How to Remote Influence using the Power of God, part 3 of 3

Choosing the correct Target for Remote Influencing

At times, the best target is not in the public eye. We must let our intuition guide us. Our intuition should be based on a strong foundation of beliefs in love and healing. We set aside our beliefs based in fear while curbing the earthly boundaries of our ego and physical sensations; this is done with the cleansing exercises from the previous post.

Cleansing exercises are also part of the guided meditation from the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI).

Sometimes it takes a great deal of research, other times the target comes to us in a “flash.” Depending on the situation, we may need both research and intuition to find the correct target.

Preferably, listen to your intuition; this is a remote viewing exercise which may require your further discipline using guided meditation. As Gerald O’Donnell of ARVARI has mentioned, “You can remote influence the same target as remote viewing.”

Group remote viewing is the most accurate practice for “triangulating” correct targets. Controlled, coordinate, and scientific remote viewing are especially geared towards group RV, but can still be accomplished on an individual basis.

As individuals, we latch on to “people who know people.” To remote influence the correct people deep within the bowels of a multi-national organization, for example, it means we first remote view the correct people to ascertain who is lurking in the shadows, the same people who are truly in power.

We can do this by first remote viewing the public figures in their secret conversations as we funnel our way down through the shadows.

Addendum to Assumption of Evil People (Analysis)

RI Disc 11 from the ARVARI Remote Influencing course provides key concepts in assuming the identity of a target: We have to become that person who we want to remote influence.

(ARVARI methods of remote influencing involve manipulating the connection between our subspace “energy bodies;” You may refer to this as the “soul.” Our souls are all part of the One Mind of God: The Key to Remote Influencing uses the Power of God.)

What does this mean? You might ask. In essence, we must assume the entire physiognomy of target: The posture, the gate, the gestures, the vocal inflections and intonations (look up “chakra chords” and how to calculate a person’s main chakra through his name at Visual Ray Psionics.), and the mind patterns wherein we speak as a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic thinker.

During assumption, we feel, hear, see, smell, taste what the target accesses through all the senses. Most important, we must FEEL emotionally what the target feels. Assuming the identity of an evil person may seem distasteful; it IS distasteful. For you and I, evil people do distasteful things. For them, they derive certain pleasures from their evil. Remember this.

In order to tune into an evil target, we have to remember our distasteful feelings. We must also share the perspective of evil people on Self indulgence: In the mind of an evil person, his self indulgences as he applies them to business and commerce are labeled as “progress.” In his personal life, he labels them as “rewards.”

Their general philosophy is, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs…” Even when their actions involve meglomaniacal destruction and devastation on a grand scale, they seek ways to justify it.

Remember that you’re here because you decided to be a good person who wants to defeat evil. As I have quoted from my Judaic Studies in other posts, we, as physical beings have equal potential for good and evil. Our purpose here in physical reality is to defeat evil, first, through understanding it.

The Essence of Evil

There are people in this world who have completely succumbed to their evil. Unfortunately, evil people in positions of power have access to psychologists, NLP experts, and other seductive mind control methods to help them sway the masses to their way of thinking: To be arrogant, disrespectful, dishonest, irresponsible, self indulgent, and most of all, greedy – with tendencies to violence and beliefs based in fear.

They have also seduced corruptible government officials (which is most of them) with all manner of gifts and/or threats which is why human society is in so much trouble right now.

To help you understand the thought patterns of truly evil people, please listen to this Louisiana resident who was allowed into secret BP meetings (because they believed she would be an ally):

louisiana resident speaks about BP Video

“Ponys and Balloons”

The most obvious characteristic of truly evil people is their fascade. They put up a show to make themselves look good and heroic. Away from the public eye, they let their guards down.

In the case of BP, when heads of state visit for a few minutes every so often, they put on a show. For this same reason, BP wants no media cameras in the Gulf. Cameras capture the truth when they’re around long enough. (This makes me wonder what the cameras captured with that Australian News Crew.)

They know they’re doing wrong – in a way. They know they’re being evil, that their actions speak louder than their words – in a way. They bring out the “ponys and balloons” to satiate the other “kids” and send them away with gifts, so they can maintain control over whatever horrendous situation they have created.

Have you ever done this? Look busy for the boss, then when he’s gone, go back to something else like surfing for a new job on the web or talking to friends on the phone? If you did, then you were being self indulgent and irresponsible; this is evil. Of course, it’s not on the scale of evil as BP/WH.

Go back to a moment when you were being self indulgent and irresponsible, perhaps when you were younger. Evil people are like children in they have chosen not to mature, so they are not exactly conscious of their self indulgent, irresponsible behavior: They exist within a child’s consciousness, within adult bodies.

When others point out their immature behavior, they lash out because someone dared to “wake them” from their evil stupor: They make up irrational arguements, point fingers at their accusers, project, misdirect, and completely deny the results of their own evil.

In fact, most children are more mature than evil people. (One of the reasons evil people are attracted to children is they still have their innocence – something else they desparately crave.)

The difference between YOU and an evil person is you made the conscious decision to be a good, mature person.

Fortunately, you were raised on a code of “morals and ethics” to be a good person. Unfortunately, evil people teach their kids that there is no room for sympathy or empathy on the road to success (even if it is paved with death and destruction).

Remember, we must also defeat a system of “morals and ethics” built on generations of lies and fear. When we tune into evil people we must invoke the Word of God to “wake” them up. Because they also have souls, albeit tormented, they can still be influenced by the Power of God. Soon, you will understand why evil people, specifically indicated in Psalms 73, are completely terrified of God’s Judgement.

For brief moments when we put on a fascade to protect our irresponsible, self indulgent, greedy behavior, we understand their terror. We tune into evil people by returning to those brief moments.

Remember, we also put up the “ponys and balloons” for those brief moments to guard how wrong we were. By the same token, although evil people are raised on a different code, they still know they’re being sinful, therefore they put up “ponys and balloons” when necessary.

Beneath the fascade, key characteristics of evil people include:

  • Arrogance (with the belief they are absolutely above others and laws pertaining to “lesser people”)
  • Disrespect (of the intelligence of others and life in general – they practice the Hitlerian Method of repeating lies loud and long enough until the people around them finally believe them.)
  • Irresponsibility (preferring to put up a front for their wrong doings or point the finger of blame at others including their own accusers – the accusations of evil people upon others can come completely out of “left field” for the sole purpose of taking the “heat” off them.)
  • Self Indulgence (I will not go into this deeply, but evil people are generally drug addicts, sexual perverts, and homicidal maniacs)
  • Greed (love of money and power over people)

You may ask, “How can I possibly tune into such despicable and disgusting traits?” Good question. When you remote influence a person, you don’t have to go through the motions. The sin remains in your mind for a brief moment as you remote influence.

Have you ever just thought bad things? Maybe you thought that a certain SUV driver is a dangerous idiot, so you would like to throw a flaming pile of dog crap in their laps? That’s a despicable thought right there. Isn’t it? Wasn’t that easy?

By the same token, you think horrid thoughts for just a moment as you tune in your target before you pull them out of their drunken stupor; it’s just like fishing: “Give them some line, reel them in, relax again, then keep reeling them in…”

Self Control

Of course, we don’t go through with thought crimes, but an evil person does. Evil people are vengeful. As they have proven, they completely disrespect life on a grand scale. They also treat anyone who doesn’t share their values as idiots; this is why they talk down to others as if they’re idiots and put on “ponys and balloons” as if they’re putting on a show for idiots. (BTW: No 3rd party scientific experts have ever been allowed to observe BP activities in the Gulf.)

Evil people prefer to despoil, destroy, and devastate anyone and anything they can’t control – which includes nature. They have a wholesale disrespect of God’s Creation. They lack any true self control and self respect, so they completely disrespect all of creation.

But one way or another, they want to “play god.” They endeavor to prove to themselves everyday that there is no supreme being to judge them (or save humanity) by destroying God’s Creation. Remember, these are not much more than children in adult bodies with executive powers.

This means we must tune into this immaturity, this lack of self control as well when “becoming” that evil person. We simply focus and amplify that essence of evil in order to tune in the evil. Even if you have never experienced it for yourself, at the time of this writing, you are no doubt feeling the effects of evil; this is why you want to stop it.

Focus on the cause of the evil effects – then become it. When you become your target, your target also becomes you. During remote influencing this gives your target the ability to break away from the evil stupor by becoming a good, mature person.

“But what if the evil doer only chooses to be evil?” Good question. The answer is in the upcoming post: The Key to Defeating Evil (in Psalms 73).

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