How the Human Mind’s Psychic Switch works for Remote Viewing

The 30 minute Session 10 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course “trains us to connect with the biology and mind of humans, experience telepathic methodologies. Scanning and energy healing techniques are taught. Teaches us to operate at very deep levels of mind and to Remote View with your eyes open…”

Session 10 is similar to session 9 as far as scanning other life forms by jumping to different points of reference. Gerald O’Donnell instructs us to scan a person with whom we are familiar including ourselves.

Scanning yourself or anyone else is very easy when you can hold an intense image of a person to the point where you can rotate that person in different dimensions within your mind’s eye . The same is true of anything. The main purpose is get a kinesthetic feeling of that person, such as chronic ailments, pain, and toxic build ups. The next step is to step into the mind of that person based on the feelings within his/her body.

Gerald uses the Silva Assumption Method for “stepping” into the mind of a person – which surprised me. I already knew of the Silva Assumption Method, but I didn’t know it was so universal. I recall this video of Derren Brown’s “Mind Freak” show where he exposes “a reknowned expert in remote viewing” as more of a scam artist than a remote viewer.

I believe the “remote viewer’s” name is Dr. Carl who supposedly has been in the business of RV for 25 years. He also seems to employ the Silva Assumption Method. Neither Gerald nor Dr. Carl give attribution to Jose Silva for this technique. Why is that?

Derren Brown Interview: How RV is done by an expert?

Although Dr. Carl’s methods bear a slight resemblence to remote viewing, this is not the method that Gerald is teaching us in this course. Gerald tells us to make note of everything significant – not anything and everything that comes to mind the way Dr. Carl is doing.

Dr. Carl also seems to employ the Silva Assumption Method as he “steps into the other person’s skin.” In fact, what Dr. Carl is doing barely resembles the Silva Assumption Method. You don’t have to physically get up and pretend that you’re crawling into the other person’s skin like a mime – you’re supposed to do this in your mind because this is all psychic/psychoenergetic exercise.

In a way, Gerald O’Donnell’s Method is even more exact than Jose Silva’s because he has us gain a kinesthetic sense of the other person before mentally crawling into the other person’s skin and putting on their heads; this way we get a better sense of the way the other person thinks because we can feel what’s going on in his/her body and the way that person deals with different kinds of stimulation. Kudos.

Psychic Switch

Remote Viewing takes place during low theta and mid-delta rhythms. Gerald trains us on how to instantly switch between beta rhythms, the regular waking state, and theta rhythms. (Please look up more info on brainwave rhythms at Binaural Harmonics.)

You ever seen swami yogis instantly go into a trance? What about an accomplished trancendental meditation practitioner? Have you ever seen anyone instantly go into a trance? You’ve probably done it every time you reminisce about something. What was your first kiss like? I mean from someone other than your mother who you really liked?

You probably started daydreaming right there. You were in a trance. Gerald teaches us how to snap in and out of a trance at will, so we have far better, much more efficient control of our mental faculties. Have you ever driven past a freeway exit because you were in a trance? Have you ever missed an opportunity because you were busy daydreaming about it?

Your worries are over. Gerald teaches us how maintain control over our conscious/subconscious behavior. In fact, he has us dropping in and out of a trance like a yoyo every few seconds; it’s disorienting at first, but once you discover how to remain mindful of your consciousness, there are whole new vistas opened that you ordinarily would have missed.

The main purpose of using the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course is to open up those vistas and opportunities that most people ordinarily miss because their consciousness was in neutral. A study that I’ve cited a few times at Way of the MindGate demonstrates how easy it is for people to slip into neutral:

Given an opening, the brain naturally reverts to inward thinking rather than attending to external stimulus. Just like boredom itself, the default mode reasserts itself… “As you generate an expectation, you become less attentive…” [Anatomy of A Brain Fart; Leeaundra Keany; December 22, 2009; Discover]

The ARVARI Remote Viewing Course will actually help you cut down on “brain farts” while helping you maintain that necessary focus. During remote viewing, we focus on a reality outside our immediate sphere, but we want to be able to come out of it at any time; we don’t want to be stuck in that trance like a coma patient or a frozen computer.

Gerald gives us that edge by training that “switch” between beta and theta rhythms. He recommends that we do this exercise three times a day, fifteen minutes each time. This may sound like too much to most people. In fact, most people slip into “neutral” morning, noon, and night anyway when driving, or eating or just when they’re on a break.

The difference here is that you maintain full control over your mental faculties rather than slip into a brain fart and miss an opportunity. In my humble opinion, too many people are suffering from brain farts.

This is why so many people are prey to works like The 48 Laws of Power, concepts that prey on human frailty. If most people did not have “brain farts,” they would be far more secure and confident about themselves, so noone could prey on their frailties.

The ARVARI Remote Viewing Course helps you remove those frailties, so you can really be awake and understand the reality of a situation. Remote Viewing actually opens more reality to you. When you’re more in touch with reality, you’re more in control of your reality; this is what I want for you.


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We truly hope that this will help you acquire the body of High Mind techniques we would like you to master.

We know from experience that children as young as 12 years of age have benefited greatly, as did older seniors. There is no age when it comes to transform into a Higher being and enter a new Higher Self.

We hope that you will take advantage of this offer for yourself and gift yourself and others you care about perfect this really meaningful gift which will change you life forever and finally bring you inner peace.

In this very special Holiday season on the cusp of an incredible year which will bring much changes to humanity, and help it evolve, I want to wish you all a beautiful festival of Lights: Christmas, Chanukah, and winter solstice, celebrated with all your loved ones, close and distant alike.

You friend forever,

Gerald O’Donnell

P.S. Gerald recently did an interview on 15 March 2010. In this interview, he takes time to answer a specific question I posed, “Where should we focus in order to help benefit humanity, so we are more life-positive?” The answer is a simple four letter word, yet all encompassing; it begins with “L.”

Healing Thoughts, Randolph

P.S. There’s a buzz word going around these days known as “theta healing.” I can’t help but notice that buzz is being caused mainly by certain women, same as emotional freedom techniques, but there’s something off kilter about these women.

Do a search on the web and you will find many “theta healing” videos, most of which are starring these women who call themselves “theta healing medical intuitives.”

Personally, I think this is great – except they are attaching a lot of woot to “theta healing” in that they seem to be following their own belief systems rather than a set of standards as in emotional freedom techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Healing is integral to sessions 9 and 10 of The ARVARI Remote Viewing Course because we are learning to remotely heal others during theta rhythms. Gerald does not call it “theta healing, ” but it is.

Is “theta healing” the next “Reiki?” Only if you treat it that way.

Connect to the Universal Mind

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