How to Inspire Your Heart’s Desire through Film

Bob Proctor, one of the world’s living masters on achievement – you know him as one of the stars of The Secret – dropped out of high school just two months after he started. Poor, uneducated and unmotivated, Bob worked as a fireman, barely getting by. “I was unhappy, sick and broke,” he explains.

During that dark time, Bob was given a book and told, “This holds the secret to life; just see if it will work for you.” He credits what he’s learned with his transformation from a shy, withdrawn young man to a successful visionary and coach, living the life of his dreams and helping others do the same.

Discover Bob’s simple steps to realize your full potential in the original series Gaiam Portraits of Inspiring Lives presented by Spiritual Cinema Circle.

In this exclusive DVD, available only from Spiritual Cinema Circle, Bob shares his story as well as his contagious enthusiasm and simple-yet-powerful strategies to help you manifest your heart’s desire. Thanks to our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle, we can offer you the DVD with Bob Proctor’s success secrets… along with three more inspiring films that will expand your mind, open your heart and stir your soul.

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Enjoy! Healing Thoughts!

Randolph Directo

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