Keys to Psychic Energy and Remote Influencing

Session 10 of the ARVARI Remote Influencing Course is a startling revelation. As our guided meditation instructor, Gerald O’Donnell reveals our vital connections to our planet and nature in general.

He also reveals the ultimate modality for remote influencing which may vindicate or vilify you; this depends on your perspective, which is key. I cover this modality in detail under the heading “Kundalini.”

As stated within the enclosed RI manual, the goals of session 10 is as follows:

  • Come Home to The One
  • Merge and Unite with the Universe
  • Use the portal of nature and old trees to be both here and above this matrix
  • Heal yourself and the womb of life
  • Rebirth into the Eternal Light
  • Experience the Core Pulse of Our Creation
  • You are a Co-Creator

I’m not going to pretend that I completely understand these concepts, at least, not in the waking state. Gerald uses a lot of unfamiliar terminology and ideas. I attempted to understand these terminologies and ideas in the waking state several times.

By RI Disc 14 of the ARVARI Course, the mental triggers to alter my consciousness are too deeply engrained for me to completely relay what I heard at the moment, but I believe I can give you the gist.

In the first half of the session, certain people might label Gerald as a “tree hugger” or even a “bunny hugger;” he tells us the reason why human society despoils and pollutes the earth: People want to shape the world according to what they feel inside of themselves.

Unfortunately, there are people in power who are diseased and cancerous and they want the world to reflect the dark, ugly sickness they feel within themselves. For example, the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was no accident; it happened 111 after years on Hitler’s birthday, a planned illuminati signature.

Gerald also tells us why it’s bad to pollute and despoil nature: By doing this to our planet and other living beings, we are severing the link between ourselves and our origin with the mother earth – and there are always “communications” between ourselves and our origin.

There are people on this planet who ask why God allows such horrible things to happen. God’s Ante-deluvian Promise to Noah in the Holy Bible was to leave humanity alone in spite of their troubles. But God also gave us the power to defeat evil according to Mark 11:23-25 because we are “made in His Own Image.” [Genesis 1:27]

Before discussing the method of remote influencing in session 10, which certain people may consider radical, bizarre, or even perverse, let me cover a few necessary traits that allow us to embrace the practice successfully: Perspective, Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Kundalini.


If only I could, somehow, give you my mind’s eye, then you may understand why I was drawn to the ARVARI Course.

Although I ask people to approach remote influencing from a scientific perspective, we all of us still have our individual points of view from our different walks of life. What definitely helps is to have an extensive point of view from the mind’s eye which happens to be provided by an open mind. An open mind opens the flood gates to bigger more fascinating realities.

Energy Exercise 1

For example, imagine seeing a blue jay sitting on a limb of a plum tree during the day against a blue sky. Normally, in the physical world, we can see that blue jay from only one point of view, but in the mind’s eye, we can zoom in on that blue jay, observe it from different angles by rotating the blue jay upon that tree in our minds.

In our mind’s eye, we can even rotate ourselves around that tree and see the fluttering of its wings in slow motion. Upon further examination of the blue jay using the mind’s eye, we can see the colors of the feathers and eyes with perfect clarity – even its respiration and rapid heartbeat.

Now, imagine that blue jay as a form of energy like light or heat circulating within a blue jay “bubble.” The energy must be coherant and stable to represent a single entity. It must also pulsate to represent circulation within a life form.

As you see, it helps to have an open mind. It also helps to know natural science, which is not all equations. Science like art helps us to obtain different perspectives of a subject. In a lab situation, we examine experimental data from different points of view to extrapolate the most objective conclusions.

Some of those scientific conclusions are bizarre to laymen. For example, during physics class, we were taught to look at the physical world in terms of frozen energy as we examined different states of matter. This is not to say that only scientists have extensive points of view.

By the same token, a musician can look at a classical piece from different perspectives and derive different kinds of songs. A martial artist can look at his discipline from the perspective of other forms to counter other styles thus further perfecting his own. An accountant can look at the best practices of other accounting firms to perfect a system of accounting – whatever that means.

Most importantly, an open, disciplined mind can “rotate” any kind of knowledge within the mind’s eye in order to examine it from different perspectives, therefore, correct knowledge is also key.


If only I could, somehow, instantly pour all of my knowledge and experience into you, then you would understand why I was drawn to the ARVARI Course. I have psychoenergetic studies on the web at HealingMindN and Bioenergetic Spectrum which leads up to my use of this course, but this is no guarantee that you will either learn or accept this information because it is extensive and esoteric.

An extensive point of view can come from any walk of life, but correct knowledge is also key in order to experience the most objective point of view. I choose science as a form of expression is because it relies on truth and objectivity – as long as there are no special interests involved.

I recall going to school with a person whom I thought was pretty smart; he was studying electrical engineering. There came a day when he asked me about planetary orbits in our solar system and he drew a diagram where all the planets shared the same orbit – like pearls on a necklace.

He wasn’t suddenly stupid. The problem was no one ever told him that each planet is a different size and has it’s own orbit. Until I informed him, he thought the “pearls on a necklace” model of the solar system was correct.

Many people are “trapped” in situations where knowing the nature of the universe is valueless in contrast to the nature of their work which is very focused and highly compartmentalized. Indeed, the nature of the universe is simply not a popular topic of discussion with most people because their lives are so compartmentalized.

Truth be told, very few people know, understand, or even care about the universe that’s going on above their heads or below their feet.

In fact, I recently took a few exams that discussed federal accounting, security, and contracts. These tests were so absolutely dry and devoid of nature that I was nauseated to the point of dry heaves. I felt like I was trapped in the middle of a desert dragging a few tons of dead weight behind me.

Then I thought to myself, “It’s small wonder that federal employees couldn’t care less about nature – look at what’s cluttering their lives…”

Although, decreasing turnover rate of employees comprises part of the universe of HR managers, it has very little to do with the nature of the universe – unless those HR managers treat employees as a living part of nature. But how many HR managers are willing to do that or even understand what that means?

Most people fail to grasp deeper meanings and existence in general. For a lot of people, humanity is not much more than meatsacks or numbers on a page.

For this reason, the remote influencing course or any other esoteric mental discipline course gets purchased, but most of the time ends up on a shelf collecting dust; it doesn’t jibe. It makes no sense. It’s not part of the “reality” of a lot of people, so it goes against their logic and their emotional securities.

Ironically, most people are living in a “string of pearls” universe. No one has educated them further about the nature of the universe, but then they got curious about this “remote influencing” thing. The little voice in their heads said, “Maybe there’s something to it. Maybe I can gain that magic touch that will get me ahead.”

Then when they discovered how far out the course was from their established paradigm of “how things work”, their system of logic went into red alert, their anuses tightened, and they chose to return to the clutter that comprises the tiny box that is taught to them as the “universe.” (I’m sorry if I insulted anyone, but this is what is happening.)

Lots of weird things happen in this world that have caused anuses to tighten, so that’s nothing new. We want knowledge of nature in order to best approach remote influencing. Nature is strange and wonderful – just like you, because you’re a microcosmic reflection of the universe.

Every kind of phenomenon that takes place in the universe is duplicated within the body at the microcosmic level. By the same token, this means that the universe also has conscious and subconscious functions. Emotional securities can and will be disturbed by Knowledge like this.

I still recall decades ago when I first encountered books by Wilhelm Reich. I found his works very disturbing because they completely broke the paradigm of nature that I was taught in school. UFOs? Universal Ether? Orgone? Bioenergy? I had to fight to keep an open mind; it literally tore away an iron veil that was created in my mind by mainstream society.

More importantly, rather than treat Reich’s work like a religion, I sought the opinions of scientists who corroborated his work and did experiments similar to his. I came to the conclusion that mainstream academia was teaching me only half the story; the other half lurks in the shadows where there is no money or fame – at least not in mainstream society.

Here’s the kicker: All knowledge is about the universe. Even when it’s trivial and tells only half the story, it speaks volumes of the person who created that knowledge. Our perspective of that knowledge determines whether it is useful or extraneous.

For example, I know that certain people are dry and nauseatingly trivial because of the knowledge that comprises their “universe;” it is understable why certain people truly don’t have a care: Their minds are cluttered with all kinds of trivia that has nothing to do with understanding nature. Human beings are not much more than numbers on a page to them, so they couldn’t care less about humanity in general. How did this happen?

Along with Higher Education, western society also teaches a shallow philosophy of “come uppance, personal dominion, and status symbols”; this is why corporate types are so eager to divorce themselves from responsibility and pass the buck like BP’S Gulf of Mexico Disaster and Goldman Sachs sex discrimination case. Juvenile antics run rampant in the corporate world because this is the philosophy they were given hand in hand with their higher education.

Fortunately, there are altruistic people with higher education who reject such philosophy because they choose to support humanity rather than leech from it. Altruistic people choose nature over culture, therefore, they prefer to influence human nature rather than culture.

Remote influencing is about understanding and influencing nature – the underlying basis of culture. There are actually very few people who know about remote influencing. A small fraction of those people are successful at it.

Who are Successful Remote Influencers?

The most successful people are the ones who provide the best solutions because they stepped out of “the box” and examined the problems from different angles. By the same token, truly successful people endeavor to focus on priorities, like solving important problems.

Practioners of remote influencing focus on the nature of things. For example, kabbalists have an acute understanding of the nature of order in the universe and how that order relates to humanity. Ayurvedic practitioners have an acute understanding of the nature of vibration of the chakra system in humanity and how that vibration relates to the rest of the universe. These are two examples of people who practice remote influencing with success.

Anyone who applies their intention to one or more subjects according to the order of the universe is practicing remote influencing. We are able to do this because we are all microcosmic reflections of the universe; this means that the universe also has mind patterns the same as we do, of course, on a macrocosmic scale.

Music is the most ostensible example of remote influencing. A song can be cut and distributed far and wide by any means – and it affects those people with whom it has resonance. Obviously, the more resonance a song has, the more successful the musician is.

As you see at Crop Circle Harmonics: Chladni Plates it features a video by David Icke on how universe is shaped through vibration. Vibration is also the basis of energy therapy. Bioresonant healing technologies apply advanced energy therapies as in this sample on Dr. Royal Rife’s work. Legitmate energy therapy technology successfully cures any ailment in most cases.

“A-ha!” you might say, “isn’t remote influencing all done with the mind? what does energy therapy have to do with remote influencing?” In fact, there are all kinds of tools for remote influencing that tune in and “key” the mind.

I guess this brings to mind voodoo practitioners and their little voodoo witness effigies of their intended targets. More esoterically, there are psionic tuners used by techno-shamen also with the specific intent of remote influencing.

A song happens to be the perfect carrier for the mind, or I should say, certain thought form intentions. Here’s a quiz: The music genre that has had the most influence in human history since the 1950’s is:

  1. Blues
  2. Country
  3. Folk
  4. Jazz
  5. Rock and Roll

The answer is related to the ultimate modality for remote influencing revealed by Gerald O’Donnell and a number of others including ancient religious sects. I’ll discuss the answer in a bit.

For now, let’s consider what we must do with the correct knowledge and an open mind to further help us with remote viewing.


Do you know what this means? It’s definitely the opposite of mindlessness.

Mindfulness Meditation is being made famous by departments of integrative medicine because it takes people minds off their ailments and teaches them to live and think in the moment. For example, you can focus on the sensations on the bottom of your feet or your breathing to take your mind off pain.

Being a mindful person means being part of a bigger picture. For example, a mindful person shopping in the middle of a busy store tends to respect the space and momentum of others.

On the other hand, a mindless person in the middle of a busy store tends to stand in the way and collide with others – while talking on their cell phone.

I mentioned in another article how that sort of activity is carried to busy traffic. We all know how that ends. When we are mindless during RI, we also tend to stand in the way and collide with others. Mindless remote influencing is not only disrespectful, it causes bad feelings and also ruins the momentum of the practitioner.

When we combine extensive knowledge and extensive perspective with mindfulness do you know what that means? It means that I remain respectful of the space and momentum of others on their path. For example, a remote influencer is considerate of all possible outcomes and reprocussions of their actions – good or bad.

I believe Gerald O’Donnell also remains respectful of the space and momentum of others on their path. The lessons in the ARVARI remote influencing course can be taken non-sequitor. In fact, you don’t even need all of the lessons taught by Gerald, so it’s kind of like the law of attraction, but more focused.

All the lessons are taken from different esoteric parts of culture from around the world. Maybe one or two of those lessons truly resonates with you on your path to successful remote influencing. The rest is icing on the cake – and that’s a lot of icing. If you like praline carrot cake with that creamy icing, then you will love the icing.

For me, session 10 was a “10.” This is the lesson that resonated with me the most, probably because it resonates with everyone else (but most people are afraid to admit it.)

This is a lesson that will probably resonate with you too, but in order for it to truly have “resonance” you should have knowledge and perspective of what it is.


..your psychic energy is basically your sexual energy. There is absolutely no difference…1By session 10, I was wondering if Gerald would ever get down to the “nitty-gritty” of psychic energy, and he did, with full force, but not what the laymen would expect.

Most people have a difficult time explaining to their kids how they came into this physical plane – exactly because they can only think about the physical attributes of the sex function. Mainstream media and academia teaches us that the sexual function is a narrow, perverse thing. In turn, we have a difficult time explaining a narrow, perverse thing to a young innocent mind.

On the other hand, if we were taught to treat the sexual function as an energy function, we could sit down with junior and say, “Sweetheart, our psychic energies converged like a tornado, then you were conceived and born out of your mother’s womb.”

Then junior says, “I don’t understand what that means.”

Then you say, “That’s OK, You will understand as you learn more.” Wasn’t that easy? Then junior becomes a meteorologist to study tornados – unless you share alternate information with him first like at Sexual HealingMindN.

I established that sight based on Taoist Sexology because its about using the sexual function for healing our mates and increasing their overall happiness, a two-way, self improvement function. As you see, I advocate teachings that go deep against the grain of decadent culture which only has a perverse perspective of the sexual function. It gets even more esoteric.

According to Kabbalist Sexology, we can engrain certain traits on our offspring during sex by focussing on certain toes. Does that sound like crazy sexual magick? Supposedly, since we are also a microcosm of the tree of life and each of our ten fingers and toes represents the ten sefirot, male and female characteristics of the soul.

Our personalities converge during the sexual function. When man and woman focus upon the soul level characteristics of their offspring at the moment of conception, their personalities converge to influence the nature of their children. To make sure they’re successful in life, we endow our combined sexual/psychic energy with certain traits, a form of remote influencing – genetic engineering notwithstanding.

Kabbalist Sexology is much more involved than that, but in terms of energy, let’s get a little more down to earth.

Energy Exercise 2

Remember that exercise with the blue jay? Do the same exercise with the person you love most. See that person in your mind. (Let’s assume they are not in your immediate presence.) Imagine what that person is doing right now. Zoom in on her/him. Rotate her/him in your mind.

Rotate your mind’s eye around the scene where your true love is. Notice the surroundings and how he/she interacts with the environment. Notice what he or she is wearing and the colors surrounding this person.

(I’ll refer to the female gender for simplicity.) Notice the way she breathes, her rate of respiration, then breathe in sync with her. Wherever she looks, place your mind’s eye in front of her – as if you want her to look straight at you. Observe the way her eyes move, the way she breathes, her heartbeat. Move and breathe in sync with her.

Now, imagine your true love as energy such as heat and light. Her energy pulsates with her heartbeat, expands and contracts with her breath. Notice how her energy interacts with her environment, how her energy networks with that of others.

In your mind’s eye, this is truly the person you love. At the soul level, in your mind’s eye, all is spiritual energy. This is the level where we exercise the ultimate modality of remote influencing. Let’s discuss how the energy works using sexual magick according to the principles of Tantra, the “Kundalini,” by revisiting one of my favourite books:

..Kundalini is basically using the spinal system as a laser. You are bouncing the energy between your base chakra (end of the spine) to the crown chakra (top of the head). As you bounce the energy back and forth between the base and the crown, it amplifies with each bounce. It builds and builds until, eventually, you have a roaring monster in there if you do not know how to control it…2

Gerald has us charging up our psychic energies using the Kundalini. I’m going to leave it a surprise as to the sexual partner with whom Gerald pairs us during session 10, but here’s a clue and an excellent avenue for us to practice remote influencing – especially using the Kundalini.

As of late, I’ve been visiting Global Coherence Initiative, a division of the Heart Math Foundation. The purpose is to get as many people as possible to focus their healing energies on world issues like the recent disasters in the Gulf of Mexico, Pakistan, and Russia.

At this site, there is an application called the “Global Care Room.” When you register, you are granted access to this app which is a rotating earth with geographic labeling of current world issues. We can zoom in and out on this rotating earth and stop it anywhere we please.

By an interesting coincidence, Gerald has us imagine the same type of perspective floating above the earth before he has us working the Kundalini. Imagine the center of mother earth’s energy. Imagine the energy at the center of the earth and how it responds to us. All of nature on this planet serves as a connection to this energy including us. All of nature networks through this type of energy.

When we love and respect each other as living energy, as living breathing parts of nature, the barriers are gone and there is no need for differences. When we love and respect each other as spiritual beings, we manifest and influence our spiritual reality, which manifests and influences our physical reality.

Thank you for your time. Happy Peace Day, Every Day.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. ..Rock ‘n Roll is basically a reproduction of the orgasmic cycle put to music. In this “orgasmic cycle,” you have these groups and ensembles of music that just bounce back and forth. The heart rate speeds up and then synchronizes to the rate of the frequences of the music. The spinal channel is also excited. All of this occurs through the art of music…3

The Music of Time has been a major influence in my upcoming album which should be ready before December.

P.P.S A great deal of the RI meditation in session 10 has us floating in space. There’s no “up” or “down” in space, only reference points, so you will find yourself kind of rotating. This is another reason that the app at Global Coherence Initiative gives us good references where we can focus.

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123Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll; pp.63, 64, 65; The Music of Time; Preston Nichols; 2000.

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