Why Do You Want Control Over the Life of Others?

A funny thing happened to me while I was listening to the extended remote viewing in theta disc, the bonus within the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course package. I thought that got up and went about my regular business. In fact, I “got up” in my mind and dreamed that I was interviewing people about what they want out of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course.

The bonus theta CD is over seventy nine minutes. In one perspective, it’s a marathon session. Gerald O’Donnell leaves this gap in the session where we only hear theta brainwave entrainment or rhythmic ocean sounds – not quite the intense experience of OceanScape Ghostship, Altered States, but it’s enough.

I had this intense sensory visualization that I went down my street talking with people about what benefits they want to from a remote viewing course; this experience seemed to last for an entire day which was quite a marathon session considering that the actual gap in the theta session is about a half hour – maybe less.

Gerald racapped the main devices for going into theta and delta rhythms. He also has a slightly different method of guided meditation here, in that he has us bouncing our consciousness from an infinitely small perspective to and infinitely large one throughout most of the session. The method is a bit Kabbalist wherein we project our minds infinitely into different directions. And I must admit, Gerald worried me a bit when he began the session with “Hello, Dear One…”

With that said, the gap in the session where Gerald tells us that we should communicate with our higher selves means that he wanted us to be on our own to experience ourselves, with only our own system of beliefs and world paradigm to shape our experience. In my case, I’m guessing my higher self are these people I was interviewing in my mind, but I’m not completely sure.

These people were all of different shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. I asked all of them, “What do you want to get out of the remote viewing course?” Some of them were even answering me in different languages. Some spoke in Hindi, Hebrew, then Swahili, Gaelic, Arabic, Farsi, Navajo. I understood some of the Spanish and French. I didn’t quite understand all of them, so it’s a good thing most of them spoke in English.

The main gist that I got from these people is that they all wanted control. They wanted control over other people because they didn’t trust them. I admit that I have trust issues, so I assume I could have been projecting onto these people.

Then I asked, “Why don’t you trust other people?” The main gist I got from them is that they do trust other people, but only as far they can control them – like pets.

I had to think about this. It’s a good thing I had a whole day – in my mind. Keep in mind, the people in my dream had never experienced the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course. They all had preconceived notions about what this course offered. A few of them thought they might turn out like the comedic weirdo played by George Clooney on Men Who Stare at Goats.

On the other hand, I had already gone through the course. A few of the people asked me, “What did you get out of it?” Then I remembered the cleansing exercises, becoming one with the light, replacing fear with hope and confidence for goodness and a bright future as long as I maintain discipline and self control.

The people in my dream did not quite understand me. They all had their own interpretations of what I was saying. Then I asked them, “What if you knew that by sharing your light with others that you could trust them?” They didn’t understand what I meant by “the light.”

I asked them, “What if you knew that sharing your good feelings and wonderful talents with people around you would make them trustworthy?”

Then they answered my question with a question, “What does that have to do with remote viewing?”

I realized that these people would not be convinced by simply talking with them about remote viewing. They wanted a real demonstration. They wanted action. But I needed one more piece of information from this street full of people: “How do you want to feel when you trust a person?”

The answers were obvious. They want to feel confident, calm, at ease, peaceful. Then I asked them, “Do you want to feel like you can depend on that person?” The answer was a resounding “yes.”

Then I asked, “What if I prove to each and everyone of you that remote viewing works and that it gives you control, trust, and confidence – beginning with yourself?”

Their answer was, “When do we begin?”

Then I answered, “We begin now.” And I woke up.

Remote Viewing the Lottery

I’m sure there are those of you who doubt the possibility of remote viewing. Since I need practice, I want to make you an offer – first come, first served. If you have a lottery system in your area, I want to find out how accurate I am through associational remote viewing. I want to guess six winning numbers for you the day before a lottery drawing in your area.

Here’s how associational remote viewing works: The day before your lottery drawing you generate six symbols representing the winning lottery numbers “in your mind.” That is, you have to focus on these symbols and associate them with winning the lottery in your area.

As you can imagine, I can’t do this for everyone at once. I’m only doing this for subscribers to Way of the MindGate AND it’s first come, first served. Remember, I also have my own life to tend to, so I will try to do one prediction a day.

If you want to generate truely random symbols, then please visit Random.org 24 hours before your lottery drawing. Go to the random string generator. Generate 6 random strings, each 3 characters long. You may choose numeric, upper, and lower case letters. Make sure each string is unique.

An alternative is to generate 1 random string, 6 characters long. This might be easier for me. I’m not sure yet. Then associate this string of characters with the winning lottery numbers for the next day.

Next, immediately contact me: randolph at healingmindn dot com. Please provide the zip code of the lottery drawing and your full name. I will do the best I can to get back to you within 12 hours.

Do not send the random string of characters to me until I request them.

OK, I hope I can help you hit the jackpot, but please don’t place your bets yet. I’m only asking you to compare my prediction to the actual winning numbers before you decide I’m the real deal.

Please bear with me because I can’t get back to all of you right away. I’m only doing this for Way of the MindGate Subscribers and I can only do one prediction a day right now. Thanks for your understanding.

If you have a special request for me to RV something or someone in particular, you still need to be a subscriber to Way of the MindGate to make that request. Thanks again for your understanding.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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