How to Develop Telepathy for Prosperity and Happiness

Telepathy is a generalized term that refers collectively to the reception and transmission of thoughts between minds that does not rely on sensory output in order for information to be exchanged.

Of course, the five conventional senses are normally used in every day communication on a conscious or subconscious level, but we also utilize another form of communication that directly links one person’s mind to another.

Telepathy is divided into several categories and subcategories. The four main focuses of the field of telepathy are:

  • deferred,
  • intuitive,
  • emotive,
  • and superconscious telepathy

Deferred Telepathy, also known as “Latent” telepathy is the transmission of information across time as well as space, usually transmitting information into the past to the self or one other. This should not, however, be confused with Precognition and Post-cognition, both of which are used by psychic detectives and is an observation of information coming from another time and/or place as in remote viewing.

In reality, there are always exceptions. We can’t really compartmentalize or categorize completely the way extra sensory perception works – especially when it works across the space/time continuum. I recall this dream almost a decade ago as clear as day: I was flying. I could feel the wind pass all around me as I dipped up and down through the clear blue sky. The feeling was exhilarating.

The next day, I had an impromptu visit from my sister’s family. My nephew was very young and he wanted to have fun at the amusement park. A few hours later, I was sitting at the head of a roller coaster ride with my nephew and I had the exact same exhilarating feeling.

Who am I to say whether or not my future (tomorrow) self had communicated this same feeling of exhilaration to me in the present? Is it possible that precognition is really our “future” selves sending telepathic messages to us in the present?

Of course, there are time paradoxes involved with that sort of thinking, but who is to say that we are not constantly creating time paradoxes through telepathy? Linear time is attached to physical reality while the mind and all of its constructs are quite non-linear where the terms “past, present, future” don’t mean anything.

I have always asserted that we are spiritual beings inextricably attached to physical bodies. Spiritual reality is non-linear, therefore, unconfined by the barriers of space and time. If we are truely spiritual beings, then we are still attached to the spiritual realm where like minds are attracted to each other, where telepathy is our first true sense.

Emotive telepathy is the transmission of sensations (including emotion) across space through an altered state of mind.

Superconscious telepathy is the tapping of the mind into the noosphere, or greater collective consciousness of humanity.

The first step toward being able to transmit and receive telepathic impulses is the quieting of the mind in order to allow less of a metaphorical screen between the psychic and the world they wish to perceive.

The first important step is to be able to find a place mentally where the consciousness is open to receive images, thoughts, and emotions that have been leaked into the world around them by another either knowingly or unknowingly. This state of mind is sometimes difficult to reach through normal meditative means, as observations indicate the required state of mind is in the Alpha, or highest state of functioning in the mind.

Naturally, many find it difficult to think in an Alpha state while undergoing hypnosis. Luckily, our binaural entrainment is specially tuned not only to get you into the Alpha state, but guide you to the exact specific frequency required to both transmit and receive information.

Ideally, the development of Extra Sensory Perception is an ongoing process. If you wish to gauge your natural tendency toward reading the minds of another, you can perform a simple experiment to see your starting point:

Have a friend or family member hold an index or playing card with one of five symbols on it. Ensure you cannot see the card, and ideally you should be facing away from them so nothing but psionic energy is influencing your observation of their thoughts.

Zener cards, as they’re called are a basic tool of measuring psychic energy and traditionally have one of five symbols on them. The five recognizable symbols in Zener cards are a circle, a cross, three parallel wavy lines, a square, and a star. Though Zener cards are most used by parapsychologists, some people use simple playing cards.

zener cards for telepathic exercises
Statistically you should have a one in five, or 20% chance of guessing the symbols on the cards each time. Guessing the right card more than 20% of the time indicates an already developing psychic talent that could be nurtured into a more powerful tool.

Experiments with Zener cards can begin with small tests (10 declarations of the symbols of random cards, randomizing the deck each time), but more statistically accurate tests may require 50 or even 100 declarations.

If you do not guess more than 20%, you may be dangerously closed off to the thoughts of others, and require psychic development even more. That is to say, your thoughts may too hyper wherein you are in beta rhythms during most of your waking state; beta rhythms are caused by stress, worry, depression, physical pain, and similar.

Once you’ve begun testing your own psychic talent, and implemented our therapy to help this development, you may notice that you are more “open” to the thoughts of friends and family at some times than others. Multiple tests at different times can help gauge when you will need our therapy most. In time you can develop your abilities into a psychic powerhouse.

In time, as telepathy is implemented more, we will all be able to understand one another in ways not limited to simple language. Next, we take a deeper look at the tools you can use to develop your psychic talents.

Psychic Tools

Let us examine the wealth of useful tools and mechanisms you have at your disposal to help you get further along in your extra sensory perception. First, you’ll have to understand that the world of the five senses is a very loud and consistent one.

You’ve been able to sense this world your whole life. One of the reasons the blind exhibit such a high extra-sensory potential is because their sight is constantly blocking out the “hidden” world around them. Luckily, we can achieve a state similar to this without losing any of our senses.

You may notice when you first use telepathic entrainment therapy that a whole new world of ideas and thoughts can seem to come at you from nowhere. This is normal.

Unfortunately, telepathy and “internal thoughts” are often mingling with one another because there is no sensory apparatus distinguishing them while fully conscious.

It’s interesting to note, however, that dreams are often psychically motivated by showing us events that will one day happen or that have happened from another time. For this reason, those who are psychically inclined often find it useful to write down their dreams (a dream diary).

Keeping a diary of dreams allows you to recall events that may in themselves be psychic impulses while bridging the barrier between your subconscious and conscious to have an open link between them. These images can help us, if we keep them in our memory, to show how the subconscious interprets things differently.

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal, however, is the psychic binaural entrainment therapy sessions available at the Unexplainable store. When you try them you will find that a whole new world of possibilities is opened up to your subconscious and conscious minds.

Additionally, you may find it useful to keep track of “hits” and “misses” with a notebook. A notebook to keep notes of your development is important in all ways, but it’s of particular importance in the field of telepathy as these sudden impulses are very important and very subtle.

Why wait for a one in a million chance to get a “hit” at the right time when you’ve told someone else, when you can study your own abilities in a notebook while you’re developing your talent? Be sure to mark any hits, and study the time and general situation around when you received your impulse and the nature of the event itself. You may be surprised just how often you are making the right calls hours or even days in advance. And this is the talent you must nurture.

Remember that when crossing time barriers is involved you are dealing not only with realities that will be, but the realities that could be. In this way telepathy is a tool that can guide us to prosperity and happiness.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,


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