Concentration, Creative Focus, Mental Speed & Acuity from Beta Rhythm Music


How I wish I really and truly had all the tools I needed when I was younger. Of course, I was in the same boat. All the kids had some kind of trouble with concentrating on their work. We were all raging hormones and giddy energy, so we weren’t interested in reading, writing, ‘rithmetic or any other “r’s,” like homewoRk.

What if you had a tool that not only helps you focus, but keeps you awake when you have to burn the midnite oil studying? Would your work get done so much faster? Imagine being able to focus, so you get your work done faster, then you don’t have to lose any sleep. What if this tool is not a neuroleptic drug like ritalin or caffeine, so you don’t suffer any (negative) side effects?

What if this tool isn’t a drug at all, but something you listen to as it plays passively in the background while you go on with focussing on your work and getting it done? Would you be interested? Would your kids be interested? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this tool works for everyone?

Creative Focus

Let’s say you have that tool that helps you study. What if you need to produce something creative, but you, like anyone else, can suffer from mental blocks that “plug up” the creative process. I’ve had to write many essays into the early morning because I always had creative blocks. For this reason, english class may have been the most hated by myself and everyone else. Speech was a close second.

What if we had the same kind of tool that helps us achieve creative focus, so we get our work done faster, get much needed rest, while we save that midnite oil for romantic occassions? Would you prefer such a tool? Personally, I believe I would have done even better in science if I was better at following my intuition – like Bohr, Einstein, and Tesla. But who is teaching kids how to use their intuition? Noone – not in the mainstream.

What if the same tool that helps us with creative focus also helps us with intuition? Any artist, writer, or corporate mogul who brainstorms on a regular basis would love that intuition because it helps them do their jobs better. More importantly, the most creative solutions in the world come to fruition when people use this tool.*

*On a side note, this same tool helped me to create it as I produced it; it’s as if it “wrote itself.”

Mental Speed and Acuity

On top of the above tools, what if you had one more that speeds up your brain and encourages growth? “Well, hey,” you might say, “that’s a trifecta.” Imagine opening up all those new neural pathways for the concentration and creative focus you wish you always wanted.

Of course, we should always take an active role when increasing our mental speed and acuity, like when learning music, for example.(1) Therein, we interpret, translate, and produce musical symbols, thus activating and exercising the same neural pathways used for interpreting language and communication.

Exercising our neural pathways actually helps us perform better in seemingly unrelated areas. For example, in the same vein as multi-talented, ambidextrous people who we tend to admire, Harry Kahne’s Multiple Mentality Course opens those same neural pathways within us by having us do some ridiculous mental exercises over and over again, for at least twenty minutes a day.

Although it’s only twenty minutes, the Multiple Mentality Exercises are extremely tiresome; it’s like writing my physics lessons in my right hand, chemistry lessons in my left, upside down and backwards while reciting poetry while calculating the area of a circle. For most people, this is only possible when they have a tool that aids their mental speed and acuity, by opening those extra neural pathways.

Imagine having these three valuable tools at your disposal for concentration and study help, creative focus, and mental speed and acuity. What would you do with them? Well, you would certainly lead a more efficient life where you get work done faster, smarter, and more creatively, than you ever have.

This tool is known as brainwave entrainment.

BrainStorm Trifecta Desktop

BrainStorm Trifecta

BrainStorm Trifecta is an album of beta rhythms that I’ve been producing for a few months now. We have a predominance of beta rhythms within our neural patterns when we are awake and alert.

If you’ve been visiting this site, then you know I’ve discussed neuroscience. The paper on Binaural Harmonics is one of my favs, since it covers the basics and the tools for creating brainwave entrainment programs. What this article does not discuss are the focussed intentions within those brainwave rhythms. These intentions become imbedded within our mind patterns which I discuss in a bit.

I have been busy in the same vein as Dr. Jeffrey Thompson with his alpha relaxation and theta rhythm meditation albums. The difference is my approach is above and beyond mainstream neuroscience because my personal view is that people are spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies. BrainStorm Trifecta is meant to affect us at mental, physical and spiritual levels.

In order for this to happen, I first began with the basics: The ThunderStorm. I had previously produced thunderstorm albums for people who like to relax to thunderstorms.

ThunderStorm PowerNap is for healing and athletic recovery. ThunderStorm Sleep Induction is for getting a good night’s sleep. However, many people can’t relax or sleep during a thunderstorm, but most, if not all people, like listening to thunderstorms.

You know why? It’s the same reason people love nature; they love the way it looks and smells, and sounds. Imagine that you’re under an apple tree, for example. All the branches are slightly different, but they’re mostly the same patterns. We can look beyond one layer and see the same pattern in the next layer, then the next; this is fractal geometry. We are attracted to nature because it reflects the fractals within our minds.

The same applies to a storm. Although a storm consists mostly of white noise, there are also textures and rhythms which form familiar patterns. Storms also contain choruses like wind and cadences like thunder, the same type of patterns we expect to hear in music.

The music we love reflects the fractal patterns within our minds. For this reason, younger people tend to listen to more upbeat patterns or beta rhythms while older people who want to relax tend to listen to more downbeat patterns or alpha rhythms.

More important than the music are the concepts and intentions within that music. For example, death metal reflects a subculture of mind patterns obscessed with dark, life-negative concepts – which is a reflection of decadent society. The beta and gamma rhythms associated with these concepts simply resonate with these mind patterns.

On the other hand, beta rhythms are also applied in Gospel Rock and new age music like Enya which has enlightened, life-positive intentions. Rhythms are resonant carriers for concepts and intentions which are also reflected within our mind patterns as fractals.

We remember lyrics of a song within our minds like a mantra that we sing in our heads over and over again because the rhythm and the concept reflects the fractals within our minds. Intentions within a song are like the music carried on radio waves: When we tune into those waves, we tune into the music. When we tune into the music, we tune into the intentions (AKA “the message”).

The concepts / intentions within BrainStorm Trifecta

In a previous post, How to Remote Influence using the Power of God, 3 of 3, I discuss the use of God’s Elementals or Angels and the concepts attached to them.

Rabbi Berg’s book has very interesting mantras / meditations that happen to correlate with concentration, creative focus, and mental speed & acuity:

  1. Thought into Action (concentration)
  2. Design Beneath Disorder (creative focus)
  3. The Big Picture (mental speed & acuity)

I have chosen these as the titles to the songs in BrainStorm Trifecta. More importantly I use correlating Names of God (according to the Shemhamphorash) as the key melodies upon which I build the songs. If you please, go ahead and click on the above titles which are samples which you can play / download for your listening pleasure. The samples are a few minutes as opposed to the actual songs which last 20 or 30 minutes.

In the same vein as Michael Cretu, I like to think of each song as a complete work, but I don’t know if they can be div’d up like his work. (Early) Enigma is a major influence in this album.

My other influences in producing BrainStorm Trifecta are (in alpha order) Achillea (Jens Gad), Enya, Era (Eric Levi), Evanescence (Amy Lee H), Freud (Ingo Hauss), Michael Hedges, Stellamara (Sonja Drakulich), and TranceVision (Greta Rose).

My biggest literary influence has been The Music of Time; it explains how music influences people and their behaviors.

The other esoteric influence has been the courses from the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing; I believe that’s what some of the most influential artists do when they write their songs. Over human history, what has been more influential or transcendent than a song?

You should also know, like any artist, I’m constantly reworking my music. I took some good advice from Enya to write a song, let it rest, then come back to it. If it needs changing, then change it. Unlike Enya, for me, a day with rain is a happy day (unless it’s acid rain). The day is even happier when the music follows the storm. (Imagine a bunch of crazy, happy people giving a concert in a storm.) The storm, in the case of BrainStorm Trifecta, is in the middle of a city.

At the moment, I’m still in the process of composing The Big Picture because it’s a 30 minute song and I want it to accomplish a great deal – for you and everyone else.

If it’s OK with you, I would like to get your opinions on these samples. Please provide your comments below. You can judge them according to the brainwave entrainment, the music, or both. As you will discover, the music is written to correlate with the storm, the mantras / meditations, and the Names of God.

The intentions within these songs are meant to be enlightening and life-positive: Turning “thoughts into action” is a product of concentration. Recognizing “design beneath disorder” is a product of creative focus. The ability to see “the big picture” is a product of mental speed and acuity.

The Big Picture, in particular is meant to aid neural plasticity by increasing awareness on many levels (as you do your lessons) – the most important aspect of which are the “seeds we are planting.”

I will be watching this post carefully. Thank you for your time. I’m hoping to get the album done by my b’day, 17 August.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. Another reason for “The Big Picture” is that I’ve read a number of researchers on our troubled times who say that people fail to see “The Big Picture.” I wish to remedy that.

1 Taking music seriously: How music training primes nervous system and boosts learning; Physorg; July 20, 2010

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