2012 According to Beliefs based in Love and Creation

With a seemingly endless stream of new books on the subject of the end of the Mayan Calendar everyone wants to know about 2012! Are we at the beginning of the most amazing and wonderful time on Earth, or is Armageddon just over the horizon? Here is a film exploring 2012.

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard brings us insight and excitement about life: through the (feature/short) film, Visions of a Universal Humanity – a must-see -based evidence that at the precipice of the greatest evolutionary jump in human history.

Wrapped in awe-inspiring imagery and soul-lifting music, this movie debunks the doomsday prophesies of the so-called “end of history,” inviting us to consider instead the conclusions of some of the finest minds of our time who present cutting-edge perspectives on humankind’s breathtaking potential to create the future of our dreams.

Watch in wonder as the story of our own evolution comes alive in a combination of sparkling intellect and vibrant artistry that is this remarkable motion picture, leaving us not only illuminated, but instigated—ready now to play our role in the co-creation of our collective tomorrows.

Start your free trial today! For just a small shipping fee, you can receive a *free DVD that includes Visions of a Universal Humanity plus three great short films, plus Mariel Hemingway’s very special in-depth interview with spiritual teacher, world renounced author, Debbie Ford! [Discover how beliefs based in love and creation apply to 12-21-2012]

*$4.95 US shipping fee applies, $7.95 international.

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