A Musical Approach to Remote Influencing

For those of you who have trouble conceiving a Universal Creator or a Universal Mind as the basis of order in the universe, think of a song. What is the origin of music? Where did humans first get the idea to make music?

Nature, of course. But there’s far more to nature than the tweeting of birds or how the wind plays through trees. A driving force within each of us allows us to make music out of those sounds; this is because WE are part of nature. WE are part of that flawless order.

Let’s examine ourselves from a slightly bigger perspective: What is our reality based upon? What is our reference frame for “consciousness” based upon?

What we observe in reality is based upon harmonics. Our attraction to certain harmonics is based upon resonance. As you may have seen, among the first words at HealingMindN is that physical reality is “frozen energy.” To clarify, every physical object conforms to a particular set of frequencies or harmonics.

Chladni plates provide the best classroom examples of how sound and geometry are related. Please search “chladni plate” at HealingMindN Power Circle including an excellent video presentation by David Icke.

I believe that Preston Nichols sums up the basis of creation and the order within physical reality in The Music of Time3 according to the same precepts of “frozen energy:”

..It is all frequency based.

Matter itself starts out as a wave traveling through space. Next, the wave hits a magnetic field. That magnetic field hits it, twists it, and turns it into a particle. It is now matter. This immediately brings to mind an age old consideration of ‘when does a particle become energy and when does energy become particle based?’ (i.e. matter) This is best explained as the difference between ‘particle light’ and ‘wave light.’

When light is traveling in a vacuum, without a magnetic field, it’s a wave. When it hits a magnetic field, that field will take the wave (or energy) and curve it. It spins the wave and makes a ball of energy that we call a particle; it is known as a photon. Based upon nothing else but the spin of energy being spun into a particle, we can safely say that we are dealing with a frequency.

When psychics talk of ‘vibes,’ they are referring to frequencies. A human mind, or human being for that matter, is composed (of) many complex frequencies. We are all a very complex group of frequencies. The (electromagnetic) signature of a human being is a very complex group of frequencies.

Our reality is actually a group of frequencies or an ensemble of notes…”3

A group of frequencies or ensemble of notes are also known as harmonics. As you might know, the music we make, just as nature, is based upon order, that is, the music that resonates with a clear mind, but that’s another story.

When we consider resonance in terms of psychic phenomena, we can easily interchange “telepathy” with “human quantum entanglement.” In terms of remote influencing, or even incidental psychokinesis, we can say “human causal nexus;” it’s all about flow and resonance in a universe of harmonics.


We can either go with the flow of others or create a new flow. All kinds of factors drive humanity’s destiny or flow. There are fatalistic, skeptical people who simply go with the flow of mainstream thought to bitter conclusions. On the other hand, there are more enlightened, life-positive people who choose to create their own flow and resonance; they change reality to fit their needs.

Do you know how they do this? Have you ever played your own music? Musicians usually start by flowing with music that resonates with them. When they get enough experience, they get these different tunes playing in their heads. Then they play their own music. When others flow with it, they’ve created their own flow and resonance.

In the case of intercession, the opening of spiritual, life-changing doorways for those on a dark path, the flow and resonance is already there; that flow and resonance belongs to The Creator. As you might know, the universe is a mostly life-positive place (i.e. “life” in terms of living, primordial energy. E.T. Cultures are another subject.)

Sure, there are natural disasters every once in a while that take life, but the only force on this planet that takes away life, en mass, on a regular basis are life-negative people. Their flow and resonance is life-negative; there are people who flow with that. People with beliefs based in fear and/or hatred are life-negative. People with beliefs based in love are life-positive.

From the perspective of this earthly plain and all its earthly troubles changing the life-negative flow in present day (human) society is a daunting task. From the perspective of the rest of the universe, life-negative flow is miniscule and finite. In most cases, a life-negative flow is distortion of love and natural instincts, life-positive aspects of the universe. We need only “open the door” to that life-positive flow and resonance for life-negative people to see the error of their ways.

From the perspective of the rest of the universe, life-positive flow and resonance is absolutely infinite; therefore, tapping into that flow is a matter of lifting our consciousness above the earthly plain. Sounds easy? It’s not that easy. If you were raised in a skeptical, earth-bound culture with so many earth-bound troubles, it takes practice.

But Consider the unresolved mystery of Hitler’s fanatical deputy, Rudolph Hess, and his strange, some say, insane flight to England on the night of May 10, 1941 bearing a peace offer. Look up Dion Fortune’s “Society of Inner Light.” The subject is further covered at Holy Life, HealingMindN.

According to my research, the course on remote influencing from Probable Future (ARVARI) has a very similar if not the same approach as the Society of Inner Light. More on this later.

Just remember: Remote Influencing is like learning to play your own music, it takes practice and patience. On that note, here is a special message from Gerald O’Donnell:

Dear friends:

Because of the exponential acceleration of chaos within world events in large strategic regions, nature’s wrath,  and the very precarious level of the illusory fake very temporary balance we are trying to preserve as a civilization, I have decided to unveil very soon a article which will give a Higher perspective to what I call the Final Cosmic Clash and where it potential resolution really lies.

And yes, it does indeed involve your acting silently, all of you. I will show you how.

We are all walking a High level wire, above torrential waters, in an act which will require your undivided attention, focus on balance, and unified co-operation.

There will be also 2 interviews released very soon on these subjects.

In the meantime since I know how important the Inner Guiding Voice connection is, I have extended the deeply discounted special (50% to 64% off) until 2/28/2011 and have also included an easy  2 monthly payment plan of $99 for the FULL Combo of the complete Remote Viewing  and the complete Remote Influencing courses with all bonuses included.

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I wish you much peace and happiness,

Gerald O’Donnell

President and founder

Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Thought and Reality


Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

Connect to the Universal Mind

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