Why Do You Want Control Over the Life of Others?

A funny thing happened to me while I was listening to the extended remote viewing in theta disc, the bonus within the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course package. I thought that got up and went about my regular business. In fact, I “got up” in my mind and dreamed that I was interviewing people about what […]

The Secret to Isochronic Tones in Brainwave Entrainment

“Isochronic Tones” have been quite the buzz word these days as far as it’s application to brainwave entrainment. Among the advocates, isochronic tones are far more effective than monaural and binaural beats when entraining a person. Why is this? I decided to look a little deeper into this phenomenon and discovered an old friend. First, […]

Cleansing the Soul, Healing the Mind, Spiritual Cinema

What do you do when the healing you require is really at the level of your own soul? We know that modern medicine can fix a broken bone, heal an infection or transplant a heart (or lung or kidney), but the healing of the soul requires insight and inspiration. Our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle […]

How the Human Mind’s Psychic Switch works for Remote Viewing

The 30 minute Session 10 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course “trains us to connect with the biology and mind of humans, experience telepathic methodologies. Scanning and energy healing techniques are taught. Teaches us to operate at very deep levels of mind and to Remote View with your eyes open…” Session 10 is similar to […]

Barbara Hershey and Ron Perlman in Uncross the Stars

Inspiration + Entertainment = Spiritual Cinema Circle Dear Friend, In our youth-obsessed culture, have we forgotten that the aging process comes with many gifts? The strength to know that “this too shall pass,” the courage to speak our truth, and wisdom from many hard-won life experiences are just a few of the Universal gifts brought […]

How Humans tune into Plants and Animals: RV Session 9

Session 9 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course has us exploring elements of the vegetable and animal kingdoms with full sensory awareness. Emphasis is on the “emotional” level. This extremely powerful experience deeply reprograms your mind to improve visual and other sensory decoding abilities of the deep inner mind. Wow, that sounds like a whole […]

Remote Viewing: How Tuning in Things Enhances Your Reality

I have yet to take complete advantage of the associational remote viewing method as divulged in session 7 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing. As Gerald O’Donnell pointed out in one of his interviews, it’s important to take “baby steps” for positive affirmations and improve accuracy before doing the “adult steps” in proving our psychic powers. […]