Remote Viewing Morality and ARV Stock Market Lottery Predictions

I felt somewhat at ease during the 30 minutes of session 7 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course. Gerald O’Donnell doesn’t put us in a trance here. Instead he briefly reiterates the RV methodologies used thus far, talks about offerings to come in relation to this course and remote viewing morality.

In essence, we have to remember the source remote viewing information is the “Universal Mind” or God, therefore, we should be moral and ethical rather than selfish when using this psychic power. That is, don’t be too selfish by doing RV only for selfish gain or else karma will bite you in the ass. Per GOD’s Word:

“As Ye Sow, so shall Ye Reap” [Galatians 6:7-8]

Of course, Gerald doesn’t quite say it like that, but he was implying this.

Those of you familiar with the work of Charles Cosimano in techno-shamanism know he has a very opposite perspective of the way the universe works; he believes there is no karma. He has no qualms about being completely selfish and destroying his enemies while employing God’s Angels to do his dirty work. I haven’t heard much about Mr. Cosimano as of late, but who would you prefer to follow?


If I have any kind of gripes, then it’s the way Gerald speaks and presents himself at certain points, but only a few times:

  1. He Stammers and
  2. He talks about himself in the third person.

Unless I’m in a trance, this kind of talk sounds weird. It’s probable that he talks like this during the other sessions, but I don’t notice because I’m in a trance.

Stammering is actually a good speech technique when you want someone to hang on your words. Talking about yourself in the third person is a good projection technique when you want to project a good light on yourself for others to imagine. I’m guessing Gerald likes to employ certain persuasion techniques. Since we’re relatively awake during session 7, I’m not quite sure why he’s doing it.

Associational Remote Viewing

Gerald went on for about fifteen minutes before hitting on Associational Remote Viewing (ARV). I wish he had spent a lot more time on this subject because it’s so interesting. Gerald claims that ARV produced the highest percentage of hit rates at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

Gerald applies the ARV concept to the stock market and lottery, but only briefly touches on the methods. Here is an outline of what I learned as it applies to the stock market. The day before you intend to make a prediction:

  1. Have one friend write a random symbol or string of characters and associate it with a bear market.
  2. Have another friend write a random symbol or string of characters and associate it with a bull market.
  3. Both people focus on these symbols and their associations, then hide them away.
  4. RV the market while latching onto any symbols that might occur in your vision. Gerald advises us to use a voice activated recorder in particular as well as a sketch pad during RV.
  5. Compare your notes to the random symbols generated by your friends then look at the stocks the next day.

The random symbol or string of characters should be short, yet random. The symbols should be simple, yet obscure to avoid inclemencies. When your RV vision closely matches one symbol or another, you know that’s how the market will be.

A similar method is applied to the lottery. Let’s say you want to pick six winning numbers. The day before you intend to make a prediction:

  1. Have a friend write six simple, random symbols or small strings of characters and associate them with winning the lottery, then hide them away.
  2. RV the winning lottery numbers as you latch onto whatever symbols occur in the background. As always, use a voice activated recorder and a sketch pad because one method may be faster than the other for recording your visions.
  3. Compare your notes to the random symbols generated by your friend then look at the winning lottery numbers the next day.

Ideally, your prediction should be as close to the event as possible. The gist I got from Gerald is that an actual person has to associate these random symbols with an event rather than simply have a machine spit out random characters like at

The idea is that an actual human thought form is associated with these symbols while a machine produces rather inhuman binary strings of “thought” that couldn’t care less if you win anything.

I’m guessing, that We’re more likely to latch onto human thought forms which comprise a great deal of the “matrix” because there is so much intention attached to those thought forms.

For me, when I decide to RV the lottery for instance, and I know I’m dealing with a human thought form, I would have my friend come up with one random symbol associated with winning the lottery. Then I would RV different sets of “winning” lottery numbers as I latch onto their associated symbols, then compare my notes to my friend’s random symbol.

If you decide to use, then I say test it. Why not? It’s all info going into the “matrix.” Personally, I would choose the random string generator. If you like, generate six random strings. Make them short like 3 characters a piece. When you generate them, shield them from yourself while saving them, emailing them or printing them.

Since you need a thought form out there that associates these six random strings with winning the lottery, you must give them to a friend. Tell him/her to study them because these strings are associated with the winning lottery numbers for tomorrow.

Remember: Do not look at these random strings until after you have made your prediction.

Isn’t that fun? Look into the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course if you want guided meditation methods on CD for Remote Viewing. I can’t wait for session eight because I don’t quite understand what I’m supposed to accomplish, so it must be some intense esoteric meditation.

Thanks for your time, Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Directo

P.S. I’ve been listening to the brainwave entrainment CD1 of the ARVARI Remote Influencing course. Gerald recommends listening to it while studying the RV/RI manuals. These are two thirty minute recordings of the ocean: The first 30 minutes are theta rhythms, the second are delta rhythms.

Although this CD is quite relaxing, I’m used to something more. As you know, I produced OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States. I did this with the help of Mind Stereo which provides the basic theta rhythms with gamma bursts to induce intense sensory visualization.

I’m spoiled. I admit it. I produce brainwave entrainment that’s superior to most anything that’s out there because I want to contact the spirits – that includes you. I think of you as a spiritual being, so that’s how I treat you. OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States is meant to reach you on a spiritual level.

One thing I can’t beat – yet – is that intense background music within the ARVARI Course. Noone can beat those tranced out vocalizations behind Gerald, but I’m going to try. Stay tuned.

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