Remote Viewing: Tools, Detailing, and Limitations

Jim McElwee’s Unexplainable Store has the most eclectic supply of brainwave entrainment programs available on the market. To me, Jim is an incredible teacher of esoterica and the “unexplainable.” Remote Viewing is yet another one of Jim’s expertise, much in the same vein as Rudolph Steiner.

In this post, Jim provides us with a tangible feel for remote viewing, so anyone can get a handle on the discipline necessary to this ability. After Jim’s presentation, I have further interesting facts on remote viewing to share with you and in relation to a promise I made to Way of the MindGate Subscribers. Please enjoy!


Today I’d like to talk about Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is the specific process for gathering information from a location regardless of how far the participant is from the object they are attempting to observe through ESP (extra sensory perception). It is a type of ESP, but it is far more specific. The remote viewer is capable of sitting in one room and entering a trance through which they can observe objects in the next room.

Ideally, an individual capable of remote viewing has expanded their field of vision so they can see objects and people on the other side of town or even in another country. Remote viewing has even been demonstrated (according to declassified military documents) with some level of success in observing objects in space such as the surface of Mars and distant asteroids. The applications of this incredible skill are limitless once mastered.

Of course training is absolutely necessary for remote viewing to work properly. In the 1970’s, Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ from the Stanford Research Institute worked in conjunction with remote viewers to study the actual mechanics behind the skill, and found that those who had undergone rigorous training were far more capable than those with believed latent psychic talents.

The best tool you have at your disposal is the ability to focus your brain’s wavelength in order to “hone in” on distant objects. When your mind is scattered and full of thoughts from your daily activities, this cannot take place. Our entrainment therapy can be found at remote-viewing.php. Be sure to check it out!

The power to remotely view objects is integrally linked to our products, particularly since some of the earliest experiments in the Ganzfeld experiments conducted by Charles Honorton where a process very similar to ours. Meanwhile, the military was using a similar process behind closed doors. Of course since that time, technology has greatly improved, as have the techniques themselves.

You may have, in fact, remotely viewed objects without even knowing it. As we dream, the mind enters a state where consciousness steps aside to allow the subconscious room to take over. If you have ever woken up just before you received a phone call, or just before someone showed up at your door for no inexplicable reason, this may have been remote viewing in action!


The first important skill you can utilize in order to conduct your own remote viewing experiments, is that of focus. It may sound simple, but many people find this first step difficult without practice. Focus your attention on a simple object. Study every detail and then close your eyes. If you can observe the object in your mind even when your eyes are closed, you’re well on your way.

If you have difficulty imagining the object without other images popping into your head or the object becoming distorted, you should practice focusing. Regardless of your ability to focus on visual objects in your head, you should practice as this will be one of the factors for you to maintain focus on a specific location.

Next, I’d like to take a look at more exercises that can improve your ability to observe objects from a distance and get more “hits” than the average experiment participant.

Tools & Symbols

I’d like to take a deeper look at Remote Viewing, and how to use our entrainment program and other tools at your disposal to increase your ability to see objects that are out of range of your standard five senses. You may remember our last newsletter, when we looked at your ability to focus on objects in order to discern the important difference between observation and memory.

It may sound like a simple task, but along with our imaginations, many of us lose our ability to actually observe things as they really are as we get older. We see symbols of objects rather than the objects themselves.

Remember first that the trance state is important to remote viewing. Your mind has to train itself to be able to switch on its peripheral field of vision and project your thoughts to other locations.

Many people spend years trying to tune their minds to the exact frequency required for this, but our entrainment therapy is specially designed to make this journey quicker and within easy reach for everyone. You can find our entrainment therapies at

If the idea of “seeing objects as they really are” sounds far out, let’s try an exercise. Psychologists have demonstrated that participants in studies will often confuse what an object actually looks like if shown another object that serves the same purpose or is “symbolically” a representation of that object even if it is a different color, thinking it’s the same one.

This experiment requires a little subterfuge on your part, but it perfectly illustrates the disconnect from “symbol thinking” and actual observation.

  1. Take two objects that serve the same purpose and look similar, but not exactly the same.
  2. Replace the object in the room with the similar one that will symbolically represent the same thing to those passing through. It could be a different fork next to someone’s plate, a different colored flower in a kitchen’s vase, or a differently designed napkin at the table.

Nine times out of ten the witness, when they return to see the replaced object, will think it’s the same one. This symbolic thinking is exactly what you want to train your mind to rebel against, as symbols, while useful, are often a road block to the remote viewer from getting a perfectly accurate image.

Our environment is complicated, so we often replace objects with ideas in our mind. When we see a television set, we see a simple object: a television. This is symbolic thinking. What we need to do is understand all the components of that television. It is not a simple object, but an incredibly advanced series of components working together toward the whole.

Does it have a glass or LCD screen? Are the edges on it rounded or sharp? What do the buttons look like? Where do cables coming from it lead to? This sort of thinking can also lead to improved deductive reasoning. Rather than taking for granted that the television is there, you may see a series of cables running from the screen to nothing and conclude, “Aha! Something has been removed from this room.”

This sort of deductive reasoning is not difficult, it’s just a different way of thinking. And it will ensure that images you draw or describe while remote viewing are more accurate. This will keep you from using vague symbolic representations to describe events, and ensure you get a crystal clear image of what will be in a given location.

As a result your remote viewing experience will be vastly improved too. Practice observing everything in your environment. Why are objects where they are? Is there a reason this door is open? Is the time on that clock accurate? Take nothing for granted. It is far easier than you may think. Of course after a while observation will become second nature to you, just as driving or walking has become. And when this observation is more accurate, so will be your remote viewing experience.

So to recap, deductive thinking allows for more accurate visions while remote viewing. Those asking you questions will want to know details. Those who say, “I see a window,” will be more accurate if they can give details like, “A Northwesterly facing window of gothic design is streaming light from the inside out onto the street. There is a crack in the upper right hand corner.” And remember the importance of sounds.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lesson on remote viewing. Next time I’d like to look into remote viewing with others. The process is more than simply answering questions posed to you as you project your thoughts outward. There are specific protocols that yield better results than others and improve accuracy without breaking the concentration of the remote viewer.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee

OK, it’s time for me to provide a few course corrections to Jim’s presentation in order to appeal to your particular mind pattern if you got caught up in the symantics.

“Deductive Thinking” might be better described as an intense sensory description of a person, place, or thing. “Deductive Thinking” implies analytic overlay (AOL) which is not allowed in remote viewing or anywhere else objective observation is required.

Deductive thinking, deductive reasoning, and analytic overlay are usually done according to individual systems of logic which does not necessarily apply to that which is being remote viewed. The system of logic being observed may lay outside any individual system of logic.

For example, a remote viewer might see a person at a computer, yet there is data being recorded on the screen. The RV’r might assume that there “must” be a keyboard somewhere that someone is using, but he just can’t see it. In fact, there are virtual keyboard technologies where there is no physical keyboard, therefore we must leave behind preconceived notions associated with what we knew. We have to be willing to record the unknown.

We MUST remain objective in our observations – like a mystery shopper – and recall our intense sensory visions with exquisite detail. The reason remote viewing is not for everyone is that most people are not interested in reporting details.

Recording Details is Important

I still recall from my days with a market research firm wherein recording exquisite details were a necessity. There were several projects where we had to speak with biotech engineers about a certain lab test they were doing. My co-workers did not understand most of what was being discussed because they did not have a science background.

Instead of recording a concept not yet discussed, they chose what seemed “close enough” from a multiple choice list; this is known as judgemental heuristics which is integral to analytic overlay; this type of reporting is NOT objective.

When we apply judgemental heuristics, we apply what we know to a situation rather than what we don’t know. Most people want to feel emotionally secure even in professional situations, so rather than traverse into the unknown, they prefer to apply what they know.

What you’re supposed to do is build your questions and knowledge base upon the answers you get in return like one of those saavy talk show hosts. For example, if your respondent says, “I used the bilirubin assay test on the sample,” and you don’t know what the person is talking about, you should ask in return, “what is the bilirubin assay test?” Then build your questions from there.

Our group had a meeting and someone brought up this new concept they were hearing from lab techs, but not understanding. Fortunately, my science background lent itself to the situation. I explained what I knew about this lab test because I had done a similar test in school. The result was that I saved my group countless hours of corrections while increasing the value of the report from $5000 to $50,000.

For this reason, reporting exact details is worth at least ten times that of a judgemental heuristic. I believe that I am able to report exquisite details because of my ability for intense sensory visualization. Most people don’t remember their dreams. I remember my dreams with exquisite detail – for a reason.

Recording Dreams

I could fill an encyclopedia with my dream journal. In fact, one of the ways to train your intense sensory visualization is to record the exact details of your dreams in a journal: Not only the sights, but the colors, but the smells, the sounds, how you felt emotionally and physically, textures, flavors, etc. This type of recording is akin to the reporting you would do during and after remote viewing. When you get used to recording the details of your dreams, the visions you get during RV because crystal clear as well.

Your Mind’s Eye as a Floating Camera

The mind in the martial arts: A key to winning by Thomas Nardi contains an exercise that could be construed as a type of remote viewing or out of body experience: When you face an opponent, step “out of your body.” In your mind’s eye, you visualize the situation like a camera floating above both of you. You allow this “camera” of your mind’s eye to move around at different angles behind you, behind your opponent, between you and your opponent.

Traditionally, we remote view in the low theta to high delta range. Esoteric martial arts training and the ARVARI Courses teach us to remote view from alpha or even beta rhythms including situations of stress – as in a fight. (Yes, you can learn to remote view like the comic book character, Elektra.)

Then, in your mind’s eye, you visualize the scenario: Vantage points, the weakest points on your opponent, the kinesthetic feelings you get from your opponent’s stance and maneuverability. Then visualize your opponent’s first move with your counter, then his/her counter, then your counter. As your mind’s eye swims around the scenario, you imagine how you take advantage to win over your opponent.

This type of visualization can be applied to love or war. What matters is that you can train yourself to see details all around you while imagining probable scenarios using the objectivity of your mind’s eye. You should always confirm what you see in your mind’s eye rather than let your imagination run away with you.

For example, if you see a chair in your mind’s eye behind your opponent, note the details, then inspect the actual chair (after your encounter) for the accuracy of your remote viewing.

Floating Objects in Your Mind’s Eye

You can apply the same dynamic to objects using your mind’s eye. Rather than rotate the camera of your mind’s eye, you rotate the object. For example, maybe you take vitamins. There’s one vitamin bottle that you always see. You remember the shape, the color, the texture, the type of materials that make up the label and container.

Pick it up in your mind’s eye. Then flip it around. Examine the label, the ingredients, the UPC code. Unscrew the cap in your mind’s eye. Examine the texture of cap cap, then the threads within the cap. Then smell the opening of the bottle. What does it smell like? In your mind’s eye, put one of the tablets or gels in your left hand.

Describe it. What is the shape? The size? The color? The texture? The aroma? What feeling does it give you, in extra sensory perception of your mind’s eye?

This is the essence of reporting exact details during remote viewing – without those details, it’s not much more than a dream that you soon forget. If you are the type of person who enjoys detailing, then you also enjoy the type of work that goes into remote viewing.

There are those of you who might ask, “Am I allowed to do ‘big picture’ types of remote viewing?” Of course you’re allowed; this is Nostrodamus type precognition wherein we get a general idea of a probable future without the exquisite details – it’s like seeing the entire forest, but only knowing the essence of the trees (green, wooden branches, et).

‘Big picture’ type remote viewing also applies to chapters in the Holy Bible, especially Revelation. In fact, look up Revelation Ch. 8 as it applies to our current situation with what used to be the Gulf of Mexico.


As reported by the field studies of Paul Smith, remote viewing can be done regardless of space / time / matter barriers. He had a remote viewing session inside of a submarine with his target thousands of miles away, yet he hit his target.

But there are times when remote viewing and other psychic phenomena don’t work due to natural atmospheric disturbances and, as of late, experiments in high energy plasma technology which form an energy barrier.

A while back, I promised to RV lottery numbers for Way of the MindGate Subscribers. I attempted to RV a place in New Zealand where a random string of characters was being kept. I visualized a desk with blue light of sorts shining on it from an adjacent wall:

desk bathed in blue light

It turned out that the random string was in a computer which was on a desk against a wall with a north faced window where there was a bright blue sky. Some people would say this is a hit. I felt like “something” was out of sorts. As far as I know, this describes the type of location of every computer in New Zealand.

I was supposed to RV the lottery numbers in New Zealand. I was completely off. So I got to wondering, “What are my inclemencies?” Inclemencies happen when we have an emotional or physical disposition that prevents us from accurate remote viewing. We should remember that emotional states can contribute to physical disposition according to principles of psychoneuroimmunology.

I considered the following possibilities that contribute to my physical inclemencies. It’s possible that:

  • I’m still toxic from the mercury fillings I had in my mouth for decades.
  • I’m especially sensitive to chemical / GMO pollutants in tap water and fresh produce.
  • I’m especially sensitive to the electromagnetic infrastructure of modern technology.

Barring any emotional inclemencies since I don’t know my target audience in New Zealand and that I’m detoxing as well as possible given every day pollutants, I decided to look for other possibilities in my remote viewing manuals.

I discovered that the ARVARI Courses lack the structure provided by the American counterparts. Gerald O’Donnell had already stated in one of his interviews that his courses are not structured in contrast to other instructors like Maj. Ed Dames and Lyn Buchanan.

I didn’t know how unstructured the ARVARI Courses are until I actually studied other courses. If you really want to do remote viewing accurately, then you need this Controlled Remote Viewing Manual to provide you with much needed structure – or else you’re only getting hypnotized into altered states of consciousness. We need to be able to get a structured, detailed visualization out of that trance; that’s where the structured lessons comes in handy.

There’s another manual, Remote Viewing by Tim Rifat, that pretty much blows the possibility of remote viewing certain evil doings because of Technology that forms psychic shields:

The Russians were aware that the US was attempting to monitor their progress and had remote-viewing programmes of their own. They therefore devoted time and money to developing electronic devices to block out remote viewing of their own bases. They found that Tesla coils interfered with psychic spying.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a genius who invented many new forms of electrical equipment towards the end of the last century. Tesla developed a new branch of electrical technology using very high voltages running through special coils and transformers. Some of his inventions were so far ahead of their time that they were not fully understood until the Russians began to explore his work in the 1960s. Tesla found that power could be beamed through the air at high voltages, as air’s resistance breaks down. Tesla coils could be used to transmit ELF signals which could cause earthquakes or be used for mind control. It was found that Tesla coils could be used to transmit ELF oscillations that could cause a fault line to spasm and produce an earthquake, these ELF signals could also be tuned to influence peoples’ minds. Tesla also invented what amounted to a death ray, which transmitted plasma at the target using huge coils to heat up the air.

Soviet scientists were taught Tesla technology at university, which may have encouraged a number of them to experiment with the effectiveness of Tesla coils in causing a whirlpool effect that prevented remote viewing.

These anti-remote-viewing devices are now widely deployed in the top-secret bases of not only Russian but US underground military and research facilities. In an off-the-record interview, a retired US Special Forces, CIA trained, psi-warfare expert involved in the remote-viewing programme discussed this anti-remote-viewing technology. He attested to the fact that by the end of the century the US will have totally effective anti-remote-viewing devices in all their top-secret installations, so concerned are they about the effectiveness of remote viewing and remote influencing…

When the gov’t implements a “Psychic” Shield, it’s going to be done big time. A regulation 50,000 volt Tesla Coil costs about US$200. The gov’t will spend $200 million on a system to cover their behinds.

You might ask if a psychic energy riding a scalar wave can penetrate a Tesla Shield. No, but when scalar waves meet, there is interferometry. One type of scalar interferometry was already seen in Norway as a blue “spiral.”

HAARP experiments have already been implicated in colony collapse disorder as part of Project Blue Beam. HAARP is one of the known experimental devices for manipulating the ionosphere. Who knows what sort of bizarre psychic shield technology is hidden because of paranoid secret societies?

In fact, there are psychic shields all over the planet preventing the further evolution of humanity. All the different species on this planet are supposed to be “connected” through morphic resonance, a phenomenon studied by Rupert Sheldrake. But these connections are no longer complete because of the artificial psychic shields.

You might say that’s paranoid talk, but I’ve already had first hand experience of the comical neuroses displayed by CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world. For example, look into the background of the legal proceedings surrounding Applied Materials.

Look at the results of greedy, desperately egotistical ‘big oil’ people who caused the hell hole in the Gulf of Mexico and tell me I’m paranoid. They drilled big time using their big toys, the cutting edge of drilling technology, into a high pressure “artery” they couldn’t contain.

Our greatest limitation, the biggest inclemency we can experience is to deny that which is before our mind’s eye:

‘If a man be bidden to look for anything by another whose will dominates, but perturbs his own and whom he fears to displease, his anxiety to find it will sometimes so confuse him that he will not see the object, though it may be under his very eyes.’

Arthur Edward Waite
The Mysteries of Magic

Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. Please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I seem to be suffering a form of toxemia. I’ve always been hypersensitive, like the honey bees, but I’ll try to get over it ASAP.

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6 thoughts on “Remote Viewing: Tools, Detailing, and Limitations

  1. Actually, I believe there is a little more to it than simply “a person must WANT to have that higher vibration of peace and love to be attracted to it.” They must actually funnel some energy into that desire. A person has to consciously generate the vibrations that they seek. They must actively participate in the energy flow in order to truly experience it. It’s that way with learning just about anything – you must dive in and experience it for yourself. I would rephrase your writings to something like “A person must be peaceful and loving to fully experience these emotions.”

    With regards to “the transverse wave technology we’re using to read this” (which I’m guessing means computers or the internet), the vibrations will either be in harmony or discord (not higher or lower) and stir an emotional (physical) response to the degree that we allow. If someone puts a lot of energy into reading bad news, they will start to resonate with that bad news. If that news conveys fear, anger and hatred, and the person amplifies those emotions, it creates a feedback loop that can become fairly powerful and/or overwhelming.

    The trick is to read the news while consciously choosing to not feed the fear and hatred – rather, seek the truth in the writer’s words. Once the truth is found, it is neither good, nor bad, but what is. As someone gets accustom to ‘what is’ they resonate with the truth. At that point, is there a Catch-22?

    And thanks for the book reference. I would have really liked to see a review posted rather than a simple link to the publisher. Linda O. Hardin-Atkins, are you willing to state why or how your book is relavent?

    Thank you.

  2. Look up Linda’s book by ISBN and you find:

    Thoughts are Things with Sterling Wings By Linda Onita Hardin-Atkins

    “In Thoughts Are Things with Sterling Wings, author Linda Onita Hardin-Atkins enriches us with a diverse and expressive book that shares the wisdom she gained and the strength she developed as she desperately searched for a path that would lead her out of the dark sorrow that engulfed her after her father’s death and into a realm where she could finally appreciate the magnificent splendor that surrounded her on a daily basis. This heroic spiritual journey is filled with fascinating discussions about metaphysics, mysticism, the power of thought, poetry, magical moments, philosophy, beauty, spirituality, faith, philosophy, and religion. How one transforms their torment into love, peace, and inner freedom is a topic that affects all mankind. The author’s victorious evolution from confusion, isolation, and thoughts of suicide into inner strength, love, and the courage to look within is inspirational at its core. Thoughts Are Things with Sterling Wings is a must-read for anyone who is interested in overcoming life’s trials and tribulations and developing a peaceful and loving spirit which is the ultimate reality of all humanity.”

    By the same token, a person must WANT to have that higher vibration of peace and love to be attracted to it. Unfortunately, as Dave says, the transverse wave technology we’re using to read this tends to put us at a lower vibration. Catch-22

    Sometimes, we have to succumb to those lower vibrations, so we can deeply and truely appreciate our lives when we finally climb out of that pit of despair. When we give ourselves to higher vibrations of love and gratitude, Is it a simple matter of first changing our perspective? Maybe, Linda’s book tells us.

  3. Ha. Yes, I did notice a few of the comments that seemed out of focus for the article and that’s ok. We all get to witness life from our own perspective. And, depending on what that angle is, two people might see the same situation differently. Yes, there are events unfolding that represent the consciousness of a greater collection of humans, but it does not have to represent you.
    If you turn off the TV, radio and leave behind the computer for a while so as to ‘clip’ the electronic leash that tethers most of us, you might find that what transpires in front of you, or in your own hands, has a vibration that is full of hope and adventure.
    Let that shine forth.

  4. Hello Dave,

    If you notice, I ranted more than once throughout the post. Perhaps, the recent loss of my only uncle on my father’s side has gotten me down – or the colony colapse disorder – or the Gulf Oil disaster.

    It’s difficult to focus on the positives. It’s easy to understand why there are so many negative people in this world. We have to remember, in terms of polarities, that the negatives may be on the surface, but the positives are still somewhere underneath.

    Too many people are so focused on negative world issues, so many that this planet might be viewed from space as just a “negative” while the rest of the universe is “positive.”

    Maybe it’s time for us to focus on the rest of the universe. That’s what remote viewing is for. Remote influencing is for helping us bring all those universal positives into our lives. I hope everyone who visits here understands this.

  5. Hi Randolph, wasn’t expecting a rant at the end of your post. Everything seemed worthwhile until that point. Lol.

    To help clear the head, it may be worth setting aside the HAARP article about colony collapse disorder and watch this video ( It’s titled “What if The Disappearance of the Bees is Caused By …” It makes a pretty good case that it’s simply big-pharma. It’s posted on YouTube by “beepassionate’s channel”.

    Thanks for the post, and, with a clear head, we should be able to get back to viewing what’s important in life.

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