Remote Viewing Sessions 5 & 6: Time Travel

CD6 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course contains two 30 minute sessions: Session 5 helps us connect to a stream of data relating to past events and situations. Session 6 connects us to our probable future based on the present.

This review covers the 4th time that I’ve listened to sessions 5 and 6 on time travel. The first three times I kept falling asleep in the middle. Fortunately, the small guide booklet that comes with the CD set provides tips and tricks for an optimum experience.

The tip that I should have followed in the first place was to simply meditate in a sitting position rather than the ubiquitous “preferably laying down position” pushed by Gerald in the audio program. In the small guide booklet, Gerald tells us it’s OK to fall into delta rhythms or even listen to the course while sleeping because the instructions get engrained into the subconscious, but we can also listen during beta rhythms.

Personally, I prefer to meditate in the sitting position during my “waking” hours because I already get plenty of “meditation” when I’m sleeping in the laying down position. In the sitting position, I also like to prepare myself with a few warm up exercises before going into a trance. If you like to do that, I wholeheartedly recommend the Kuji Kiri Warm-up found within Secrets of the Ninja. Besides increasing your focus, these warm-up exercises calm the heart and increase circulation to brain and kidneys for anti-aging effects.

Common Themes

I’ve notice several common themes among Gerald O’Donnell’s guided meditation. I’m guessing this is what makes his method of Remote Viewing relatively easy for most people. The difference from scientific or controlled RV that I’ve experienced thus far is that he seems to fully expect us to maintain control over our state of consciousness. In session 6, he even tells us to bring ourselves back.

I’m not sure if I ever really came back from session 6 either because I was sleeping when I listened to it the first three times. But Gerald says this is a good thing. Who am I to argue? Unless I fall asleep at the wheel when I believe I’m awake…
The common themes within his instructions become easier with practice:

  1. Skin Breathing
  2. Becoming the Light Body
  3. Focussing and Concentrating on the Energy Center
  4. Expanding the Light Body
  5. Floating the Consciousness above the Roof
  6. Launching the Consciousness High into Space

Some where between Skin Breathing and launching my consciousness high into space, I had previously fallen asleep.

The only discrepancy I have with Gerald’s guidance is that he wants us to do things with a “snap” of his fingers instead of easing into it – like expanding the light body. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had a traumatic out of body experience. In sessions 5 and 6 there is only skin breathing QiGong, not much instruction is provided for further mental purification as in the previous sessions.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to do those “internal cleansing” exercises throughout the day as I’ve reported in the other reviews of this course. I’m guessing that Gerald believes we’re pretty “clean” at this point?

Here’s a tip for those of you trying to figure out your energy center. Gerald wants us to “become our breathing” and “become our energy center.” In Visual Ray Psionics, we’re doing an external alchemy that’s similar to create an orb or a aetheric thought form. The ARVARI method actually enhances our visual ray psionics through right brain activation.

In fact, the ARVARI method has already inspired me in a few ways. Among them are the previous post, How to Heal with a Biblical Name of God using Inner Power and my latest addition of New Age Native American Songs: Wakanda Road.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Gerald suggests that we use a voice activated recorder to make note of our experiences. He gives us space to explore and “free form” our visualizations. From what I’ve experienced, unless I’m approaching this course with a singular intention, my thoughts tend to be discursive, that is, they tend to jump around too much.

Rather than tell myself, “oh, it would be cool to have this power to remote view,” I have to myself, “I want to fix this – I want to improve that…” We have to remember that RV is only a tool for accomplishing a goal, albeit a very powerful tool. Once we have that goal in mind, it’s easy to find your “energy center” and your visualizations become clear.

The “Energy Center”

I’m guessing that most people have a problem reconciling their personal energy center as discussed by Gerald O’Donnell within the RV Course. In the previous sessions, Gerald has us visualize an energy ball, then allow it to fall into “center of beings.”

Your “center of being” is where ever your feelings are centered at the time, so it’s not always going to be the same place. Sometimes, it might even bounce around depending on your mood; this is another important reason for cleansing exercises to make sure you got all those negative feelings out of your system to prevent inclemencies and self doubt like “where’s my center of being?” Your center of being also depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you’re driven by love, then, most likely, your “center of being” is within your chest or heart chakra, but I can’t say this is true for everyone at any given moment. When your feelings are pure and righteous, this energy ball guides itself while you simply follow it.

What may help you visualize your energy ball/center is to visualize a glowing magnetic field around a rare earth magnet floating in space. I like to visualize the magnetic field around a Marco Rodin Toroid electromagnet because it’s based in the golden ratio and it contains an “equipotential major groove” which represents the mind… Did I mention I’m weird?

Launching Yourself into Space

I wonder what I would visualize if I never saw pictures of the earth from space? I often wonder, especially when Gerald tells us to launch ourselves into space in “one, two, three, snap!” Gerald doesn’t want us to wander too far because he wants us to come back down sometime into the past or present on earth using this method.

Certain Kabbalist meditation is similar in that we imagine ourselves infinitely in all directions in space. The ARVARI Method is easier because it branches techniques rather than yanks the mind into multiple alternate realities and eigen functions like Kabbalah Meditation. Did I mention I’m into weird things?

Does anyone remember a TV series called “7 Days?” It was about a “chrononaut” who was launched high above the earth in a time travel pod seven days into the past to prevent future disasters. Unfortunately, the concept was in bad taste after the events of 9-11.

(BTW: When Gerald asks us to see everything 360 degrees all around us, simply imagine the world all around you like it’s in a fish bowl – or as if you can see the entire world from space. Gerald doesn’t actually say that we should have eyes in the back of our heads. Maybe that’s what he wants?)

Our Light Guides Us

Gerald directs us to allow “our light” to guide us through past and probable future events. As I mentioned earlier, our greatest clarity of vision comes from our wanting something specific from the experience.

For example, if you want to see a specific event in the past to see what could have been done to prevent a situation that exists in the present, you need to have that intention in mind before going into session 5. If you don’t have a specific desire in mind, the images will be discursive and relatively useless, like a dream that you usually don’t remember.

The same applies to probable future events. In session 6, Gerald has us compare probable future events depending our present actions or inactions in our minds. For a specific probable future, we need only ask what needs to be done in the present.

I haven’t looked into any major events yet like 9-11-01 or what’s supposed to happen on 12-21-2012. Gerald has us mainly free-forming upon our own lives; this is for the best right now. Baby steps are important before the big steps.

Gerald also has us speaking with “our light,” asking it questions. In fact, Gerald has us holding regular conversations with “our light.” For me, the answers come in the form of feelings and intense visualizations, but mostly symbols – like dream symbols as indicated from The Healer’s Handbook by Stewart Swerdlow. Gerald tells us to be impartial observers, but this is difficult when observing facets of our own lives.

I’m hoping to be that impartial observer in the next session wherein Gerald provides Associational RV apps for financial trading and gambling. And can someone please tell me: What is parasitic noise?

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Directo

P.S. A traumatic key event in the past can open an infinite number of wounds in the fabric of space time. Those infinite number of tears can be healed, but the moment to heal all of those tears is the healing of that key event.

Linear time is like skin while all other possibilities are like living flesh underneath. Use Remote Viewing or postcognition to find that key event. Focus on healing or even preventing similar traumatic events in the present to make the pain of the past an illusion, then focus on healing that key event to heal all the wounds of the past.

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