Psychic Method for Remote Viewers: Psychometry

The one hour video lecture by Edgar Mitchell on The Quantum Hologram and Remote Viewing helps to clarify methods we might use in remote viewing as well as his earlier paper on Nature’s Mind, The Quantum Hologram:


Dr. Mitchell’s findings on the quantum hologram make complete sense – as long as we have studied the works leading to this lecture. Ha! Therein lies a dilemma. How many people are interested in non-locality or phase conjugate adaptive resonance, scientific explanations for psychic phenomena?

Everyone is interested in psychic powers in human achievement. The problem is not many people are interested in how these phenomena are scientifically possible: On one side, there are naysayers, skeptics, and other “black holes” in humanity who say psychic powers are nothing but “woot.” On the other side, there are “believers” in psychic powers who couldn’t care less about any scientific explanation while believing it’s all based on faith.

Stuck in the middle are psychoenergetics experts like Edgar Mitchell, William Tiller, and Rupert Sheldrake who want us to understand how methods of “psychic sensing” can be even more refined once we understand the underlying science.

Given that only 10 to 20 percent of claims of psychic phenomena are true per Dean Radin in his video discussion, Science and the taboo of psi,” this means 10 to 20 percent of what we experience are true psychic phenomena.

What we want to do is raise that figure by relying more on scientific protocols. This would increase the percentage of our psychic human performance. Unfortunately, mainstream academia and mainstream job markets are not interested in esoteric sectors of human performance, BUT this attitude affords an advantage to those who are gifted.

Dr. Mitchell has done us the honor and priveledge of elucidating the underlying concepts of remote viewing and other psychic phenomena using the quantum holographic model discussed at Nature’s Mind, The Quantum Hologram. He decodes non-local “spooky action at a distance” and phase conjugate adaptive resonance (PCAR) for those willing to accept that people, places, and things have intelligent data fields (auras) functioning at the zero point energy level.

We are all part of an intelligent, connected web of information. We emit our energies etherically, astrally, and spiritually throughout universe; it’s our duty to resonate with other parts of the universe to feel real connections of empathy and sympathy.

In essence, everything we sense is due to our phase conjugate data fields interacting with the phase resonance of all other data fields; this creates standing resonant waves similar to the geomagnetic phenomena of standing resonant waves.

Some psychic researchers say achieving the prime Schumann resonance (alpha rhythm) allows us to hypercommunicate or have telepathy with others within the same diurnal frequency range (7.2 – 8.8 CPS). There are even deeper levels of information to gain during remote viewing (theta and delta rhythms) as Dr. Mitchell discussed in the video.


Dr. Mitchell covers psychometry slightly at Nature’s Mind, The Quantum Hologram under Non-Locality, Near and Far. Psychometry allows us to have a deeper understanding of a target through a “witness.” Let me show you how Dr. Mitchell’s findings corroborate the findings of others concerning psychometry:

“Marcer has presented the case for the pcar requirement in normal sensory perception (visual and acoustic). A frequent modality used by psychic sensitive individuals to gain information is to physically touch an object. Touching an object (psychometry) satisfies the pcar requirement and presumably allows the percipient access to information about the object not available from space/time information…”

A “witness” is basically a homeopathic sample of the target, wherein, for example, bioinformation is transferred from a person to an object like a watch or reading glasses through regular contact.

The psychometric form of remote viewing / remote influencing has been around for ages in different cultures, but it is also a “mainstream” method of psychic detective work because it is so reliable.

The “witness” method is reliable because they contain virtual holographic “imprints” of the target. Therefore, “witnesses” are used in psychotronic devices such as the DeLa Warr device discussed by Dr. Mitchell; it is also used in radionic devices such as Drown Vision and the Drown Homo-Vibra Ray invented by Dr. Ruth Brown. These devices were used in examining and healing patients exactly because a “witness” such as a blood sample contains such potent bioinformation from a target, but remote viewers have other ways to work with bioinformation.

The following is an excerpt from The imprinting and transmission of mentally-directed bioinformation by Lian Sidorov:

Taking the analogy further, one could start to look at psychometric data (Jaegers, 1999; McMoneagle p113) in terms of quantum-holographic substructure (QHS) strains imposed by various actions and environments on the object being studied, and which could easily by identified by an operator who is fluent in the “sub-sensory” signatures carried by common acts. This could also provide an initial corroboration of the “relaxation” conjecture, by testing the relative sensitivity of a series of operators to actions performed over increasingly distant time intervals. Although it’s possible that such strains vanish asymptotically (i.e. are never entirely lost, in effect providing a complete history of the object), it’s also interesting to note that sometimes a “wrong reading” can be transmitted from one RV operator to the next (or to an entire group!) (5), suggesting that the “freshest” mental interactions leave the most pronounced imprints…

We can always depend on the first visions or mental impression we get from psychometry. “Sub-sensory” signatures refers to the way we deal with information according to our mind patterns. Most of us are visual thinkers, so the “sub-sensory” signature is visual; this doesn’t necessarily mean a visual thinker gets complete pictures during RV. Visual thinkers receive “outlines” and coelescing images that refer to a target.

Col. Tom Bearden refers to the function of auras as “hyperspatial/virtual crosstalk.” His article on PSYCHOMETRIC EFFECT corroborates the data from other researchers while providing further clues on refining our psychometric methods:

A psychically sensitive person who touches the chosen object, or in some cases merely comes near it, enters into a communications exchange with it. His body-records diffuse into the local object, and those of the local object diffuse into his body. If the psychic is sensitive enough, he can gain impressions from the recorded events of the object. This is the scientific basis of psychometry.

A wide variety of data support this mechanism. Psychometry has been practiced since earliest times, and is still practiced today. A photograph is particularly indicative of the person photographed, since his entire record is imprinted psychometrically on the photograph…

In order for this “diffusion” to take place between witness and remote viewer, we have to resonate with it; this means we have to learn how to “tune” into a target through a witness. When we do this, we fulfill the PCAR requirements of the non-local target, but in the extrasensory range of the remote viewer.

Recall how Col. Bearden mentioned deBroglie waves as carriers and how Dr. Mitchell mentioned the works of Penrose and Hameroff in microtubules. DeBroglie waves are superluminal carriers of biophotonic information. Superluminal means they are “faster than light;” that is, they take hyperspace shortcuts when delivering / receiving information between people.

We emit DeBroglie waves prominently during altered states of consciousness relevant to a psychic experience. During these altered states, cooper pairs are formed within the microtubules, thus emitting DeBroglie waves carrying biophotons. The microtubules superconduct and form tiny “worm holes” connected to hyperspace, thus bridging the space / time continuum. (Discussion at Collective DNA Consciousness.)

All of the psychic tools that I have made available at this site including OceanScape GhostShip, Altered States is geared towards putting you in that altered state of consciousness relevant to a psychic experience. The real key to hypercommunication is resonating with your target, thereby, tuning into your “witness.”

Tuning into a “Witness”

The subject of “tuning” into people, places, and things is covered extensively in Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan; this ebook is a gift to you when you subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. In essence, you feel yourself as the object; this is akin to radiesthesia, radionic tuning or “dowsing.” Here is an exerpt from the chapter, “The Art of Tuning in:”

Let us begin with a simple exercise. Take a crystal, for instance, and another piece of rock found anywhere in the countryside. If you do not have a crystal, just take two stones of different colours and textures. You also need a flower or a bunch of leaves. Sit in a comfortable position and place the objects in front of you. Make sure your back is straight. Start gazing at the crystal, or one of the stones.

Implement the triple process of vision:

  • Become aware between the eyebrows. Remain very motionless. Blink as little as possible.
  • Instead of looking at any of the details of the image in front of you, become aware of the fact of seeing – what we have called ‘seeingness.’ If this is not possible, simply try to feel the image in front of you instead of looking at it.
  • Feel the object from your heart. Receive the object in your heart, through the eye.
  • Remain with the first object for 2 or 3 minutes. Then apply the same process to the second stone, for two minutes or more. Proceed in the same way with the third object.

It will become clear that you get quite different feelings from each of the stones, and from the leaves and flowers. Of course these objects have different qualities of vibration. But you also become different when you open to one or the other. Each object makes you vibrate at a distinct frequency. The more sensitive you become, the clearer the inner contrast when tuning into objects or people.

‘Tuning in’ is the capacity to resonate in harmony with an object, an animal, a person. ‘Tuning in’ bypasses the ordinary mental consciousness. It is a direct mode of knowledge and experience which differs from the ordinary mind in many ways…

The method is difficult without practice. When you get the hang of it, “tuning” becomes second nature; it’s provided as part of the guided meditation within the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course, wherein Gerald O’Donnell has us RV primarily on living things including healings, a form of remote influencing.

Strangely enough, like Edgar Mitchell, Gerald O’Donnell never mentions the word “psychometry” in his guided meditation – not that I recall, but they do advocate the use of “witnesses.”

A type of “witness” that is used extensively even in mainstream detective work is a photograph of the target. Col. Bearden discusses this type of witness in greater detail in other articles like Bioenergy Collectors. If I’m not mistaken, he discusses how bioenergetic information or biophotons can be transferred between subjects through an optically resonant medium like quartz glass. Using this method, any manner of health or disease can be tranferred between subjects.

The same can be done by a photograph that records the full spectrum of a target through an optically resonant medium. Such a witness can be easily used for radionic / psychotronic purposes.

Practice makes Perfect

Just like any talent like music or martial arts, our psychic senses constantly need to be trained and put to the test in order to perfect them. You have to treat yourself like an olympic athlete who keeps pushing for higher levels of performance. I’m glad Dr. Mitchell agrees with taking small steps or “baby steps” as Gerald O’Donnell puts it when training our psychic senses.

To that end, I want to share a online tool with you that I have been using for a while. They are free psychic tests provided by the Boundary Institute. These convenient tests help hone our talents in remote viewing pictures, location, lottery and more. The Guided Meditation RV Training itself can be gained through ARVARI or others like the Farsight Institute which teaches Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV).

Thanks for your Time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. I know that I mentioned in a previous article that it’s impossible to RV the gov’t because they’re using Tesla Coils in phase conjugate resonance. Remember: These gov’t officials have family and friends who don’t have to big, bad Tesla Coils protecting them…

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