Remote Viewing: How Tuning in Things Enhances Your Reality

I have yet to take complete advantage of the associational remote viewing method as divulged in session 7 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing. As Gerald O’Donnell pointed out in one of his interviews, it’s important to take “baby steps” for positive affirmations and improve accuracy before doing the “adult steps” in proving our psychic powers.

The information revealed in session 8 is actually integral to the entire remote viewing process, so I’m glad I’ve been waiting – to a certain point.

There are two things I want to get out of the way that may be annoying to people who want to learn remote viewing using the ARVARI Course:

  • Gerald snaps his fingers a lot in this session.
  • Gerald reveals the actual speed of remote viewing which is fast.

Session 8 “trains the mind’s eye to perceive many points of reference, mainly inanimate, with a wide variety of perceptual senses.” Gerald has us using our intense sensory perceptions to compare and contrast the essence of inanimate objects: Colors, flavours, textures, sounds, molecular structures, but with intense speed as we change from one point of reference to another in a “snap.”

I am reminded of the Clairvision method of tuning into objects from Awakening the Third Eye during this session. The difference is, the ARVARI Method of “tuning” into objects is not nearly as leisurely because there’s a lot of “jumping” between reference points.

Gerald snaps his fingers during this session in the same way a person might hit the ranging switches on an oscilloscope. In a way, I felt like I was being programmed like a computer because he tells us go here, go there every few seconds; there was little room for self indulgence in session 8 as in the previous sessions.

But that’s not the strangest feeling I got during this session. Gerald is an extraordinary hypnotist, if I’m using the term accurately. I believed that I would stay conscious during this session because it was early evening, but I went under anyway.

I’m listening to this session a second time as I write this, so I can get a handle on where I fell asleep. I figure that I went into theta rhythms some where between becoming my breath and as I “went down the staircase” per Gerald’s guided meditation. I “woke up” at the point where he suggested to visualize a table with a white cloth because there was an intense tingling in my lumbar region.

I was somewhere between delta and theta rhythms when Gerald suggested, “an intense vibrational energy at the center of your being.” My center of being must have been in my lumbar region at the time. I must admit, I have never felt anything like that; It was like there was an alarm going off in my body.

After the session, I felt like I was on pins and needles like the feeling after of those intense roller coaster rides that leave the feet dangling. If you also feel like you’ve been on a hallucinogenic trip after this session, then simply imagine the color brown under your feet to lower your vibration – or just eat something brown, like bread or a cookie.

At this point in the ARVARI RV Course, I’m pretty sure the self indulgence is over. During session 8, I felt like I was really working because the session was so intense.

I came away from the experience feeling like I’ve been working because there’s so much focus devoted to jumping between several points of reference every few seconds. Strangely enough, I was doing this during theta rhythms wherein Gerald tells us, “you can make anything happen in this frame of mind…”

There were a lot of things going on in my mind’s eye. I’m not sure, but I think I actually Remote Viewed a technology that recently came out. Do you recall my review of session 3? Instead of seeing a large screen in my mind, I saw many orbs floating all around me with different pictures in them. They would all get together and form these images.

Recently, a technology has come out that uses flying robot orbs that act as pixels to create giant images in the sky:

Synchronized flying robots could paint pictures in the sky (w/ Video)

February 21, 2010 by Lisa Zyga

( — In a new MIT project called Flyfire, tiny robotic helicopters with LEDs can act as flying pixels, moving together to create transient images in three-dimensional space. If it sounds like something out of a Disney animation, it sort of is…

Isn’t that interesting? It’s always dream like for me to see a precognition come to life. Although, I seem to be in a dream like state because of the ARVARI Course, I assure you that the lessons learned here require more than the lackadaisical person is willing to devote. Like martial arts or science learning these psychic abilities takes morality of will and mind.The ARVARI Course may put you in a trance, but you would be in no more of a trance than most people. The belief systems of most people are based on their trance state of the way the universe works.

The trance state of most people are like small soap bubbles that are easily burst; this is why so many people cling to the same trance state, like political and religious groups: There is strength in numbers who resonate with each other.

Some people say that working with the imagination is an activity reserved for children, yet the human imagination is what drives the most amazing creations in technology and architecture.

The ARVARI Course not only expands our imaginations beyond the tiny “bubbles” of most people, it helps us focus on the true essence of things. When we expand our minds, our realities, we reach beyond the constraints of those tiny trance states. For a heightened sense of reality, we must understand the true essence of things around us: There is also strength in the mind resonating with reality..

Thanks for your time.

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Randolph Directo

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