How to Remote Influence using the Power of God, part 2 of 3

Then how do we perform this miracle?

One way is that we all gather at the same time in our specific times zones to pray for this miracle. In theory, this is an ideal method, but difficult because we all live in different time zones with different schedules to meet.

The other way is to pray using emotional freedom techniques (EFT), a modality of energy psychology. Helps us to resonate ideas into spiritual reality because we are resonating with that subspace part of ourselves, the soul.

Although Gary Craig has retired from professionally practicing his brand of energy psychology, EFT still lives on as a viable healing modality with many people including myself. If you’re not quite familiar with EFT, please have a look at EFT vs. Ancient Keys.

EFT also helps us resonate with a target. Practitioners call this “surrogate” EFT. There are many examples of surrogate EFT at Please visit this site and do a search of “surrogate EFT.” These examples give us an idea on how EFT works on healing a target. In more esoteric circles, this is also known as remote influencing.

When treating ourselves, EFT treats the spirit and the body by releasing the negative “steam” from the emotional high pressure valve within the limbic system known as the amygdala while tapping upon the higher gauge symmetry (subspace) of which the energy meridian system of Chinese Medical Theory is an integral part. Our emotions originate from their respective organs according to Chinese Medical Theory.

EFT is a shotgun method wherein we gauge our negative feelings on a 1 to 10 scale, tap in and around “defined” acupuncture areas, and speak our minds as we inject the idea of loving and accepting ourselves no matter what. Here is a video demonstration of how to practice EFT by a registered nurse with a very practical approach:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Aila, RN

Aila didn’t mention the breathing method in combination with EFT, so here’s a breathing method that will help cleanse your spirit in helping you reach the necessary state consciousness: Cleansing the Soul – Cleansing Breaths.

It’s necessary for you to be as clear of negative feelings as possible before you remotely influence someone else, or else you may wish for bad things to happen. You know the old saying: “As Ye Sow, so shall Ye Reap.”

You will be tapping in the same places as Aila in the following sections using holy scripture and a script from one of Yehuda Berg’s books, The 72 Names of God Meditation Book: Technology for the Soul. If you don’t have a high speed connection to see the video, then please download the EFT Manual by Gary Craig on the correct EFT procedure.

As for myself, I’ve always found it a bit empty to simply free associate any words to go with my feelings because we ARE affecting the soul by way of higher gauge symmetry in EFT. I am Christian, therefore, it’s in my nature to turn to the Word of God.

When you choose a prayer, try to make sure the scripture has great significance to you in that it represents your feelings at the moment. For example, Psalms 23 has great significance to us when we face dire straights; it gives us strength by reminding us what God does for us because we will always be in the House of the Lord.

You can also adlib this prayer to make it even more personal for you. The Psalms 23 interpretations by Stewart Swerdlow give us an idea on how to do that. For example:

“..He Restoreth My Soul. He Leadeth Me in the Paths of Righteousness, for His Names’ Sake.”

“Even though I do not feel good about myself at the moment, I realize that the Mind of God energizes my Spirit and corrects my thinking, therefore, I completely love and accept myself because I accept the Mind of God…”

Once you have discovered how EFT works on you, you will know how EFT will work on your target.

Assume the Identity of Your Target for Remote Influencing

After we cleanse ourselves using the necessary breathing exercise and EFT, we assume the identity of our target. I recommend the (Jose) Silva Assumption Method: Here we imagine ourselves slowly stepping into the skin of our target. We actually imagine ourselves wearing our target like a “skin suit.” EFT makes identity assumption faster and easier.

As you tap around the target areas, you would tell yourself that you are putting on (target’s) arm, tell yourself what it feels like. Then put on your target’s leg, tell yourself what it feels like, etcetera, then save the head for last, ergo:

“I am putting on (target’s) leg; it feels heavy, hairy, sweaty, it doesn’t get enough sunshine, etc”
“I am putting on (target’s) arm; it feels like there’s a scratch or a scar on the hairy forearm. The hands look very smooth, etc…”

As you’re tapping, imagine feeling what your target’s limbs and torso feel like as you (mentally) put them on. Save the head for last and actually go through the motions of putting on the head (like one of those big animal costumes), then tap the key points around the head as you might say:

“I have put on (target’s) head; it feels light as if (target) is on some kind of drug. I feel strangely light headed. I feel like (target). I am (target)…”

Then you can proceed with the above passage from Psalm 23 as the assumed identity of your target. Therefore, your target must also feel energized and corrected by the Mind of God.

Remember to give thanks as if your target is giving thanks to the Lord. No matter how evil your target might be, imagine the fear he/she might have for having committed so many sins in the Mind of God, therefore, he/she must seek repentence.

From personal experience, I can say that evil people are quick to shift the blame of wrong doings to others exactly because they know how wrong and sinful they are (e.g. Gulf Eco-disaster). Evil adults are not much more than vengeful children who need to mature. Using surrogate EFT, you can force this issue.

Gary Craig had published a number of stories on “surrogate” EFT which have since been passed to

(to be continued…)

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