Remote Viewing (Precognition) of Princess Diana’s Tragic Death

Following Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997, psychic ‘remote viewers’ received many requests to explain what had happened in the tunnel where Diana’s car had crashed while fleeing from paparazzi.

Incredibly, Diana’s astrologer (Penny Thorton) claimed to have had two ‘precognitive dreams’ in which she had seen scenes from the accident.

Skeptical? The astrologer’s insights were published in her book With Love from Diana: the Princess of Wales’ Personal Astrologer Shares Her First-Hand Account of Diana’s Turbulent Years – in 1995, two years before the accident!

[Not surprisingly, her warnings went unheeded by Diana. Her last words? “My God. What’s happened?”

Spencer, Lady Diana Frances, Princess of Wales (‘Princess Di’ ‘The People’s Princess’) (1961-1997) British princess, wife of Prince Charles [noted for her philanthropy and for her tragic death while fleeing from Parisian paparazzi]

[Trivia: In 1972, shortly after the CIA began to experiment with remote viewing, a CIA psychic produced a picture of a suspicious site in Kazakhstan. Though satellite photos (incredibly) verified the report, “one group within the agency refused to look at the Semipalatinsk data, objecting to the unscientific methodology. Another group allowed that the data might be real but called the process ‘demonic.'” Other viewers produced remarkably accurate descriptions of Soviet weaponry.]

“Thought Forms”

Years before I discovered “remote viewing,” I researched a phenomenon known as “Visual Ray Psionics” in esoteric circles. The visual ray is based upon bioenergetic emanations from our eyes that are always creating “thought forms” or bioenergetic clouds that carry biophotonic information.

“Thought forms” are carriers of psychic information that have a lot to do with shaping our lives every day. General social mood contributes to the shape and clarity of thought forms. Social mood, in modern civilization, is controlled through mass media. Mass media shapes public emotions which, in turn, energizes thought forms. The stronger the emotions are going into the “thought forms,” the more powerful and long lived the thought forms become.

Thought forms influence reality. When we produce thought forms, the intention within the thought form has the ability to remote influence reality as defined by Gerald O’Donnell, founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

For example, Penny Thorton, personal psychic to Princess Diana had a “vision” and published it for all to see two years before the tragic event. Two years is more than enough time for at least 8,000+ minds around the world to generate a thought form leading to the tragic event.

By my calculations, the 8,000+ minds required for the Maharishi Effect, is also the minimum number needed to “invoke” any particular type of event in the world according to social mood.

Penny Thornton’s book had the focus of at least 8000+ minds on Princess Diana and a tragic event that may not have happened without the help of at least 8000+ readers of that book around the world generating that thought form and making that event in Ms. Thornton’s book come true.

Another case in point of mass media effecting public opinion which, in turn, effects reality is Justin Bieber. Without Youtube, would Justin have made it big time?.. Yes, but probably not as quickly.

Justin is obviously a very talented pop star, but he’s no more talented than a lot of other talented kids his age. In fact, there are other entertainers making a quantum leap to the big time through Youtube, a mass media outlet that affects public opinion. And music producers are smart; they knew that “Bieber fever” would resonate with other kids.

Did at least 8000+ emotionally charged kids make Justin Beiber famous?… You bet they did.

WE are the remote influencers of our reality. When we say it and feel it, and believe in it, we make it our reality. There is a difference between being affected to passively create “thought forms” with the group and actively remote influencing on your own; it’s the same difference between a flashlight and a LASER.

With a LASER, we have well defined beam that can be concentrated 1000 times much brighter and projected immediately as different shapes and sizes, much further than any flashlight. When you ACTIVELY remote influence, you are like a LASER, but there are very few barriers between you and the target. Distance is not a barrier when you remote influence, either passively or actively.

When you remote influence passively, you are projecting thoughts according to general social mood shaped by mass media. When you remote influence actively, you are working independently, on your own as an individual, to shape your own reality.

Which do you prefer?

If you prefer to remain passive, then go ahead and swallow all the ideas and concepts that are handed to you by mass media; let them control your thoughts and feelings.

If you prefer to be active and shape your own reality the way you want, then please consider taking an alternate route by visiting Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

Connect to the Universal Mind

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