Spreading Love and Light on my belated Birthday

Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing had very simple requests of his listeners per his interview on 10 August 2010:

  • Connect with Nature
  • Be Kind to Others
  • Spread Love and Light

If you have yet to hear Gerald’s latest interview, you can listen to it or down load it here. He covers our general social mood and health related to world issues, especially concerning the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Interestingly enough, the Remote Influencing Course teaches us how to connect with nature and be kind to others by spreading love and light. Of particular interest within this course is RI Disc 13 (AKA Training session 9).

Coincidently, RI Disc 13 happens to address the same issues covered in Gerald’s interview of 10 August 2010 (and the latest edition of ARVARI Course is 2006). The subject of protecting our mother earth is timeless. Session 9 teaches us how to become one with the light to teach others to do the same.

The purpose of session 9 is as follows:

  • Create from the Gap
  • Connect to the Great Mother
  • Become an Eternal Flame of the One
  • Experience the Great Awakening

I had to fight to stay awake as I listened to session 9. The thing is, Gerald speaks of a state of mind called the “yogi sleep,” wherein the body is sleeping, but the mind is still awake, so I’m not sure if I was truly awake – or sleeping. The “yogi sleep” is the state of mind where we remote view and remote influence.

I assume that I had to make some kind of effort to recall session 9. I have listened to RI Disc 13 several times over the weeks. Today, I decided that maybe I can recall what I heard as long as I stay sitting in an upright position.

Guess what? I still went into lala lullaby dream land, BUT I woke up and remained conscious enough to recall Gerald’s hypnotic suggestions to “become an eternal flame of the One.”

On a side note, Gerald could probably put me away any time with a few snaps of his fingers as he suggests, “sleep, sleep, sleep” as he inputs autohypnotic suggestions. I’ve been through the entire RV Course and most of the RI Course; this is a benefit of the course.

Some (fearful) people might say that Gerald O’Donnell is a cult leader who is gaining power over anyone who listens to his “mind control” courses. I’m sure there are cult leaders out there who take advantage of fragile minds, but the ARVARI Courses are not for fragile minds or anyone easily confused.

In fact, the ultimate goal of the ARVARI Course is to empower people for love, life and the world around them.

The ultimate goal of the remote viewing course is the “Great Awakening” of ourselves and the world around us. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I completely understand all of the objectives or any of the extraneous information in these sessions that is obviously meant only for the subconscious. But I do understand the simplicity of what Gerald wants us to do according to session 9:

Become one with the “eternal flame” and experience the “great awakening.” The goal here is to affect the people around us as if our hearts are made of golden fire while the body serves as an “aura” for this fire. I know this sounds silly – at first, but for someone like me who has studied psionics, psychoenergetics, QiGong and similar, it makes perfect sense and is truly simple.

When we allow the golden energy of the sun to pour into our bodies, we are connecting with nature. We resonate and emulate it’s energy when we imagine it within our minds, within ourselves. People enjoy resonating with the light of the sun because it gives life and warmth.

When we emulate the same energy, psychicly, the people around us, in turn, resonate with our life and warmth; they become part of the same energy. In turn, they emulate the same energy and spread it to others through resonance; this is the “great awakening” which is, basically, the Maharishi Effect which I discuss in earlier posts.

Imagine the golden energy pouring into the top of your head like glowing hot liquid, then direct the energy through out your circulatory system as it glows hotter and brighter and becomes a golden fire that gives life and warms the people around you. No matter where you are or what you do, you always imagine giving life and warmth through your eternal flame…

Of the One… No, I’m not going to pretend to understand who or what “the One” is. It’s kind of like I know of God, but I’ll never truly understand until I become One with God.

I’m not sure what you think about that: Giving everyone around you love and light tantamount to the mental discipline you achieved. Some people want to feel special, like they’re the only ones who can do remote viewing and remote influencing. The ARVARI Courses are all about spreading the abilities to others.

Perhaps, you feel there are certain people who are undeserving of psychic powers. I would have to agree. A few days ago, I was walking by a Whole Foods market where a woman was screaming expletives in the parking lot about a stop light at someone. Before that, I heard more screaming at 4 a.m. with car doors slamming, waking up the neighborhood.

Obviously, people of a lower consciousness like the above are undeserving of psychic abilities. By the same token, people of a lower consciousness have a wholesale inability to exercise any type of psychic discipline.

On the other hand, everyone deserves a chance because noone is completely evil and/or of lower consciousness. Most anger that I’ve encountered is misdirected. Most people are down trodden; they haven’t really been given the opportunity to feel real goodness by exploring their full potential.

One way or another, decadent society keeps putting people down, emotionally and physically. People are simply venting, albeit, in idiotic ways, but for greater reasons: They have yet to feel the eternal flame and become part of the awakening.

In general, most people want to explore their full potential for a better way of life. Even skeptics get tired of their own banter; these are a depressed people who believe that “higher consciousness” means accepting that we are nothing more than meatsacks and that life is a random occurance. Upon closer examination, we discover those who are most spiritually bereft suffer from depression; they are the most deeply in need of guidance.

Everyone deserves a chance, therefore, everyone around you NEEDS you for the healing energy that you can provide. I don’t know if that puts you off. I hope it doesn’t. I, for one, would enjoy a world where everyone is of a higher consciousness with psychic powers. Indeed, this world would be a far better place to live.

My B’Day

I was wondering, since it was my birthday yesterday, what can I do for you to help spread love and light. What do people usually do to help spread love and light in this world?

What about music? I’ve been working on this album for months now, BrainStorm Trifecta. At the moment, I’m still working on “The Big Picture,” but it’s slow going because I’m a perfectionist who’s mashing up with a DAW and a few musical instruments.

I want my own orchestra with a full string and wind section, but I’m doing the best with what I have AND the focus is really on brainwave entrainment “The Big Picture” is meant to increase neural activity and plasticity, so I’m trying to be creative and calculating at the same time.

I really wanted to finish the whole album by my b’day, but you know what they say: “the best laid plans of maestros and mill workers…” To help keep you going with the concept of spreading love and light, here is another slice of “The Big Picture,” with a fun calypso beat. Groove on. Peace out. Shake your little tail feather.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. ARVARI has a discount wherein the remote viewing course is given away with purchase of the remote influencing course. The sale lasts through 31 August 2010. Maybe you should look into it. Thanks for your time.

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