How Depression is Linked to Inflammation

Some depression might have roots in immune-generated inflammation By Katherine Harmon Oct 28, 2010 (excerpted from Scientific American) NEW YORK—The immune system works hard to keep us well physically, but might it also be partly to blame for some mental illnesses? “The immune system may play a significant role in the development of depression,” Andrew […]

Who and What are sensitive to Pre-Seismic Earthquakes and other Disasters?

In my last discussion on remote influencing, I mentioned how we can all apply our abilities to a common cause through the Global Coherence Initiative application on the web. Annette Deyhle, Ph.D. and the GCI Research Team have a very interesting study concerning presentience of major events, mainly disasters. They sent their findings to their […]

How to Meditate on The Big Picture

This post is a reprint of the most recent Way of the MindGate Newsletter. Way of the MindGate Newsletter is about fulfilling the needs of others, mainly your needs in terms of mind control. In turn, the audio project I’ve been working on is all about fulfilling your needs. I’ve mentioned it in previous newsletters. […]

Another Guru Fad or Real Path to Health and Prosperity?

Dear Movie Lover, Imagine if a modern day Holy Man existed… one who truly held the secret to enlightenment, everlasting health and prosperity…. someone who could bring bliss with the flick of a wrist. Wouldn’t that be amazing? This someone DOES exist and his name is Sri Sri Sri Spankneesh. He is known as the […]