How to Remote Influence using the Power of God, part 1 of 3

This post is an addendum to “Way of the MindGate, encounters of the 1st kind” from Mind Patterns: Abundance vs. Poverty. I’m also responding to another earlier post I made on how remote influencing is negated by Tesla Technology.

This is correct to a certain point. We must also consider the spiritual channels that bypass all barriers including Tesla Technology; although this technology can affect subspace, it cannot serve as a barrier in the astral plane or hyperspace as long as it operates in physical reality.

Our link to spiritual reality is our souls, the subspace part of ourselves. Within each of us is the equal potential for good or evil since we are physical beings. We make that conscious choice every day. Sometimes, people choose to be evil, so good Christians must intervene.

Consider the unresolved mystery of Hitler’s fanatical deputy, Rudolph Hess, and his strange, some say, insane flight to England on the night of May 10, 1941 bearing a peace offer. Look up Dion Fortune’s “Society of Inner Light.” The subject is further covered at Holy Life, HealingMindN.

What other proof is there of “spiritual” powers?

Faith in a supreme being to perform miracles stems from two sources: Culture and personal experience. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Double blind experiments have proven that the power of prayer can produce viable, measurable results. Here is an example from Collective DNA Consciousness:

The Power of Prayer?

Grow mold in two identical petri dishes 1 and 2 and pray for dish-1. Don’t pray for dish-2. The mold in dish-1 will grow bigger [1998]. (The National Institute of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine) [btw: In a similar experiment in 1986 at UCSF, 24 heart patients were randomly assigned to two groups of 12 and the group receiving prayers did better.]

Faith Heals

Reproducible scientific experiments carried out by Harold Koenig of Duke University show that people who have a religion, any religion, are healthier, are more disease resistant, and live longer than those who don’t. (See also the book by Dale Matthews, 1998)

Superstition proved to improve performance

..The results of all four experiments showed the superstition did improve performance. In the golf task those with the “lucky ball” performed significantly better than the control, and those doing the motor dexterity test were faster and better if the researcher wished them luck.

The third and fourth experiments showed the improvements were brought about by changes in “perceived self-efficacy,” with those keeping their lucky charms reporting they felt confident and competent to carry out the task. The fourth experiment also indicated performance was improved because the superstitious belief led them to try harder and be more persistent, because those who kept their lucky charms set higher goals for themselves and kept working longer on the puzzle… (Physorg)


Dion Fortune’s “Society of Inner Light” did a form of remote influencing, but it was what born again Christians call an “intercession.” Instead of direct telepathic communication that only crosses space/time barriers, an intercession completely bypasses any type of space/time/energy barriers by opening a spiritual channel between a target and spiritual reality.

There is no barrier to block God because God is all there is. From infinite space to the tiniest particle, the spiritual channel is always there. Save for druggings and mind control torture from birth, a person can always be swayed towards goodness using those spiritual channels.

Of course, it helps to have a group mind like the Society of Inner Light to pray on the same person. Through intuition, perhaps, we could even call it remote viewing, the “Society” knew who would be the best target for their prayers.

The “hitch pin” in helping the break down in the Nazi movement was the repentence of Rudolph Hess. Some people say this is only superstitious nonsense, that it didn’t happen this way. Look up Rudolph Hess for yourself.


I consider myself some what superstitious, but in the sense of being intuitive. I don’t adhere to “goodluck” objects like rabbit’s feet or avoid walking under ladders. I DO study esoteric methods of human performance and practice certain types of meditation that might be called “supertitious” in common circles. In esoteric circles, it would be called “intuition.”

My superstition is my faith in Jehovah and Jesus Christ through culture and personal experience. My intuition brought me here. An atheist can call me superstitious all he wants. According to scientific studies, I’m better off than the atheist. I hope you are too, so here we go.

What is the biggest miracle we need RIGHT NOW?

You are among the select few who have chosen to find a way to make a difference in these troubled times. Rather than feel helpless and hopeless as mainstream media would have us feel against impending doom, we can actually open spiritual channels to help create those necessary “miracles.”

One of the ways you are empowering yourself you’re being here now following this guide and sharing it with your friends. The bigger the group mind in solving problems, the more powerful we are as a single mind.

Right now, the biggest problem is the disaster that’s happening in what used to be the Gulf of Mexico. God didn’t cause that, evil, greedy people did. According to expert testimony from geologists and other scientists, there is no technology on earth to cap that flow of oil because in the process of drilling more than four miles beneath the ocean floor, the mantle has been cracked; it’s only going to get worse before it seals itself.

This is why there is a media blackout in the Gulf: If the American Republic found out what was really going on, there would be wide spread panic and utter chaos. There would be a melt down in society resulting in a possible civil war.

The U.S. Gov’t can’t afford an uprising of its citizens. Why? Because it’s no longer a true democracy. The American Republic is allowed to vote on trivial, local matters, but the truly important issues that affect our health and well being are decided by heads of state who serve special interests.

The U.S. Gov’t prefers that we simply sit and wait for the disaster to happen, pretty much the way people waited for Mount Visuvius in 79 AD, only this is going to be worse – unless we work towards that necessary miracle.

To give you an idea of the actual situation, please see the article at Rense: Oil Volcano Pressure Too
Strong For Containment
by Dr. James P. Wickstrom.

Here is a radio interview with a geologist: “Oh My God, BP Oil Spill, Apocalypse Getting Worse, NWO Mafia Oil, Spill Conspiracy Thickens Possible Tsunami:”

When that “bubble” in the ocean floor finally breaks, WE will have the combined forces of an erupting Mount Visuvius and a tsunami equal or stronger than the magnitude of the 2004 tsunami in Phuket, Thailand shooting forty foot high waves of polluted seawater hundreds of miles inland with the force of a cannon shot.

Those waves will leave thousands of miles of devastation of life and poisoning of landscapes and fresh water resevoirs (with crude oil and BP’s Corexit) in their wake. I didn’t even touch on the emissions from that potential underwater volcano.

According to the following article, USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil, thousands of troops are being mobilized around the Gulf by the U.S. Gov’t. If/when that bubble breaks, all of those troops will also be wiped out. We need those military forces to keep the peace and help anyone in distress. What will happen if those military forces get wiped out? Chaos.

If you’re angry or upset enough now due to the reality of the situation, then good. It’s time to sublimate that anger into real passion to pray for that miracle. Nearly 4000 oil rigs are in the Gulf; they are all tapping the same oil reserve, sucking different “teats” from the same high pressure “sow,” therefore, a “relief” well will not work. It will only make matters worse. Here is a video interview of a 35 year veteran in the oil business explaining why:

Do we actually want to detonate a nuclear device Gulf with so much crude and toxic chemical in the waters? The entire effect would be unknown, but, at least, it would plug that spout; it would still be the lesser of two evils, the other allowing all of the world’s oceans get poisoned and all life destroyed. Hopefully, the nuke will not blast away the other oil rigs, thus causing more leaks.

The flow must be stopped altogether with a “plug” of some kind. Right now, the nuke is the most viable solution, but WH officials are stonewalling, standing in the way of all prominent experts on this issue. The miracle, in this case, would be to convince WH officials to do the right thing.

If you notice, not only is there a media blackout in the Gulf, no expert on this matter is being allowed to provide public testimony to the fed on what must be done. Scientists with no affiliation to BP like geologists, vulcanologists, minerologists and similar are being stonewalled.

For example, according to ISIS Research that was done for the oil companies. Natural plugs formed against crude oil flow (to jam pipes) are made of asphaltenes, a complex combination of clay, crude, and other complex materials. “Tar balls” that have washed upon beaches are made of this material. A proper “top kill” formula using the ISIS Research might have actually sealed the leak. Once again, hard headed people got in the way, thus causing more destruction and loss of life.

If you want to focus on this “miracle” plug, it would have to be miles wide and miles deep since the earth’s mantle has been cracked; it would be a “miracle” for this natural bandage to suddenly form. The effect would have to be as sudden as a nuclear explosion fusing all the rock together against that leak. Once again, the most viable solution is a nuke, only hard headed people are standing in the way.

Technologically, neutron beams such as the ones stationed in satellites as part of Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) might help nature form that “bandage” by aiming the beams directly within and around the eruption. Unfortunately, WH officials are stonewalling all offers of help and solutions from scientists and countries who are not affiliated with BP. Have you figured out who the hard headed people are yet?

The other miracle to seal the hole without too much damage would be a huge meteorite shower in the Gulf; this would be the most miraculous solution. Aliphatic hydrocarbons are also found in meteorites.

If enough meteorites are directed into the eruption, the combination of heat and chemical reaction would help them form a bandage. Thousands of tons of meteorites falling in exactly the right place along with the formation of an asphaltene bandage would indeed be a miracle.

Once again, the most viable solution is still a nuke. The most viable targets for remote influencing are the hard headed people who have yet to use it. Fortunately, the U.S. Navy has sealed off the Gulf and instated martial law. The Navy has nukes. It’s a matter of giving them the right “push” to take over the operation from BP and seal that hole.

to be continued…

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