“The End of the Beginning of the End” on the Gulf Disaster

Gerald O’Donnell has provided us with a few thoughts concerning the Gulf oil spill at “Beginning of the end or the End of Our Beginning?” Gerald is the designer of the ARVARI Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Courses:

Hello Dear friend,

I wish I could just send you beautiful cotton-candy fluffed news. Sometimes, reality calls for a check and opening to Higher awareness outside of one’s bubble of reality.

Please forgive me, if I do not immediately put a smile on your face. However, what should soon happen, if we all react properly, will be pure bliss to all of us.

We, at the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality have done much Remote Viewing work recently about the current world events and our most probable future by getting information from the level of One beyond the Delta level.

Because of the seriousness with which we view the potential proximate end of this Creational experiment, we would like to share the following article.


Our work indicates that our horizon looks very much filled with very dark clouds.

Darkness, as unconsciousness, is leaking everywhere.

I beg you to spread this link and message far and fast, to as many individuals and postings, as you possibly can. I do need your help in posting this all around.

This is not only about me or only about you; it is about all of us, and our common survival as a family.

Thank you.

Much Love

Gerald O’Donnell

President and Founder
Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality


I would swear this guy is either talking from deep in the past, deep in the future, or somewhere beyond in another dimension at times when he says he volunteered to anchor some very High energies inside of the Earth Mother’s “navel” energy portal which keeps Her connecting directly to the Highest levels of the One…’

I have been listening to the ARVARI Courses for several months now, but I don’t know what he means – not in a conscious waking state.

This is how Gerald talks in his guided meditation courses. I’m sure it makes sense for a person in an altered state of consciousness – and the purpose of the ARVARI Courses is to induce that altered state of consciousness necessary to remote viewing and remote influencing. (Genevieve Behrend also communicated from an altered state of consciousness as she discussed the Law of Attraction.)

“What good is it if someone is communicating from an altered state of consciousness to people in a waking state?” You might ask. Good question. I am reminded of holy scripture where the people who wrote it also communicated from a higher level of consciousness or level of thought.

I came to understand what he wrote at the rest of “Beginning of the end or the End of Our Beginning?” I am reminded of the previous post of holy scriptures on the Gulf, Mark 13 and Matthew 24. Gerald further elaborates on these chapters with his take on what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico; he is reflecting holy scripture, also in certain and uncertain terms.

Remember as I quoted Jesus: “..There shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down…” Gerald elaborates on this same point while giving us hope against this misguided attempt at another human holocaust:

Whatever plans some humans have assiduously prepared and plotted at lengths in order to seize control over other groupings or nations, often with the help of misguided spiritual forces, are starting to and will evermore be proven to be totally worthless and come to naught.

Their power is not even equivalent to a grain of sand at the bottom of a gigantic ocean when compared to the potentially infinite Force the One can muster with Its Will…

Get prepared, and do an internal and external cleansing. Focus all your attention on this.

Learn to travel light, and to only travel in LIGHT.

Let go of the programs and systems of operations bent on dark restricted awareness. It only burdens you…

As for what Gerald says what must be done for us to save ourselves, it’s not so easy to understand – not from a regular waking state. Even when he says “light/life energy,” most people have trouble understanding this. However, most people are not educated in abstract concepts.

Most people are educated by mainstream media which is focused on hiding symptoms in much the same way BP uses Corexit to hide the filth and loss of life underneath the surface of the water.

Most people are drugged into stupors and educated in trivial pursuit. Gerald wants us to get out of the stuport, out of the trivial pursuit, out of the “darkness,” and into being life positive individuals who can feel real love. Love is an abstract concept which reveals truth. Love is also the basis of life-positive belief systems.

This kind of person can also feel real pain and agony which is what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico, which is what is happening when dark age technologies further despoil life on this planet. How many people feel pain and agony for what’s happening in the Gulf?

The way kids are being educated now is they are being taught that the road to success has nothing to do with empathy or sympathy. “Some Humans” running BP/WH have planned this disaster in the Gulf for many reasons; for this reason, they will not stop it. They choose to perpetuate it. And they enjoy the fact that kids are being raised to have neither empathy nor sympathy for the loss of life.

They’re power also lies with US as long as we choose to remain powerless. The blatent switch from democracy to oligarchy has been made as BP has taken over the Gulf.

We have a choice. Gerald guides us in remote influencing in the ARVARI Courses. This is what needs to be done by people with beliefs based in love. Gerald’s guided meditation helps us do that.

I admit that these courses are difficult to comprehend – in the waking state. But I believe that my latest work in How to Remote Influence using the Power of God is a result of the remote influencing course so far. Up to CD #10, an altered state of consciousness/awareness is induced, so it’s difficult to put into words that people can understand without sounding like Gerald.

As of late, I have tried to listen to CD #11 of the ARVARI RI Course in the waking state because the description promises to teach us how to remote influence from beta rhythms, the waking state. The thing is, Gerald still puts me into an altered state of consciousness on CD 11, so it’s going to be difficult to report (in the waking state), BUT I will get to it.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. Please keep track of the latest underground news concerning the Gulf Oil Disaster at Bioenergetic Science Circle.

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