can face: Conquering himself.

However, he decided to give the boy one final test. He said, “boy, you have done well, but it seems it is still too big for me. In a few days, I have to leave the temple again for another year of preaching. During this time, could you make this Buddha even smaller?”

Surprisingly, this time the boy showed no sign of disappointment. In stead, he said, “No problem, Master. I will make it smaller.” The boy had learned how to enjoy his work.

The Head Priest left again. This time, the boy enjoyed his work. Every minute he could find he spent at his task, carefully making the carving more lifelike and refined. His sincerity, his patience, and his growing maturity became expressed in the Buddha’s face.

One year later, the Head Priest returned. The boy handed him a Buddha which was only two inches tall, and which had the best artwork one could ever find. The Head Priest now believed that this boy would be a successful martial artist. The boy had passed the test. He went on to become one of the best students in the Shaolin Temple.

We have two kinds of minds: One comes from our emotions, and the other is generated from our wisdom and clear judgement. Do you remember times when you knew you should do a certain thing, but at the same time you didn’t want to do it? It was your wisdom mind telling you to do it, and your lazy emotional mind saying, “no.” Which side won? Once you can follow your wisdom mind, you will have conquered yourself and you will surely be successful

When you practice remote viewing, you might think of it as refining your own “carving” with each session. No matter how small and far away, the object of your intention becomes exquisitely detailed in your mind because your “tools” and your “handywork” are so refined through practice.

True, if you are not gifted in RV, you can expect to spend the same amount of time it takes to learn music or martial arts. We all have to grow those new neural pathways to accomodate the new skill. If you already have a refined skill, then you know the necessity of endurance, perseverance, and patience.

Wouldn’t it be so much more interesting to use remote viewing in tandem with your refined skill? Imagine what you could accomplish… Perhaps, we can grow new neural pathways so much faster through RV of the matrix – and your career path.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,


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  1. Thanks a lot for this post!! I think most people (me included) get carried away by the promises on the website of these products and become very impatient about the results. The temptation to give it up after a few unsuccessful attempts is really high.

    The discipline and time required to achieve new skills is something that so many of us ignore and then feel let down when we dont get amazing experiences fast enough. I think this post is very appropriate for all of us who are starting out in the mind control/self improvement field!

    I guess I should read the book “The Practicing Mind” by Thomas Sterner again and again to remind me of the simple but effective concepts on approaching any new activity.

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